My Vampire System Chapter 1441 – Stronger Outside

Demon tier gear was the hardest equipment to come by. Since the dawn of the human age, only a few such pieces have been available. So learning that there was someone who could make any beast gear up to the demon tier level, everyone already knew how amazing this ability was.

Adding this with the fact that this person could also master any weapon at will, indicated that this person would certainly be strong.

Sera slammed the sledgehammer down into the ground. It sent out a visible circle shockwave like a ripple in the ground when it touched the floor, and it looked like the surface itself was burning somewhat as it spread out.

Vincent could see the ripple of energy coming towards him. He was still in his shadow travel. It was a skill meant only to be used for movement, but he had never been hit while in this form before, and he wasn’t sure Quinn had either.

Because of this, he wasn’t quite sure what would happen if he was hit in this form, and a few seconds later, he found out. Since it was a game, it would be whatever Logan had programmed it to do. The ripple touched the shadow, and the skill had been deactivated, practically throwing Vincent out of skill and onto the area floor.

He immediately felt a searing pain as the ripple touched him and had no choice but to use blood Hardening on his forearms. The ripple was pushing him back, and Vincent gave his all to hold his ground, but suddenly, he saw a swing of the sword coming his way.

Of course, Sera wasn’t being held up by the attack, so he would be able to fight just fine. The shadow had moved to his position, blocking the initial sledgehammer ripple attack, leaving Vincent to deal with the dual swords he could see in front of him.

Like all the other equipment that Sera used, there was a slight glow on it. It was hard to tell if it was from his ability or the active skills of the weapon, but it didn’t matter.

‘I need to get my head back in the game and focus on taking him out. Otherwise, I’m going to lose before showing everything I’ve got. Right now…I am playing the part of the Vampire King, and I can not lose!’ Vincent regained his composure.

The main problem with the shadow was its slow movement speed, and with Sera’s speed being as fast as a Vampire Leader, perhaps faster, only a little slower than Quinn’s, it looked like Vincent would have to fight in the old fashioned way.

‘I wasn’t that good at using the shadow in the first place.’ Vincent pursed his lips.

He threw a fist right between the two swords at the right time. His martial arts skills weren’t lacking. However, it looked like Sera had somewhat predicted this; his swords didn’t come to strike Vincent; instead, they crossed each other and came down in some X shape.

They hit the gauntlet and managed to stop Vincent’s blow from hitting Sera’s face.

“I see you’ve never fought someone who could keep up with you before,” Sera said.

What was more worrying was the effect of these weapons. Unlike the last ones, there didn’t seem to be some strong, powerful energy coming from them. The next second and the gauntlet on Vincent’s hand started to grumble right in front of him.

It was his energy-draining gauntlet. Seeing this, Vincent was just thankful that he was facing this person in the game. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have had a clue how to tell Quinn of such bad news.

Since the gauntlet was crumbling in front of his eyes, Vincent hardened the rest of his arm using Blood Hardening.

“I can see you’ve never fought against a Vampire before either!” Clenching his fist, Vincent activated the blood spray, shooting out the energy of red aura directly on Sera’s face.

It seemed to have taken him by surprise as he closed his eyes, and the hit flung his head back slightly.

‘I can feel that they have made Quinn’s blood aura strong, but I’m afraid if this person allowed someone like Quinn to do this, who is stronger than I am and has the power of Qi… you would have died right there and then.’ Vincent thought.

He admitted that Sera was strong; it was just that Quinn had too many powers that one needed to counter.

As he went in for another strike, Vincent’s fist hit a large rectangular shield. Others heard a clang but nothing else; it seemed the shield had taken the blow well.

With his current strength, most shields wouldn’t have been able to withstand a blow such as that. The next second, though, and the shield started to spin. The force was strong, and he could feel someone pushing him back.

The audience saw what had happened; there was no one on the other side pushing the shield at all. It was another active skill being used. Once again, Sera had changed his weapon to a spear.

After some struggle, Vincent had managed to move away from the shield, only to find a spear coming towards him. He thought he could block it until it had extended suddenly. It increased its speed and length, hitting him right underneath the ribs and going through him in seconds.

It was a fatal wound, but the game didn’t end yet. Vampires were resilient, after all.

“Do you think your favourite person is going to lose?” Grim asked.

“Perhaps in the game, but I still think he would win in a real battle. We have seen Quinn do many things that he hasn’t done in this match, and he has hardly used the shadow as well.”

Abdul could hear everything going on, and he was thinking the same thing about Sera. As one of the few people allowed to travel with Sera, he had seen some crazy things that Sera hadn’t performed because the game simply wouldn’t allow him to, and his real powers were actually more useful on others.

“Still, this opponent is tricky. Usually, when two opponents are of equal strength, it takes some time to learn the others’ powers and attack patterns. Here, the pattern, rhythm, skills, they are all rapidly changing and evolving, making the fight unpredictable.”

The spear was inside Vicnet’s side, and he could tell that Sera was trying to spin it to cause more damage, but Vincent currently had it held in his hands, refusing to let him do so. Causing the two of them to just stand there opposite each other.

‘This really is an embarrassment.’ Vincent said. ‘I guess I have to resort to that.’

[Nitro accelerate activated]

Bearing through the pain, Vincent moved backwards out from the spear willingly, and the next second, he was directly in Sera’s face with a blood drill. His speed had drastically increased thanks to the armour set.

Sera had somehow formed another shield, nearly identical to the last one, blocking Vincent’s attack again, but before Sera could perform another similar trick, Vincent appeared behind him.

His other hand was similarly covered in the blood drill and slammed right into Sera’s back. It was a strong attack, and with speed, it usually would have pierced right through any armour; however, like every other set-piece he owned, this one was strong.

A pair of daggers appeared in Sera’s hands, and Vincent wasn’t sure if he was imagining it or not, but they seemed to give him extra speed as well.

‘You’ve gotten faster, so you’ve made this a battle of speed. Well, I can do that as well!’ Sera said as he went to attack.

The two were fighting close, one using just his bare fist and blood to attack in short-range and bursts, while the other using daggers to cause small cuts here and there but still unable to land a fatal blow.

The audience couldn’t keep their eyes off the match, and even blinking, it felt like they had missed five movements happen at once. After crossing several hits from both sides, they were exhausted, and Vincent knew his time was running out but was unsure if it was the same for the other one.

In the end, Vincent had to risk it all. He gathered a blood canon in his hand. Preparing the strike, he charged in. He dodged all the swings from the blades as much as he could, and when he was sure he would make the hit, Vincent opened his palm and placed it right up against Sera’s stomach.

At the same time, Sera had swung his blade towards Vincent’s neck, but it didn’t seem that it would hit until it changed into the small sword that he had used at the very beginning.

“It’s over!” They both shouted. Vincent’s blood cannon had gone off, and the strange large energy attack had also left from Sera’s sword.

The match was over…and for the first time since the event, there was no winner.

The match was a draw.

The audience was stunned into silence. One second they were non-stop fighting equally, and in the next second, the match had ended. When the two left their pods, they both were in strange moods.

“I…I want to fight that guy…in real life!” Sera shouted after leaving the pod.

The others didn’t know what to say and just left him be as he went to the corner of the container and looked out to the other side where the vampires were.

‘Phew…I managed to make that at least a draw…so Quinn can’t be too upset with me, right?’ Vincent thought, thankful that the match had at least ended without a big upset.

The vampire leaders didn’t want to say anything because none of them were sure they could have done a better job, and there were still the other matches to go ahead.

“That…unranked is dangerous,” Andy said. “We need to think about him as well. Also, it looks like we have had the go ahead, and it looks like Pure is making their move.”

The Board members nodded at his words, and the machine started to rotate through those who would be fighting next, and the first time in the event, one of the Pure members had been elected to participate in a fight. It was Agent Three.

And he was going to face Jin, who was now selected for the second time.

Chris, seeing this, looked towards the empty south container.

‘It’s beginning.’


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