My Vampire System Chapter 1444 – A Common Link

Just like the human side, the vampires were also busy watching the spectacle down below. Nothing had happened so far between the fights, but unlike their counterparts, they had remained vigilant, constantly suspicious that something was bound to happen.

In the middle of the match, smoke started to enter the room, yet the vampire leaders didn’t look panicked or scared. Instead, they just looked at each other, some of them shaking their heads.

“It never could have been dealt with peacefully, could it?” Jake sighed.

“Well, Quinn did mention to all of you that something was going on, and judging by the fact that he still hasn’t returned yet, it can only mean whatever they’re planning has started.” Vincent pointed out as he went over to the glass and pressed his hand against it.

When entering the room, the first thing he noticed was that this was no ordinary glass. As someone who had happily researched new materials and matters during his time, he could tell from the beginning.

‘Is it a mixture of beast crystal energy? In a way, what we are currently in now is more similar to a giant beast armour with an active skill. They must have done a lot of testing with crystals to get this far.’ Vincent, for one, was amazed at what the humans had accomplished.

If only they had figured it out a few hundred years ago, like the vampires had done. As impressive as something like that was, it was mostly useless… except for a situation like this. Still it paled in comparison to the black substance that the vampires had manufactured that was able to be modelled far easier and its durability was only a little less of the glass. They did, however, still use the same material for their windows, when they wanted something see through and still strong.

Still, the fact that they had discovered this without the help of Richard Eno meant that the humans were naturally evolving and catching up. At this moment and time, he didn’t know whether to be happy or sad.

“You think we can break it?” Sunny asked, noticing that Vincent was busy thinking, rather than helping out. “Although this gas might not be far less effective on us than the humans, we aren’t like the undead. It will eventually put us to sleep if we don’t get out of here soon enough.”

“Of course we can break it.” Vincent replied. “I was just observing the situation on the other side. For them, it might not be so easy for them to break it if the gas has affected them.”

“Let’s hurry up then! What if they can’t get out on their own?!” Fex shouted. “We have to save them!”

“Why? Some humans are betraying other humans, the way I see it. If they want to fight and kill each other, then just let them be.” Katori shrugged, the smoke was affecting her seemingly more than the older vampires. The fact that she was succumbing to it more than the others was making her furious, helping her stay conscious longer.

“Where have I heard something like that before? Oh, that’s right, isn’t that the SAME as what happened to us vampires?!” Fex argued, adamant that the right choice was to help them. “Remember, if it wasn’t for Quinn and the others, you also would have just killed each other!

The sound of the VR pod could be heard opening and Jin exited from the game. Immediately he could see the smoke and could tell that something was going on.

“There are strong vampires on the other side.” Muka said, trying to make the situation seem a bit more upbeat and calm a certain worry of her fellow Royal Knight. “Like us, they won’t be affected by the gas too much. I’m sure they will be able to break out of the glass, besides, they also have two monsters on their side.”

Vincent couldn’t agree more, there was the Unranked named Sera who easily should have been able to break out of the glass using at least one of his weapons, and then there was Sil. After having fought him, Vincent couldn’t imagine that one with the power of a God would fall to an ability like a sleeping gas.

Even if the two would be taken out of the equation there were still Leo and Sach.

‘My worry is, why haven’t they left yet?’ It was then that Vincent readied his fist, and started to spin blood in his hand, performing the Blood drill. The others seeing this, followed the tenth leader’s lead and readied their fists as well. All the leaders’ powers weren’t needed, it was just that they wanted to work off a little frustration.

All of them aimed their attack at the same place. As durable as the glass was, against the combined power of all those vampires it stood no chance, making the gas disperse into the arena. It looked like there wasn’t a constant flowing amount, because as soon as the gas went into the open air, they could all see clearly again.

“The quickest way to the other side is through the arena.” Vincent said, and the group began to make their move from the stands to the other side.

Inside the Boardroom, nine of the members were still seen inside. Unlike the others, their room was not being flooded with gas, though they seemed unsurprised by everything that was happening, including the vampire leaders managing to break out.

“It seems like it has all begun.” Andy spoke. “At the end of today, there will probably be one clear winner… and as for me… I actually hope the humans win… and get rid of Pure.”

The others turned to him, surprised by his words, but they all felt the same way. They wanted to get rid of the vampires, making their goals seemingly align with Pure somewhat, but being threatened like this, seeing humanities’ hope disappearing like this was something they didn’t wish to see.

“Unfortunately, you won’t be there to see the result.” An old man said. It was the old Board member who had returned from where he had come from. When seeing him, the others were calm as they usually were, for he was someone who had led them for over half a century, but what exactly did his words mean now?

“Each one of you did nothing when the Dalki came to attack the first time. You all scrambled your assets and did your best to hold onto what power you could retain… and then you took advantage of a situation. While I can’t claim to be a saint, many people died because of your selfish needs that time, which is something I can’t forgive.”

The Board members were shocked to say the least after hearing Mr Watson’s words.

“What nonsense are you spouting? Have you gone senile in your old age?! ” Andy shouted back, not a hint of the earlier respect in his eyes. “Wasn’t it you who was the first to do all of that?! You hoarded all the food supplies, and that’s when we came together to make a deal! In a way, you’re even worse than us, so why are you talking as if you had the moral high ground?”

“Indeed, Mr Watson was no better than any of you. However, he’s already been dealt with a very long time ago. At the start of all this nonsense known as the board… and now it’s time for all of you to join him. May you find peace, knowing that your sacrifice will help me achieve my goal.” Zero said. With a wave of his hand, the command was given, and the Qi that had been deposited in their minds, proceeded to directly strike their brain.

All of them had fallen to the ground after a few seconds, their death seemingly painless… or too fast to allow them to even react.

‘You should have read the invitation carefully. When it stated ‘No one’ was to know about this event, it meant no one.’ Zero thought as he threw his walking stick onto the floor.

The next moment, he cracked his back and stood up right, before he proceeded to dig into his face, only to reveal a strange looking mask. Once it was ripped off, one would see the face of a young man, seemingly in his thirties. He had shaven stubble all around his face and healthy long black hair, but what was most noticeable and stood out about the person, was a strange marking on the top of their forehead.

It looked somewhat like a bat, as there was a large single eye, and two wings on his forehead.


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