My Vampire System Chapter 1440: The power of a war god

At the moment, Vincent was feeling pretty relaxed about the situation he was in. Although he didn’t have Quinn’s shadow powers outside, since they would be fighting in a game, ‘his’ avatar would have them.

Of course, Logan was unable to input the exact amount of MC cells that Quinn could control. During the test his MC cells seemed endless and since this was just a game and Quinn had already displayed his powers he asked Logan to just put a high amount. Win or lose it didn’t matter to Quinn since the results didn’t matter. All that mattered was the outcome in real life.

Another thing was replicating all of what the shadow could do, it was a hard task with limited time, so Vincent would only have access to the basics. However, in the tenth leader’s mind that should be more than enough.

He had practised using the Shadow before, back when Quinn had used the Demon tier Amulet leaving him in control of his body. If there was anyone who could play the part of his descendant, it would be him.

“I’ve lived a long life.” Sera suddenly said from the other side, as a sword seemingly appeared out of nowhere and entered his hands. The sword looked to be rather ordinary, lacking any features distinguishing it from other beast weapons. Even as he swung the sword a few times, nothing looked to be special about it.

The sudden statement had distracted Vincent a little, he had intended to go in and try to overwhelm him with this body’s strength alone, yet there were two reasons why he had yet to do anything.

For one, he didn’t exactly gain anything by finishing the fight fast. They had no idea what else the Board had planned for them, so if he could buy Quinn some time to finish investigating whatever he was busy doing, it would be beneficial to them.

As for the second reason, his opponent was the one with a God residing inside him. Not knowing what ability the person had, Vincent had cast the Shadow ability, so it was active constantly on his back.

‘The question is… is he a dormant God that has no idea about who he is… or is he like Bliss? If it’s the latter, then this fight might be a little more difficult than I had envisioned.’

“There are a lot of things that are similar between me and you.” Sera continued to speak. “For one, I crave the sight of blood, and as time has gone on, I have found the best way to enhance these powers of mine to fit with the current time… all so I can see more blood.”

A smile appeared on Sera’s face, which sent large shivers down Vincent’s spine. Him a vampire leader that knew no fear, and in a game of all things.

It was then that Sera activated his ability on the sword in his hand, making the weapon glow slightly blue. The distance between the two fighters had been great. However, when Sera made a simple swing this time, a sharp slash had left his weapon.

It looked somewhat similar to a Qi strike, yet it was clearly different; it was larger than any Qi strike seen before, and the top of the attack nearly reached the clouds above. Vincent knew that he couldn’t allow that attack to hit him. He might be resilient, but he had to move away.

There was no need for him to activate the Blue Fang set, but had a feeling that if he tried to block that attack with the Shadow, the game might be unable to register that he had enough MC points.

Running to the side, Vincent avoided the large slash.

The strike continued forward and eventually ended, yet it had left behind a giant fissure. It was hard to tell how deep it went, as one wouldn’t be able to see the bottom of it.

“What was that?!” Hermes had his mouth left wide open.

Seeing the reaction of the others in the room, Abdal couldn’t help but laugh.

“I told you he would surprise you all, that man is the most dangerous man I have ever met… A master of weapons, capable of finding any opponent’s weakness, a brilliant genius of war and tactics and lastly his ability… it allows him to make any weapons in his hand at the Demon tier level!”

Those in the room were unsure if Abdal’s words were true or not, but after witnessing what they had done, they felt inclined to believe him. After all, how could such a basic looking sword produce so much damage.

They had heard of abilities making weapons stronger, by one or two ranks, but usually that was limited, and the higher rank the weapon was the more MC cells it required. The sword in Sera’s hand looked around the advanced tier level.

“It annoys me.” Owen finally spoke. “That people like this, have chosen to hide their face for whatever reason, while the war is going on.”

“Oh, there’s a simple reason for that.” Abdal said. “How would you learn of him if there was no one left alive to talk about it?”

Looking closely, if what was said was true, Owen was worried about Quinn. Around his waist, there were several storage devices, which possibly meant that Sera was carrying multiple weapons along with him. The God of War seemed ready to use them as he wished, and he was right.

Next appearing in Serah’s hands was a large bow, and immediately, multiple arrows were placed in the string. Before pulling, each one of them lit up with flames, heading straight for Vincent.

Sera didn’t stop there though, loading up the bow again, and shooting out another set of arrows just after it. Doing this three times, the arrows practically covered everywhere that the map had to display, and there was nowhere for Vincent to avoid the attack.

That was, unless he had the Shadow ability. Using Shadow travel, Vincent was able to make himself practically part of the ground and move forward.

“An interesting ability.” Sera started to run forward, and he was just as fast if not faster than the vampire leaders. At the moment, his body was clad in gladiator type armour from head to toe. If his ability was true, then it wasn’t just limited to weapons but would also work with armour as well.

Everything he had on him was giving him a boost. On a closer look, the spectators could see rings on his ears, and even a small band that would shine once in a while when his black hair was blown a little by the wind.

Next he jumped in the air, and could see the shadow below.

“Seeing that shadow again, makes me feel sick!” Sera shouted.

One of his dimensional storage boxes around his waist activated, giving him what looked like a giant sledgehammer. Holding onto it tightly, he swung the weapon down towards the ground.

“Let’s see you hiding below me, after I’ll destroy the entire area!”

The watching vampire leaders felt like this could spell trouble, and were wondering how such a human had gone unknown for so long.


Quinn paused for a second, he had a strange feeling in his body and he was unsure what it was. For a moment he turned around to where the fighting arena should be.

‘So you felt that as well, huh?’ Ray asked. ‘I thought it was only me… but this feeling reminds me of someone… someone very annoying to deal with.’

‘You don’t speak much about your past.’ Quinn said. ‘I guess you must have known a lot of the Gods back then.’

‘Not really.’ Ray replied. ‘It’s none of my business and the past is in the past. Besides, now isn’t the best time for a history lesson, don’t you think? You have your own troubles that you need to face, and from what I can tell they’re just as big as mine during my time.’

Ray was right, because they had finally reached the facility on the south side. The entrance looked identical to that of the one on the north, just as Nathan had said. At least he hadn’t been lying about that.

“He’s waiting for me there?” Quinn asked.

“I’m not sure if he’s there himself, since he just told me to bring you here. However, the fact that he wants to meet with you tells me one thing… I think he wants to talk to you, Quinn.” Nathan answered.

From this point on, Quinn decided to take the lead, and walk in front of Nathan, yet he did so with a set of eyes on his back. His Shadow was activated and Quinn was ready for anything.

‘Let’s see what you want to talk about, Zero!’


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