My Vampire System Chapter 1435: Qi a weakness

The next fight was underway, and on the human side there were many that recognised the nickname that had been given to the Blind swordsman, in particular those among the Unranked.

“I’ve always looked up to him as one of the Heroes of War. Back then, he was one of the few people that were actually able to deal with a Dalki.” The one speaking was the man with the sleeveless shirt and hood up over his head. “He was impressive in the past, but a lot has changed since that time, and not much news has come out about him since.

“I wonder, did he go into hiding?”

“I don’t think that would be the case.” A young unranked named Albed spoke. He had a special type of bow on his back, golden in colour. Unfortunately, there hadn’t been much chance for him to use it since he had lost his match fairly quickly. “I mean, he got invited here, right? So there has to be a reason.”

As the others started to speak, they did find it strange that the Blind Swordsman was here, just like the other Unranked mentioned. Leo hadn’t achieved anything great since the first war.

Meanwhile, in the room where all the members of the Board were, a discussion along the same line was being held. Among the younger generation, most didn’t agree that Leo had actually deserved an invitation.

“It was none of us that invited him, but Pure were the ones who insisted that the Blind Swordsman get an invitation. So perhaps we will find out the reason why in this very fight.” One of the older members on the Board explained.

The reason for the invite was all due to the large red-headed man. Maybe the others didn’t know the current strength of the Blind Swordsman, but he did. Having fought side by side with him to take on a four spiked Dalki.

‘I have improved a lot since our fight together, it’s a shame that the two of us are on the same side. I would have preferred to test for myself how much you’ve improved since then. I just hope your opponent can help me see your skills.’ Chris thought.


Entering the stage, everyone was wondering what type of field would appear next. It was exciting seeing so many locations being used as arenas, and it would serve as good practice for all the different atmospheres that covered the beast planets.

Depending on who exactly was fighting, certain terrains might offer one side an advantage over the other. Trees started to appear on the field, with leaves covering the entire ground. This fight’s location appeared to be an endless forest.

Most of the trees were three to four times taller than an average human, not too big, but not too small either. Seeing this, people didn’t know if it was an advantage for the Blind Swordsman or not.

The leaves should make it easy for him to locate his opponent, as the sound one made when stepping on them would be a tell-tale sign, but at the same time, his opponent might use them to cover his attacks.

“What do you think of this fight?” Jin asked, standing by Vincent’s side, since their ‘King’ seemed to have a good idea about the strength of the human contestants. All of his predictions had turned out to be correct so far. What they didn’t know was that he knew everything that Quinn knew. Which was why he knew the others’ powers well.

“You think it would be embarrassing if a Vampire knight of the tenth family would beat a leader, don’t you? I guess if the other vampires heard of something like this, people would start claiming that the tenth family had the strongest vampires.” Vincent smiled.

“Well, someone sounds like they are sure about who is going to win.” Sunny also entered the conversation, standing next to Vincent.

“Lee is a strange leader. His strength seems nearly impossible to gauge. At times, I feel like he could beat anyone, while at other times, it feels like any of the other leaders could beat him.”

In the end, the group would just have to watch the match and find out.

The match had begun, and almost instantly both sides were running towards each other. The scene reminded everyone of the first fight today.

Eventually, though, Lee stopped, moving his fingers at a rapid pace. It was impossible for the others through the glass container to see what exactly he was doing, but they soon noticed that the Blind Swordsman started to act strange.

When a few metres away from Lee he had already drawn out his sword, which he then seemingly used to slash the air, before he quickly moved to the side, constantly attacking the air. The others watching found it strange, It looked like Leo was going up against an invisible enemy.

“For a supposedly blind man, you sure do see a lot!” Lee commented smiling, revealing that Leo could see all the invisible strings he had set up. This meant that the leader would have to change his plans. The next set of strings he produced were red in colour.

Lee soon wrapped it around a tree, and with his great strength managed to uproot it from the ground, hurling it towards Leo. Seeing this, the Vampire knight had to put more power into his blade, but he made sure to only use Qi and avoid using blood aura.

Since most of them didn’t know about him no longer being human, he thought it would be best to keep it that way. A simple tree was easy enough for him to cut. With a strike, it split in half and the power from the throw made it so that both parts missed him.

However, behind one set of trees was another. Still, for Leo whose vision wasn’t limited to what was directly in front of him, he had already been prepared. The Blind Swordsman had already leapt in the air, jumping over the second tree.

“It is a shame that I can’t fight you at your full strength. I think it would have been a more worthy battle.” Leo shouted to Lee.

He knew what he meant, Leo knew that they had blood weapons that they couldn’t use, and in the first place, the thirteenth’s family’s strength came from puppeteering someone, which he was unable to do in this fight as well.

“It is the same for you.” Lee smiled, knowing that Leo also wanted to be able to use his soul weapon. The two of them knew this fight was pointless to them. Because of this, Leo decided to use something that would catch the thirteenth leader off guard, yet at the same time prepare him for something else.

First, Leo struck his sword four times while in the air. They were Qi infused strikes, leaving his blade out. Seeing this, Lee tried to combat them with his Blood swipes, but that wasn’t where the real threat was in the first place.

With his other hand free, Leo punched the air, and in doing so, an invisible force had left him. After blocking the strikes, Lee had seen nothing yet he suddenly felt a large pain in his stomach.

‘The third stage of Qi is something the vampires need to be wary of. Qi serves as a strong counter to vampires, and the third stage is even worse than the other two.’ Leo thought.

He already stood above Lee with his sword above his head.

“Let’s end this pointless game.” Leo said, pressing it down on his neck causing the match to end.

While the human side was happy for another victory on ‘their’ side, the vampires weren’t sure if this one should count for the tenth family, the humans or the vampires.

‘Although the vampires have seen the powers of the others, Pure’s power is something that is hard to gauge, and yet it might become the most troublesome thing for the vampires in the future. Quinn, if you want to protect the vampires as well, you need to think of this aspect.’ Leo made a mental note to speak to the Cursed faction leader about it in the future.

Before his avatar disappeared, Leo looked up at Chris, who had a smile on his face. He could see that the Blind Swordsman had improved in many ways. However, most impressive was the he had learned how to utilise the third stage of Qi.

‘I wonder…you have your soul weapon, but if you were to use it the same way as Pure does, the fourth stage, how much of a monster would you be? I hope you got to see everything you wanted to see, Zero.

‘With this much, I guess it’s time for us to wrap up this little game.’


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