My Vampire System Chapter 1451 – C Sample B Sample

Everyone was taking note of what Oscar was up to for one reason or another. For instance, they wanted to know what he had become. Clearly, his head was detached from his body, and somehow he was still moving and alive. Even his strength was different from before.

At the same time, they had all felt Agent Three’s strength for a brief moment, and they could tell he was strong. This was why they were regularly paying attention to the fight, and they had seen that Oscar had dominated Agent Three throughout the whole fight.

Oscar had strength before, his soul weapon was unique, and he was one of the best users of his earth ability. Still, without his demon tier weapon, many wondered whether he could or should still be considered one of the strongest along with the big four.

Which was why the military needed more strong figures other than just Oscar. However, after seeing what he had just done, without a doubt, he was now deserving to be called one of the strongest.

Not only that, but he had defeated Agent three and had done it in such a fearful and aggressive way, that the rest of them were frightened. Still, at least he was on our side… was what they were thinking.

Moments later, after Agent Three’s death, they all witnessed Oscar summoning a large black horse, and it looked just as frightening as Oscar’s face himself.

It was incredibly muscular and larger than any horse they had ever seen. They felt as if it would be able to stomp anything that got in its path with its strong front legs. However, it was clearly a magical beast, as the green mist from its nostrils indicated so.

It was at that moment that Leo, too, felt something coming out from his body, and before he knew it, Ovin had been summoned as a black cat appeared in front of Leo. The first thing it did was pounce on one of the enemies in front of him, pushing it back with its strength and causing the Pure beast to fall to the ground.

Then it performed a backflip and landed on the floor.

‘I didn’t summon you…what are you doing?’ Leo asked.

“I’m sorry, but it’s not my fault,” Ovin shrugged, and when it spoke, others around could hear it as well. They were starting to wonder if they were losing their mind. “It’s because of him.” Ovin pointed at the horse with his paw.

“The power of the four kings is strong… and it drew me out. Besides, I can’t let him do all the work and show up. It’s my time to shine as well. Who knows, maybe the four kings will have some reunion at some point.” Ovin said, licking its paw.

“Everyone, the beasts have started to move. Fall back! I can’t kill them fast enough!” Abdul shouted.

He had been firing arrows after arrows at the few that managed to get through and headed for the glass container, but his MC cells were lowering, and it looked like now that Agent Three had failed at its task, the beasts were going around the large figure with the horse and was heading towards the glass container.

Witnessing this, the others listened to Abdul and fell back. They had only gone out there to make sure that no one would interrupt Oscar’s fight. Now that was dealt with, they could fall back towards the glass container, just focusing on the enemy in front of them.

Their main priority was protecting those in the glass container. Although the beasts seemed endless, and their numbers still hadn’t dwindled, they could deal with this if Sera or Sil woke up.

“The other one is still out there. Is he not going to come back as well?” Abdul asked as he could see that the figure on the horse remained in front, and so did the black cat.

“I think the two of them will just be fine. We should focus on defending this place and looking after the others.” Sach answered.

It was true because the second the pure beasts got close to the black horse, it tilted back on its rear legs and slammed them down at the right moment, hitting two of the Pure beasts right on their heads.

Even with the hard scales on their arms, they were crushed under the weight and strength of the familiar. At the same time, its two front legs slammed onto the ground. It sent out a strange green force that stumbled all those in the nearby area.

It was as if they were startled for a few seconds in that small moment.

Oscar then swung his bone-made whip into the Pure beasts, and in the next second, their heads were all rolling onto the floor.

“It looks like you were right when you said we didn’t have to worry about him,” Grim commented. “What happened to him? He was not like this before.”

The answer to this question was what all of them wanted to know.

The horse started to move fast through the tide of Pure beasts, and it looked like a green stream. Whatever the beasts tried to do, the familiar horse, known as one of the kings of the familiar world, was able to stomp through with no problem.

Destroying whatever was in its way, it took out many beasts, and at the same time, Oscar was easily swinging his weapon. For some reason, targeting only their heads. It was hard for the others to tell if he was having fun or not because the head was still firmly held by Oscar’s side, and not once did the smile dwindle from its face.

At the same time, Ovin didn’t just sit back and watch; he needed to prove why he also was one of the four kings. With his nimble and small body, he was able to jump and avoid being hit. Each time he swiped his paw at the beast’s head, it would twist their heads until they would break.

Once in a while, if one of the beasts got too close, he would also breathe out fire.

“A headless horseman! The headless horseman!” Nicu shouted as he sliced down one of the beasts with his sword. “I thought it was only a legend.”

“All legends have to stem from somewhere,” Katori commented. “Blood fairy is real, and now the Headless Horseman, I wouldn’t be surprised if Werewolfs started to make an appearance as well.”

The vampires weren’t too worried about the headless horseman because the smell coming off Oscar’s body. They could tell that it was an undead creature. It was a subclass, so if anything, it was more on their side than the humans.

However, if they had seen its previous action in the glass container form before, perhaps they wouldn’t think that too much.

‘This is good; with the two familiars out, the rate at which we can take down these beasts is more than the rate at which they are coming. Soon, we can make our move and try to find out who is controlling this, or find a way to close that container where they are all coming from.’

Still watching from an unknown location, Chris let out a big sigh.

“I guess we couldn’t have been that lucky that just with Agent Three and the C class samples would be enough to wipe them all out. However, they have done well. I guess it’s time to send in the B samples as well then.”

Looking up ahead, Vincent was staring at the south container. As the numbers finally decreased, he tried to find a way out of here, out of this situation. That was until he saw something stepping through the glass container.

Instead of the green-colored beasts, there were several red-colored beasts, all varying in different sizes. They looked like walls of flesh, with bones sticking out of their back.

At the same time, Owen and the rest of them witnessed this as well.

“Agent 3 wasn’t the only one,” Sach said.


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