My Vampire System Chapter 1436: Betrayed

Inside the military base, there was a hanger stationed near the centre, where a figure was currently enjoying a smoke. He was wearing a beast armour chest piece, and indented in white, a clear contrast to the black armour, was the number twelve. The seat he was on was awfully shaky, yet he didn’t allow that to disturb him from his cigar.

“It sounds like your guys are having a lot of trouble dealing with a few intruders.” Agent 12 complained as he heard the noise in the distance. “No wonder it was so easy to take over your base. If we had the power to do this all along, Pure should have done something about it a long time ago.”

Finishing his cigar, he placed the butt of it on his seat and started to twist and turn it, causing his ‘seat’ to scream in pain. The Pure agent hadn’t been sitting on a normal chair, no, he had forced the Sergeant that used to be in charge of this particular platoon to take on that role. This was a complete embarrassment to the military man. A great, respected figure like him was now being treated as nothing but a chair, yet he had no choice.

“I guess, you guys really can’t do anything without us.” Agent 12 finally stood up, and the others in the hanger looked to be ready with their weapons in hand. All smiling, a group of twenty of them in total.

‘You bastards! How dare you treat a member of the military like this? Where was your fanatical group when we got attacked by the Dalki? Hiding, like the cockroaches you are! One day, you Pure bastards will get what’s coming to you.’ The sergeant thought to himself, thankful that he no longer had to allow himself to be humiliated.

“Let’s move out!” Agent 12 shouted as he held up his mace in the air. The twenty men soon cleared out with him and began to run out of the hanger. The Pure agent wasn’t too far behind them, but when he went out, he was wondering why his men had seemingly frozen in place.

“What are you guys doing? Find the intruders and get rid of…them.” His voice trailed off, as he looked at the scene in front of him.

Even now, the fighting continued to take place, yet the hangers were completely destroyed. Countless Mechs had been ripped apart. Not only that, but the men that had been stationed here were lying around defeated. Some members had been Pure agents, and they weren’t exactly weak ones either.

An explosion went off, followed by another, but they appeared to be in different directions.

“Find them and bring their heads to me!” Agent 12 shouted, and the rest seemed to agree. The groups split into two following one set of explosions. While searching, they noticed that the damage was even worse than it had initially looked. How many people had been sent here? Did they have an equal force of around two hundred? Had the Earthborn group retaliated?

‘If it’s the Earthborn group who are here to save their people, they would need at least a force twice as large as ours to do this much. If that’s the case, we might have no other choice but to retreat.’ Agent 12 thought.

However, he soon noticed something strange. If the invaders had such a large force, where were the bodies of their enemies? So far all they had seen were their own members. No matter how experienced the fighters on the other side would be, it should be impossible to suffer zero casualties.

That was when he could see up ahead. A group of six Mechs had surrounded three people in their midst.

‘Great, it looks like they have captured some of them! We need to capture them alive, so we can interrogate them and find out more about their plans.’ Agent 12 decided.

When getting closer though, he noticed that the ones piloting the Mechs were strangely trying to back away. However, they seemed afraid to turn their back, and he soon understood why. Immediately, one of the three charged forward and formed his hand into a giant blade, with a single slice the Mech’s arm was destroyed. The other mech rushed forward trying to help him. When a piece from the attacker’s own arm was shot out and hit the Mech’s legs. The substance appeared gooey like mud at first but hardened in an instant.

Looking closer, he noticed that one of the figures didn’t look human at all, instead, it resembled a beast with a human body. It dived straight into the Mech’s centre, hitting it with a strong force of wind. The Mech was lifted into the air to crash into the ground, unable to move again.

‘Wait…that is definitely a beast… Does that mean we are being attacked by beasts? And humanoid beasts at that?!’ Agent 12 wondered.

Still, with the surrounding ten, he was afraid and charged forward. The third person was a girl. She stood between the two beasts, unafraid, and drew her bow. Agent 12 wasn’t afraid, they were hundreds of metres away, there was no way she could hit them from this distance, and it would be even hard to see them.

As the woman let go of the bow, three arrows came out, and it was heading straight for them at a considerable speed. Lifting his mace, Agent 12 was ready to block the attacks… yet at the last second they slightly moved. He was quick enough to react to the attack, blocking it with the head of his mace.

‘What is this power? …is this Qi?! …but who knows Qi and has any connection to beasts? None of this makes ANY SENSE!!!’

He saw two of his men had fallen to the ground, the other two arrows having pierced their hearts. As for him, something strange was happening to the arrow as it connected to the weapon. It started to spin and the force of Qi increased rapidly.

His Qi was losing out, and he was hit, falling to the floor, looking at his weapon that had been shattered.

‘Who are these people? …no, that’s not important! I have to warn the others! I need to tell them about this!’ Getting on his receiver, he was ready to call them, until he could see what looked like a human child by his side.

He saw the boy smile, and eventually he stomped on his hand, crushing his bones to pieces. It then leapt and landed on his other hand, crushing that as well.

Agent 12 didn’t understand how a human child who looked no bigger than a puppy could have such strength. No longer being able to use his hands, he tried to make sense of this situation. The more he thought about it, the more he was convinced that all of this had to be one horrible nightmare.

“It looks like you actually cleared the place Raten, that is impressive.” A voice was heard from behind. Tilting his head and moving his eyes, Agent 12 could see a larger group walking forward, they had come from the other direction, where his men had gone. What was worse, it looked like some of them were carrying his men on their backs.

“You guys had more people!” Raten complained. “Of course you would clear your side quicker!”

“Actually, we didn’t do anything.” Linda corrected him. “Most of it was actually Peter, and his two ‘friends’.”

The others, who were with Peter, had seen the frightening display of power. The two Lesser Weights by his side were truly monsters. Legs, formerly the five spike Dalki known as Slicer, and what was left of Hilston, but what was even more scary was Peter himself, who now had the same stats as Quinn but at the same time, his regenerative power was even beyond the Vampire King.

Because of this, the others didn’t really have to do anything. Anyone they came across got beaten before they could even join in the fight.

“So this guy here is the highest ranking member, right?” Sam asked.

“I found another one!” Nate shouted from far back, and he had the Sergeant from earlier held by the back of his shirt.

“Wait, hear me out, I’m not one of them!” The sergeant cried. “Please believe me! I’m not part of Pure. You guys, I recognise some of you. I’ve seen you on the livestream, you’re the Cursed faction, right?! Please listen to me, these guys they captured us… and that damn Nathan… that rotten guy betrayed us all!”

Immediately, this became something that Sam was very interested in hearing. He had a suspicion. In the first place, Nathan was from the military, he had been told to escort Quinn and the others. He should have known that this wasn’t a real base, that these weren’t real soldiers, so why hadn’t he said anything?

“You! Tell me everything that happened and what you know!” Sam demanded, with his eyes glowing red.


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