My Vampire System Chapter 1437: What side are you on?

There were many reasons for the special event to take place. More than anything, the Board and the humans were getting out of these fights was information. They found out exactly what vampires’ abilities and blood skills could do. It was also giving them a grasp of their strength as well.

Even if most of the human side had lost their fights quickly, it meant that at least in the future, they could try and prepare countermeasures against such a situation if the vampires were ever to attack and turn on them.

One thing that stood out more than anything was their use of abilities, how it differed from those that the humans had. All of the abilities that the leaders had used so far were not available to humans, and some of them seemed to be quite powerful as well.

Of course, for the Board members in their heads, they were already imagining other humans with these abilities and were trying to figure out ways they could convince the other side for this information.

This was one of the reasons that the Board had accepted the request of the Ninth leader. Since the leader said she would show a spectacle, they were all quite excited to see what she had in mind.

Before her match began, Muka once again began to spin her coin out on the table in the room. This time, the coin had landed on the head’s side. Picking this up, she walked forward and was ready to start the game.

The machine displayed the faces of those who hadn’t yet fought from the human side. Mona, the sleeveless unranked, Chris, Agent 3, and Grim were left to go, and finally, it had landed on Grim Graylash -The ex-leader of the Graylash family.

Muka had no idea of the strength of all her opponents, but still, she believed in her ‘Luck’ and decided to head into the VR machine, ready to start the match.

Before the match had started, the old man on the Board who had been sitting down most of the time stood up and started to walk away from the others.

“Mr Watson, where are you going?” Andy called out to him.

“Well, I have a very important matter to deal with, don’t worry, I will return soon. It is important we know all our enemies.” The old man said while exiting the room.

As usual, the terrain started to load before the match commenced. For the first time between all the matches, the room had gone dark, as it emulated the place being nighttime. Soon a black substance started to appear, and on one side, the ground slightly rose.

Eventually, something like a fortress appeared. All humans knew what this was; this was similar to a Dalki fortress. At times they would use these games and maps to help simulate real-life battles for the military, which was why it was put in.

However, there was something strange for those carefully observing the recent matches. The map in particular that appeared, the fortress had only appeared on one side, while on the other, there was nothing. Just empty black land.

When the map had finished generating, there stood Muka in her heavy black armour, on top of the fortress walls placed on a mountain. She had a height and aerial advantage and the fortress’s defence.

While Grim, on the other side, had open terrain to get through, with nothing to protect him at all.

“How is this fair!” Albed shouted. “This match has to be rigged. The terrain is in one person’s favour! They should change the map and fight again!”

Many of them in the room were in agreement, but Sach spoke up.

“In a fight, we will never have a complete fair advantage. There will be times when we will be faced with this exact situation. That was why we created the map in the first place. Many of you when you fought, had the advantage of the area; even Owen had used it to win his match.”

“Should we restart that match as well?!” Sach exclaimed.

Hearing his words, the others really couldn’t argue, and the Unranked Albed just tutted as he continued to watch the match.

“I guess Grim got the short end of the stick this time.” He murmured. “That ninth leader is just lucky.”


It turned out that there was no need for Sam to use his influence skill on the sergeant. He was ready to spill the beans on everything that had happened so far. How Pure had taken control over one of the military bases, and how Nathan of all people was the one who had brought them right to their doorstep.

To put it simply, from everything Sam had heard, Nathan had betrayed the Earthborn group. Hearing this, he immediately decided to inform Quinn of the matter. He wasn’t sure if Nathan had been part of Pure since the beginning, or if they were threatening him, or maybe it was some deal, but none of that mattered.

Right now, his actions were endangering the lives of others, and that included Quinn. Sam didn’t know where the latter was or what he was doing, but he needed to tell him.


Quinn had received the message clearly, but he had yet to say anything. He continued to follow Nathan, who was now leading them towards the South section of the arena. This was in the opposite direction from the North section where the Board members were seated. It was also the only empty part of the stadium where no contestants or anyone else was positioned, which was why Quinn never tried to go there, believing that there would be nothing there.

‘If what Sam said is true, and Nathan is working for Pure, then should I keep on following him? If that is the case, it’s clear he could be leading me into a trap right now. At the same time, if I stay silent, he might bring me to the people I need to see.’ Quinn mused.

‘That’s the spirit; I mean, when you’re in this situation, why does it matter if you fall into a trap!’ Ray encouraged his ancestor. ‘Just blast your way through any problem that appears!’

Quinn wondered how long Nathan had been on the Pure’s side. Was it something that recently happened, or perhaps he has always been one, since their time at school? Leo could sense Qi, and he would have noticed if something was up.

However, only high-ranking Pure members would learn Qi, but it was hard to see why they wouldn’t have taught Nathan Qi. At the same time, he had an ability as well.

“I remember that just like the North area, they had a room that looked similar to the one you left from. Maybe you will be able to find something there.” Nathan said as he continued to look left and right.

“So that’s where are you taking me, to the other facility on the South section?” Quinn replied.

“Yeah, but we have to hurry but be cautious at the same time. The longer I’m away, the more suspicious they will get.”

Seeing Nathan, someone he had known since his school days, like this, was painful; it was as if he knew every word of Nathan’s was a lie. Now that he thought about it more, Quinn could even hear his heartbeat changing slightly every time he said something different.

“And are you sure there won’t be any surprises when I arrive there?” Quinn asked.

“What do you mean?” Nathan nervously chuckled, his heart thumping faster.

“Nathan, you know my hearing is sensitive and more sensitive than you could imagine, and it’s to the point that I can even hear slight changes in it when you speak. So I will ask you a question, and I’ll know if you have told me the truth, but I just want to hear it from you.

“Where are you always in Pure…or are they somehow forcing you.” Quinn straight up asked. This wasn’t a game, but these people were treating others’ lives as one, and Quinn wanted to take no part in it.


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