My Vampire System Chapter 1452 – Infuse An Ancient Power

All of the beasts that had entered the arena were coming from the same place. The south container, which at the beginning had remained empty. This was where there would be a continuous stream of beasts and partially transformed humans appearing.

Now though, just as they were about to head to that location, they could see that there was an entire row of the same red type of beast that Oscar had just defeated.

“Although these guys aren’t as strong as Agent three and don’t have the Qi that he had, they have been mixed with the same beast DNA. You have dealt with an army of the C classes. Let’s see you deal with the B classes.”

The humans seeing this knew it was trouble and were wondering what their best course of action was. Sach turned his head, thinking it might be best if they tried to run towards the stadium.

Only so many of the beasts would be able to follow them. At the same time, he was sure that those Board members or someone would have had an emergency teleporter to get out of here. As long as they had Logan, they should be able to leave the place relatively easily.

“Leaders! Be ready for a battle, be prepared to use everything you can!” Vincent shouted out. With how well the familiars and Oscar were dealing with the C class beasts, he thought as long as they could deal with the B class, they could somewhat get out of here.

Until something strange had happened, around ten or so B class had entered, but that was all. No more green coloured beast was entering as they had seen before, nor were there any more red coloured beasts either.

‘Wait, that’s it…if it’s just these, if this is the end of their forces, then we can deal with them!’ Vincent thought, seeing some type of hope.

What he didn’t know, was this wasn’t the plan at all, and the one most confused by this was Chris, who had been left in charge of those in the stadium.

‘Why are there only ten B class beasts, and there should be even more C classes. What is going on!’ Chris thought.

Seeing this, Chris was a little worried that the others might be able to escape from this, so he had no choice. The north container started to open, and then regular humans began to come through. They carried high-grade beast gear on them.

These were members of Pure, and each one of them had been trained in Qi. They, too, were joining the fight. Leaving the humans and vampires with little choice of where to go.


Inside the specially made south container, Quinn didn’t know how much time had passed, and his mind had become so numb after trying ways to defeat all those around him.

‘Endless…how long had they been running experiments on people for. These aren’t clones like they were on Blade island. Each one of these are individual people.’ Quinn thought.

Quinn had raised the blood from the others that he had hurt around him. He then hardened them into small pellets with his skills, and as the beasts approached him, he shot them all out towards the enemy.

The hardened blood shot out like bullets and went right through whatever defence the beast had, killing them almost immediately. Two rows of the beasts had been killed from this, and still, it seemed like more were coming towards him.

The arena was strange, constantly shifting. Walls would move forward, and a container of beasts would come out from them.

At one point, Quinn had tried to go into one of these containers. Here he could see that there was just a large room filled with beasts, and the container wasn’t moving back once he was in it. Finding himself trapped. The enemies would storm behind him. They had somewhat blocked his way out.

It had taken him a Qi blast filled with blood to get out of the area. Leaving countless bodies lying on the floor. It looked like entering the containers wasn’t a solution to him getting out of the place.

‘How many have I killed already… nearly a 1000 or is it even more?’ Quinn thought.

That’s when Quinn noticed something else, something that had finally changed. The containers where the green coloured beasts were coming from. When this one opened, it had revealed a room filled with a different beast he hadn’t seen before.

These beasts had red coloured skin that looked like the flesh of muscle. On their back, they had several white parts sticking out from it, similar to that of a hedgehog, but the parts looked thick.

‘Another type.’

‘It wouldn’t surprise me that they were experimenting with more beasts. They might have even more than this.’ Ray commented.

Quinn was inclined to agree, but then just how many different types of beast did they have. Once again, Quinn wanted to test this hybrid beast’s strength. He didn’t need long since it threw out its arm from a few metres away, and the red tentacles had latched onto his hand, grabbing onto them tightly.

‘This one seems to be more troublesome than the others…I have to get rid of them all!’ Quinn shouted as blades started to come out from his arms and had pierced through the tentacles attached to himself.

His soul weapon had been activated, and the twin tail chains were now in his hands. Several tentacles of muscle came towards him, and swinging his arms, Quinn was able to shred through them quickly.

At the same time, any of the green coloured beasts that got in the way were sliced up as well. Bit by bit, Quinn cared less about all those around him, as he could just imagine the danger from above worsening.

However, the flesh that Quinn would cut, even though his twin blades naturally were infused with the power of Qi, he could see them wriggling about on the floor and going back to the beast it had come from.

Unless Quinn killed the beasts, they would continually return to its body and regenerate.

The containers now had a mix of the green coloured beasts and the red ones. The new type of beast seemed endless. With the twin tails, Quinn was slaughtering them, killing them at a quicker rate than he had down before. Also, with his blood control, he could even allow the twin tails to produce blood attacks as well.

However, the new type of beast seemed like they could somewhat join up their walls of muscle and clump together. They had created a system where whatever attack Quinn would give to them, another would attack and heal while another part would come back to get the wall.

Changing thier tactic, the number of creatures that were present on the arena floor was increasing.

Hitting them in the right place, Quinn could still kill them, but by then, another container full of beasts would arrive.

“Arghhh!” Quinn shouted. “This is endless. I have to get out of here.”

Seeing the frustration, there was one who thought they could help out.

‘Quinn…I still think you can deal with this yourself. You are strong, but you seem to be reluctant to use your absolute blood control.’ Ray said.

This was true. Quinn could feel it. Using the blood of others did put a strain on his body. If he was to use it now, who knew if he would be in a good enough condition to help the others.

‘Then I have something that might be able to help you out. When you transferred me into the system…I could tell that I might be able to do something…I wasn’t sure what it was at first, but it looks like some of my power…had been transferred over to the system as well, and not all of it was left in the tablet.

‘Maybe I can help you.’

Just then, as Ray attempted to pass over what leftover power he had, an option had appeared on the system.

[The system has been infused with a strange power]

[The power is now able to be used by the user]

[Would you like to use this power?]


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