My Vampire System Chapter 1443 – Agent Three Special?

It was the first time one of those from Pure was fighting, and it seemed like those on the Human side were more interested in seeing what they had to offer. After all, these were people who refused to wield abilities yet somehow still managed to gain a position here, in front of the world’s strongest.

At some point, each of their factions had a run-in with agents of Pure. Simply because of their beliefs, a few extremists in the group would either attack any ability user on-site or simple arguments would occur.

However, they weren’t the type of group that planned to outright attack the others. Pure had seemed to have waged war on only the military itself, leaving most of the big four alone until the Civil war.

The big scar on Agent Three’s face was seen as he walked forward. Not once did he smile, speak or show any form of emotional expression at all as he got into the pod.

“Your teammate sure seems friendly,” Mona said out loud, hoping Chris would hear; he was more approachable out of the two of them.

“He doesn’t need to speak to show off his actions.” Chris simply replied with a smile.

At that moment, Mona was sure she had noticed something and pulled on Samantha’s sleeve. Bringing her over away from the others a little bit. Before saying anything, Mona pointed towards the south container with her chin.

“Have you noticed what that big guy has been up to?” She whispered.

Samantha looked in that direction, and at a brief glance, she couldn’t see anything strange; she hadn’t even paid much attention to Chirs before this moment, unlike Mona. The Supreme Commander, the head of the Earthborn group, and many strong people were in the room at the moment. The mere thought that Pure might try to do something here seemed strange to her.

It will only lead to a bad outcome, and the Board must have made sure that no other Pure members would be there.

‘They can’t be planning to do something here, are they? I’m sure the Board has some plan to get rid of the vampires, maybe frame them for something…but they wouldn’t do anything to us.’

This was what Samantha was thinking. Getting rid of all of them would practically doom the human race, and it would be impossible not to notice.

“Maybe I’m just overthinking things, but that guy has looked far too much over at the south container. It’s like he’s expecting something to happen at any moment. I am just telling you so you can stay on guard.”

Before Agent Three had entered into the VR machine, Leo was also paying close attention, for there was something quite strange with the former’s Qi. His hand was hovering firmly over his hilt as he was ready for anything.

The field started to load, and it was the strangest map they had seen yet. Several large gigantic tunnels had appeared. These tunnels were connected in several different ways, and there was a small stream of dark water.

The machine had cut the top of the tunnels to let the audience observe everything and witness what exactly was happening.

“That’s a…sewer system, right?” Fex said, asking the question that was on everyone’s mind. On the vampires’ side, Jin was fighting again, and just like other vampires, he had already fought once.

This map didn’t seem quite favourable for him. For instance, using an explosion would most likely hurt him because of the closed walls. Or at least that’s what the others thought until they saw Jin cutting his hand and throwing blood towards the wall on his side, destroying it in an instant and realigning another path of a tunnel.

‘The game always starts with both of us on the other side. This sewer system is messing my nose…so let’s deal with this quickly.’

Like before, everyone’s eyes were focused on the fight in front of them, all except Mona, who was constantly staring at Chris to see if there were any strange movements. Right at that moment, Chris looked over at Mona and gave her a wink before giving her a wave.

“It’s a trap!” She shouted.

The shout from Mona didn’t quite register with everyone as quickly as it should have done, and the next second, green—coloured smoke started to enter the room immediately. It sounded like the door behind them was closed a few seconds later.

“Everyone, cover your mouth, use anything to avoid inhaling the smoke!” Sach shouted.

He had immediately noticed what this green smoke was – a sleeping gas. There was one user with the ability to create strong potent sleeping gas.

Far stronger than humans could make, the military used this special gas quite frequently. It was less effective against large beasts, so they rarely used it that way, but if they needed to contain a beast, they would instantly fill the room with this gas.

No matter how strong of an ability user one was, if they were to inhale this gas and fall asleep, they would be sitting ducks. Helpless to do anything.

‘Hmm, I see what they did.’ Logan thought, with his face covered – using the usual spiders to form a special mask from him. He looked around and saw that others in the room were falling fast while a few were somehow persisting.

‘They knew that I would be here, so they decided to give everything a mechanical release rather than a digital one. They must-have set up quite the contraption to avoid Leo’s ability as well, and it must have been someone who knew both mine and Leo’s abilities well.’ Thinking about all this, he found it hard to pinpoint who the culprit could be.

The Board knew a lot about Logan’s ability, but the same couldn’t be said about others. In contrast, only the Pure members knew about Leo’s ability. Judging by the fact that Chris had left, though, Logan was putting his bets towards the latter.

‘It looks like not everyone knew about this plan of theirs either.’ Logan noticed that even the butlers in the room with them had succumbed to the smoke.

The vampires in the room seemed to have more strength than the others, and the smoke hadn’t affected them that much, making Logan consider they might have a natural immunity to it.

However, he couldn’t say the same for the others. Mona, who was still standing, had activated her beast gear and tried her best to gather her strength. Still, even without breathing, it felt like the smoke was affecting her somehow. Throwing out her fist as hard as she could, it had hit the glass wall. The impact shook the whole room, but there wasn’t even a scratch on It.

“What is that glass made of? It’s as hard as Glathrium!” Sach frowned.

At the same time, Grim and Owen were still standing. Lighting was striking their bodies, and it looked as if they were in pain. Perhaps a way to keep them awake. They tried to use their abilities on the glass container. Firing out a lighting strike, but it also did nothing.

“The boy…he can break us out!” One of the generals shouted; however, as soon as he reached Sil, he found out that the latter had long fallen asleep. The two women eventually fainted, but the large warrior grabbed Mona, placing her over one of his shoulders while supporting Samantha in the other hand, holding her by her waist.

It was strange to witness because he still held the giant box in his other hand, which was why he had to place one of them over his shoulder. Clearly, it would have been easy to place the box down.

Now, among the few still standing in the room were Sera and Abdul, but the latter looked to be barely hanging on. The same could be said for those two in the Graylash family, and seeing this, Logan had been able to use his powers to generate two more makeshift masks for both of them.

“Put them on! I could only make two, and I won’t be able to make them quick enough for the others.” Logan said, wishing that he had given one to Sil. Perhaps if it was him, with the powers of all the others, he could have broken out of the glass container.

Leo and Sach were also alright, but no one knew how long they could persist; on the other side, the smoke was making it hard for them to see.

“I’ll just have to cut the glass!” Leo said as he drew his sword. At that moment, the sound of a mechanism was being opened, and it was from the VR pod. That was towards the end of the glass. Quickly standing in front of them, glowing eyes could be seen through the smoke.

It was Agent Three, but something was different about him.


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