My Vampire System Chapter 1438: Muka's power

With no valid complaints, the fight was about to start, as all the others had done. Muka stayed on top of the wall, where she could see her opponent standing in the distance. He similarly wore robes like all the others in the Graylash family, though Grim tended to have both his hands in his sleeves.

‘The hardest part isn’t the fortress, but it’s the high ground itself.’ The former Graylash leader thought, as he calculated the optimal way to tackle the difficult situation. ‘I never thought I would have to think so much and fight as hard as this during my age.’

Running forward, there wasn’t much Grim could do. There was no secret way he could suddenly teleport over. The lightning ability, while certainly powerful, only had a limited range where one could use their Lightning Travel skill.

A skill that allowed the user to move as if they themselves became a bolt of lightning. The reason for this was because there were actually two movements to the skill. The first was forming their body and shooting it upwards in a lightning bolt form. Then, once they reached sufficient height, they would have to use the skill to shoot themselves down towards the ground.

The range for how far they could move was limited when in this form, and it was why it was an impractical movement method. Nevertheless, it was great to use during a fight, as it not only allowed him to avoid his enemies, but he could also use it to get right behind them.

Still, there was a problem and Grim knew it as well, for he could see a red aura coming his way. Attacking downward was far easier, and he had yet to even see Muka clearly.

“I have to admit, I’m a little jealous. Those eyes of yours seem to be pretty good, I bet they don’t deteriorate even with old age. I guess being a vampire really has its advantages!” Grim spoke, as he began to act. His body started to electrify itself with a constant shock. Rather than trying to hit and avoid the red lines of aura, since he had seen his grandson able to block the attacks of his opponent, he too decided to just run forward.

From the spectator’s perspective, he looked like a barrier of armour made from lightning, and was even attacking the ground around him as he moved. When the red aura hit the lightning barrier, the force of it struck at the aura in front, breaking it apart, causing it to disperse into little red particles.

Seeing this, Muka still didn’t panic, and instead held out her open palm.

“I guess trying to fight head on, wasn’t the right idea.” Muka said.

Red aura started to gather in her palm, once it was ready she looked down, aiming at Grim himself, yet before releasing her attack, she adjusted it slightly ahead of where he would be. Even if she was to calculate his speed, this was too far ahead, but that was because Muka never intended to hit Grim. She had more chance if she was trying to not hit him.

A large blast left her palm, and her arm was chucked back as the Blood canon was used. It was the first time that the Board and the leaders were seeing such an attack. A constant stream, more powerful than any of the past attacks they had seen from the vampires.

As for why the other leaders hadn’t used it, that was simple. In the fights so far, they either hadn’t needed to, lacked the chance to use it, or it hadn’t been the optimal skill to use. It was a skill that took some preparation time, after all.

Seeing it, at first Grim was prepared to use his Lightning Travel to avoid the attack, or his Spinning Bolt, but he could see that the attack wasn’t aimed at him, which greatly confused him. As such, he chose to trust his judgement and not do anything.

The Blood canon hit the ground, and it blasted into hundreds of small pieces. At the same time, these pieces started to fall and all of them headed towards Grim. It was a little too late for him to notice what exactly Muka had planned, and now that all the rocks that went his way they were setting off his electrified armour.

It was an automatic skill that attacked anything that got too close, and due to how many rocks there were, it created an opening. Grim didn’t know when, but the vampire leader had already leapt through the air, and was falling towards Grim’s position.

He understood that due to his armour reacting to the rocks, he was wide open for an attack. The good news was, that it didn’t matter. Grim’s body soon started to shine brightly blue and the next second he disappeared.

‘This skill… it’s the same one the one fighting Jin used, but it seems like none of you are as strong as that kid.’ Muka thought as she took a mace off her back and threw it in a random direction.

At that moment, another bolt of lightning was seen coming down from the sky. It hit the ground and Grim appeared in its place, the only thing was the mace that had been thrown was already an inch away from his face and there was nothing he could do.

It ploughed into his face, causing him to fall to the ground. The throw had the strength of someone with a strength type ability.

‘How did you know where I was going to be?’ Grim wondered.

The truth was, Muka hadn’t known.

‘It looks like my luck is indeed working in here and even more so than I thought. While I expected it to hit him, I didn’t think it would be his head.’

The game was currently simulating the damage that had been done to Grim. Which concluded that his eye had been critically hit, impairing his vision slightly. With that, the fight would resume, and what followed was a close combat on the side of the mountain.

Owen and Hermes were carefully watching from above.

“Do you think your grandfather can win?” Hermes asked. “Before you came along, your grandfather was considered one of the strongest lightning ability users.”

“He’s already lost this match.” Owen replied instantly and confidently. “Although what you say is true, most of that is due to his soul weapon. At the time we fought that five spiked Dalki, if he didn’t have that we would have been in serious trouble. Unfortunately, this is just a simulated match, so he’s unable to use it. However, even if he was, there is something very strange about this whole fight.

“My grandfather uses his head far more than me, while I prefer to just go with the flow around me. Yet, in this fight I can see the look on his face, he seems to understand what is happening. Every time he uses the Lightning Travel, his opponent manages to find him somehow. It’s only a matter of time until this match ends.”

Owen’s prediction was correct, as the match came to an end right then and there, with Muka being the winner. Other than the Blood canon, there had been no other impressive moves from the ninth leader, at least not anything they hadn’t seen before.

Nevertheless, in this fight, the former ninth leader had somehow managed to make the Graylash family’s ability appear like it was no threat at all. The vampire fighter hadn’t even suffered a single hit, making some believe that the first fight might have just been a match up for the vampire side.

Meanwhile, the vampire leaders who had watched the fight were shivering slightly at the thought of going up against her. Fighting the Royal knight… it would be a strange experience to have to say the least, but of course, faced with overwhelming power, against someone like Quinn or Laxmus, this type of luck would eventually run out.

Muka casually got out from her pod and walked over to Vincent, resuming her duty to protect their King. They all waited and watched for the next result carefully. However, the vampires already knew who was left, and to nobody’s surprise the screen listed Quinn Talen as the next fighter.

Seeing this, Vincent let out a sigh, but just waited for who his opponent would be, and finally it had landed on the hooded Unranked figure.

‘That… that is the one that has the power of the god.’ Vincent recalled. ‘I was hoping that you would be back by the time your turn came up, so you could fight yourself. Or perhaps you would have witnessed the power of the god. It’s a shame that I have to go up against him. What is taking you so long…’

In the end, Vincent had no choice but to participate.


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