My Vampire System Chapter 1446 – Pure Beasts

After breaking out of their container, the vampires discovered that a lot of the gas that had already entered their bodies continued affecting them. In fact, it had become most obvious when they had punched to break out of the glass. Each one of them felt that their strength had weakened slightly. Even if none of them would say anything, Vincent could tell that they were a few concerned and hiding it on their face.

‘Still, it shouldn’t be a problem for whatever we face, but I can’t help but worry about what is going on in there. Quinn, what exactly is taking you so long?’ Vincent was worried about his descendant.

Before the vampires started to move, they could feel something moving under the stage. Something else that was mechanical. The vibration could mostly be felt towards their right side, where the south glass container was. They could see the back of the container opening up. In an instant, green coloured humanoid beasts began storming into the glass container, filling it up bit by bit. They hadn’t attacked the container but just stood there looking towards the leaders.

“Are they human?” Sunny asked.

“If they’re human, then I’m ugly.” Fex commented on the situation that looked to be worsening by the second. Right after it looked like all of those inside the glass container had bashed on it with their hands, breaking it with ease, and they were faced with a large hostile force.

“There are humans mixed in with them.” Fex clarified, as he noticed some at the back who hadn’t fully transformed yet. It was hard for the vampires to figure out if they were beasts or humans. Their smell was a mixture of both, and seeing their forms it seems that way as well. Unlike the Dalki though, they seemed to be somewhat in a permanently changed state.

“Sh*t… how many of those apes are there?” Nicu asked, drawing his sword. After breaking out of the glass, more and more were storming out, and their numbers had gone from dozens, to several hundreds, and might reach a thousand if this continued.

“If they’re humans, then this should work.” Muka said, running first into the army of beasts. “She soon reached them when they were only a quarter way past the field, she took off her helmet for a few seconds.

“Halt!” She shouted, but it seemed like despite her Influence skill being abnormally strong, forcing her to wear a helmet to not accidentally set it off, right now it was proving completely ineffective. A secret she hadn’t quite told the others yet.

“Muka, get back here! It doesn’t look like your Luck is going to help you much here!” Vincent shouted, but the one to act before she got somewhat flattened by the stampede was Lee. A piece of string wrapped around the Royal Knight and pulled her out of the area quickly.

“Quinn isn’t here, what do we do? Who’s in charge?” Jake panicked. “The King didn’t want us to hurt humans, but can those things even be called that? They also look like they’re very much looking forward to hurting us!”

In this type of situation, usually one of the two Royal Knights would take charge, but they didn’t exactly instil hope. Their inexperience was showing, in that Fex was panicking, and Muka’s idea having outright failed.

That’s when Vincent stepped forward.

“I’ll speak on behalf of Quinn in this situation. Do your best to refrain from killing them. That being said, your life is more important than theirs. If you don’t have any other choice, then don’t hesitate. None of you are dying today!” The tenth leader shouted.

The next second, from one of the snake-like strands of hair, on top of those monsters had opened wide and fired out a strange green liquid aimed at Vincent. The old vampire avoided the projectile, making it hit the ground, which started to melt upon contact

Retaliating, the tenth leader used a Blood swipe, successfully hitting the beast, which had lifted its hands in protection. Its forearms revealed strange hard scales, and aside from being pushed back a few meters, only a scratch was left.

‘Oh…these are a little strong, maybe… we might have to use them sooner than we thought.’

The thousand or so beasts had almost reached the vampire leaders at once, but each one of them was strong. Jin was able to use his exploding blood to hit them all and stop them from advancing too far. While being careful about the power of his ability he used. Meanwhile, the other leaders were using their martial arts and blood powers to pierce their skin.

Having learned their lesson, they all avoided the forearms, which had proven to be the hardest part of their body. This meant that they were far easier to kill compared to the Dalki, though these beasts did have their own advantages.

For one, the hair on the beast’s body allowed them to attack at midrange, and the acid they produced was enough to cause burns on the vampire leaders’ skin. During the fight, Jake had suffered a hit, and it was a place where he hadn’t used Blood hardening.

The pain was getting to him, a vampire lord, and it was burning quite quickly. Luckily, Katori, who was by his side, had sliced the skin off, and quickly used her ability as the second leader to reverse it back to the state it was once at.

“If you were going to do that, did you need to cut it off!” Jake shouted.

“Everyone, do your best to avoid their acid! If you’re hit, come to me!” She shouted.

Thanks to the warning, they were being more cautious, and the leaders had decided to protect the second leader, understanding how valuable her ability would be.

Another advantage the beasts displayed were their flexible bodies. Some of those fighting hadn’t fully transformed into a beast state, and it looked almost as if just their hands had been transformed.

The beasts with the beast armour seemed to be getting a boost from that as well. At the same time, since they weren’t actually beasts, they didn’t follow a type of attack pattern, each one of these were individual in their powers.

Ultimately, most leaders stopped holding back, utilising more deadly attacks, hoping to lower their numbers.

‘Vampires may have great stamina, but using our blood powers like this will exhaust us.” Vincent thought, as he grabbed one of the Pure beasts and used its shoulders to jump off. Using his elevated position he quickly checked out the situation in the south container.

‘Just how many… did they do this too?’ Vincent wondered, as he could see more and more people coming from the south container. More and more of the enemy. The only good thing was it was impossible for them all to fight them at once, at the same time.

It was annoying as more and more of those creatures began firing the strange acid from their hair.

‘If these are humans and our Influence skill isn’t working on them, then there has to be someone controlling them. Think… Pure, they were capturing those from the Bree family, in order to control beasts… is it someone from the Bree family then that’s controlling them? Would that even work?’ Vincent contemplated going out on his own, to find whoever controlled them.

Unfortunately, he was unable to see anyone that stuck out among the crowd, and he was worried about how the other leaders would fare without him helping out. For once, everyone was working together, and it was only thanks to that they were able to somewhat survive the onslaught.

‘If this continues, eventually… I will have to order them to use it.’


Watching from an unknown location, a certain Pure member that had left them all early on could see everything, and in his hand he currently held a crystal that looked almost as clear as glass. Inside the crystal there was a strange substance that floated about.

‘I can’t believe this is working… this crystal really holds the ability to control all of these. Today will be a big win for Pure. If this really works, then we’ll be able to steal the abilities from others without the need for Turedream…

‘Lucy, it looks like we will make your dream come true after all.’


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