My Vampire System Chapter 1450: The Head's power

The vampire leaders were still in the middle of their endless battle, and at this rate, Vincent wasn’t so sure if his backup plan would work as he had strategized.

‘If times get desperate, I thought maybe the others would use their inner blood weapon.’ Vincent thought. ‘These beasts are strong, but from the fights, they should have realized that we wouldn’t just fall to these guys. That was why I thought the real threat would come later…but I didn’t see anything. Are they planning to wear us down with countless numbers? This whole situation reminds me of Quinn when he was on Blade island.’

The soul weapon and blood weapon had some differences. For instance, using a soul weapon would consume a large amount of MC cells, so it was considered the final move or a last resort at times. However, a blood weapon could be used constantly, the only downside being that there needed to be blood to use it. And there was plenty of blood around them, so that wasn’t the problem; however, after running some tests, Vincent had found out something that all of the vampire leaders knew as well.

Unlike the other blood weapons made from the dead vampires, this was created from the blood crystal within their bodies. This meant that if they destroyed the blood weapon itself, it would also affect the user.

This was something they all felt, which was also why they wouldn’t just use it as they wished. It was a double-edged sword, but one only the vampires knew.

At that moment, Vincent saw the glass break from the other side and two large figures falling from the container. Since the vampires were doing well and could probably keep this up for a little longer, Vincent started to make his way through the crowd, splitting from the circle the leaders had made.

“He is just like the king. He seems to care more about the humans than his own fellow vampires,” Jake commented.

“Hey,” Jin shouted as he had stopped using his explosive powers. Vampires could only use their abilities so much, and seeing that even if he had used his ability completely, it wouldn’t get rid of the problem, he was starting to save it from more serious situations.

“Remember, Vincent already left us once. He has no reason to protect us… and are you saying that you are too weak that you can’t survive without him?”

This comment somewhat grimaced Jake, and he turned this embarrassment into anger, throwing out a fist and striking one of the beasts right in the face.

Upon getting close, Vincent could see that the humans were doing a good job protecting themselves; after all, these were strong, but some of them weren’t present. He could only speculate that the gas had got to them.

Still, what he was more concerned about was the large figure.

‘That Dullahan…I guess if the legends of its powers are true, then there is no reason for us to worry.’ Vincent thought.

Right now, everyone could see that the large figure had grabbed an object, and by his side, it was Oscar’s face on the head, only it had a constant creepy smile that looked like it was somewhat stuck.

‘Oscar… you’re still alive… but Quinn said… he couldn’t save you.’ Something was telling Sach that this wasn’t the same Oscar that he knew; perhaps it was his nose or something else, but even Owen had the same feeling as they looked at a great man that once stood by their side fighting and protecting their lives.

While his head was detached from his body of all things.

‘Even in death, you are still helping us! Which means I can’t slack either!’ Sach went for a strong thigh kick hitting one of the beasts into another, and was hoping to turn around and help Oscar, but more were upon him.

“Just let him focus on his own fight!” Owen shouted. “Believe in our old ally!”

‘The only good thing is….that at least Samantha is asleep not to witness this. I guess that’s why Mona had placed all that armour on him.’ Sach guessed.

Since getting his head, it now looked like Oscar was fully focused on the person in front of him. He then held out his head with one hand towards Pure’s Agent Three. At the same time, the bone sword appeared in his other hand.

It was clear that something strange was happening. Because as Oscar moved forward still with his own head shoved in front of him, for some reason, Agent three wasn’t moving at all. It was as if his feet were stuck.

“Arghhh!” Agent Three screamed, and the muscles on his body ripped apart, forming the tentacles again and heading straight for Oscar. At that moment, he shoved his sword into the ground, and what looked like large white spikes shot up from the ground. They looked like large cut human bones, and in that instant, each of them pierced through the tentacles and hands formed on the end, grabbing onto the strange tentacles holding them in place.

Now, running forward, Oscar swung his sword aiming to slash Agent Three’s head, but at that moment, the latter suddenly moved and escaped within a breath’s time. Now, just when Agent Three was ready to strike again, Oscar lifted up his head again and pushed it directly in front of the latter’s face, and once again, Agent Three froze.

‘It seems the rumours are true. In front of the Dullahan, it’s impossible to escape once its real eyes are set on you… the body becomes immobile.’ Vincent thought, looking at the fight that was going on.

Although Agent Three could not move his legs, he could still move his arms and the rest of his body. He also noticed that he could move his legs again when it tried to attack until he lifted his head. Knowing this, Agent three was ready to make a comeback. He waited for the next attack.

That was until he felt several bones pierce his body from below. The same that had grabbed his tentacles had now gone through his legs, but the worst part was, he could see from the top of the spike-bones, that hands were forming on them.

Each of these bone hands grabbed onto a part of the body with great strength holding Agent Three in place. They had even gone through his hands, and because of this newfound grip, the former was unable to move at all.

It looked like an adult toying with a child. One long bone then arose from the ground where Oscar was standing and reached up to the height of his head. The bone then started to form a hand and held his head in place, still directly looking at Agent Three.

Since Agent Three couldn’t move his legs, he couldn’t use the full strength of his whole body either, the hands only needed to restrict the muscle in each area, but it didn’t make sense. How could just bones by holding down someone who already had great strength?

Now that the bone was holding up Oscar’s head, Oscar had two hands free and placed one on top of Agent three’s head, holding it still. Then with the other hand, the bone sword was ready. He twisted his body slightly and swung the sword with his full strength, slicing Agent Three’s head off in one go.

The bones then went back into the ground, no longer holding up Agent Three’s body, allowing it to fall onto the ground. While only the bone holding up his own head remained. Then with the head of agent three in his hand, he stabbed it with his sword holding it up for all the others to see as if he was a General in the olden days, having successfully beheaded the enemy leader.

‘That…was far more impressive than I thought… what monster did you create, Eno.’ Vincent thought.

Even then, though, Oscar wasn’t done yet. As he could see, there was still a lot more to be done. The flesh of the head started to fall as if it was melting, only leaving the bone. Then he pushed the skull into his own body if he had somewhat absorbed it.

Oscar walked over to where his leg was lying. Picking it up, he easily reattached it by just placing his leg where his foot once was, retracting the new bone that had grown.

From his position, an intense green light began to glow, and a few seconds later, a large black horse appeared—green smoke blowing from its nostrils. Immediately, Oscar leapt onto the horse’s back, and the weapon in his hand started to form into something else. It shifted from a sword into something longer, something similar to a whip that looked to have been made from a Human spine.

“That thing…could be troublesome.” Chris thought as he had seen everything the legendary Dullahan could do.


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