My Vampire System Chapter 1449 – Looking For Something?

The glass used to contain them was clearly robust, at least as strong as Glathrium if not stronger. As such, it came as a real shock, when the humanoid beast that Mona had brought along, had managed to tackle Agent 3 directly out of the window, breaking through as if it had been normal glass.

‘Did I weaken it enough with my punch?’ Logan wondered. ‘No, the glass still should have been plenty strong on his side, yet he broke it with ease.’

Logan was one of the few people who actually knew who and what was hidden inside the armour. Ignoring the ‘how’ of the matter, the glass breaking was actually good news for the rest of them. The smoke started to leave the container as it escaped and dispersed into the air. Those that had been affected by the smoke, though, continued to sleep. As for how long, it would depend on their own constitution, most likely.

Those who saw the glass break were now concerned about two things. Immediately, they could hear a great noise, resembling the sounds of fighting. It seemed the glass container had also been quite soundproof, as for the other thing they had to keep in mind, it was Agent 3.

However, they were distracted because when they peeked their heads out, they could see an enormous number of green coloured figures. At the moment, the vampires were fighting off the horde of Pure Beasts, using everything they could, and they had somewhat cleared an area around them.

It was apparent that they had already killed quite a few of the strange beasts, as their bodies could be seen piled on top of each other.

“My word…what is all of this?” Owen couldn’t help but let out. Even he had never expected to see such a scene. Trying to sense their energy, Leo could tell that all of these things were just like Agent 3. The source of red energy was different, and the ones that were fighting out there didn’t have the power of Qi, yet he could tell that the others were struggling.

‘Where is Chris? If he left his other Agent here, he shouldn’t be too far?’ Leo thought as he tried to sense him, but before he could even try to locate and track him down, he could see another problem coming towards them.

The issue that the vampires were dealing with, was soon becoming theirs as well. The green coloured beasts created that were at the edge of the stadium had also noticed the shattering glass. Turning their heads, they headed over to the ‘human group.

“The others aren’t waking up!” Abdul shouted. “We have to protect them!”

They couldn’t agree more, nearly all of them left the glass container. They could see the Pure Beasts climbing on top of the stage, while Abdul remained in the glass container, drawing his bow and quickly aiming at them.

He pulled on the string of the weapon without using an arrow. However, once he had let go, it struck one of the beasts who had just made it to the top of the stands where the others were. It immediately fell as blood came out from its chest.

Abdul, was a user of the wind ability, and he was a strong one at that. Putting his ability with his good beast weapon, he was quite the dangerous fighter, he just hadn’t been able to show it off due to him losing to one of the vampires from before.

Still, on top of the Pure Beasts that were coming towards them, there was another figure that had stood up from the ground. It was a large man wearing armour. He looked around as if he was looking for something, and soon after, Agent 3 stood there. Now out of the smoke, his figure looked even more menacing.

The first thing the Pure agent did was attempt to punch the one who had grabbed him. The other figure reacted by summoning out a type of large shield. It was mainly black, with the outside covered in a strange white material. On a closer look, it looked to have been made out of bones, but they were unsure if that was the case or not.

The shield took the strong blow, and even then the punch didn’t seem to affect him as much as the others. Pushing forward, he had even pushed back Agent 3 slightly.

‘That…thing… it was able to take the strong blow that I couldn’t?’ Sach was baffled as he witnessed it. Apparently there had been a hidden monster among all of them. Still, there were some strange actions, since the figure seemed to be more bothered about whatever it was looking for than the fight.

After blocking one bunch, Agent 3 started to punch the shield in quick succession. With this, it looked like the blows were getting through as they were being pushed back into the stands. Just then as well, one of the beasts kept and looked like it was going after the figure, but before it reached. It was zapped with lighting.

“Protect the big guy!” Owen shouted.

The others seemed to agree as they were already moving in front of him. Those that were still conscious had formed a type of circle. They also wanted to protect the glass container slightly above, as well as the one fighting. If they could, they wanted to help the figure as well. However, the Pure Beasts coming towards them were far too much.

“Now that we’re out of the game, we can show a bit more of our powers!” Grim said, as lightning hit him and his whole body started to spark up. With his power even greater than before, he fired out towards all of those in front of them.

To them, they were just wild beasts that were attacking, similar to that of the Dalki.

Agent 3 seemed to change his tactic, as his attacks were unable to break that shield. When it punched again, his hand soon changed into several tentacles. The muscles on his arm had stretched and split, and started to spread around the shield itself.

It looked as if it was consuming the shield. Agent 3 then tried to yank it, but the large figure also pulled back, and it came down to a battle of strength between the two of them. Something soon started to form on the other hand of the figure. It looked like a sword, similarly crafted from bones.

Using it, the armoured creature swung down on the strange tentacles and managed to slice off the limbs that even Leo had been unable to.

‘It’s not even using Qi… just what is that thing? It nearly has the same strength as Quinn. The only figures that have great strength are those like Linda or Peter.’ Leo had learned a little about the undead classes that could be made from vampires, but this was beyond anything he had seen before.

Still, Agent 3 moved back after parts of its arm had been sliced off, and the wriggling parts of his body on the floor started to move and return to his limb. Soon they joined up, and his arm was back in the shape it once was.

Rather than use this opportunity to strike down his opponent, they could see that the figure was still busy looking around. Finally, it seemed to have found what it was looking for, as it immediately started to run towards a certain direction. The others who would glance at the fight from time to time were finding its actions incredibly strange, questioning whether it had chosen to abandon them all of a sudden.

That didn’t make sense though since it had yet to suffer any injuries, and it had been doing extremely. In the midst of its running, Agent 3 stretched out its arm once more. Changing it into a tentacle-like form.

It grabbed onto one of the figure’s legs and pulled him to the ground. While on the floor. The figure reached out as if it was just about to grab for something. It quickly turned around and did something that none of them expected. Rather than use its sword to attack the tentacles, it had decided to cut off its own leg.

At the same time, its shield and sword disappeared into particles as if they had never existed to begin with. Not looking back, it desperately crawled across the floor until it leaped onto the other side, all to grab what it was looking for.

Everyone had seen this desperate act, and they weren’t sure why it was trying to do all of this. Then suddenly, from where it had cut off its leg, bone started to grow. It had the shape of a foot but no flesh, allowing it to stand up.

When it did, they all could now see what it was holding in its hands.

“Is that a head?!” Abdul called out.

Not only that, but it had a wide smile, with eyes that looked like they never blinked, yet the most shocking thing was… that many of them recognised exactly who the figure was.

“Old man… what has happened to you?” Sach asked, feeling incredibly saddened.


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