My Vampire System Chapter 1434: Impossible Challenge

After Sam’s little talk with Layla and Nate, the three of them figured it would be best for them to find out about the situation before jumping to any conclusions. Which meant the best thing for them to do was to go out there and capture one of the ‘military members’ whom they suspected to be a member of Pure.

‘I have my Influence skill, but I’m not the best at it, and the other guys aren’t much better than me at it either.’ Sam thought as he wondered what to do. Still, they could always just try to do it the old-fashioned way.

Inside the large hanger, Sam had called for a meeting and used one of the crates as a type of table for all the members to gather around. There was nothing on the crate nor any use for it. It just made him feel comfortable meeting with the others this way.

‘Why does this feel so comfortable?’

“You really like your meetings, don’t you?” Nate joked, since he never imagined the first thing they would be doing was another meeting straight after.

“It’s the quickest way to update everyone on the situation and to make them aware. We came here together, and everyone’s life is at risk as long as they are here, so I think it’s fair that everyone has the same set of information.” Sam answered earnestly, which Nate wasn’t expecting from the little jab he had given.

After that, Sam had explained what their suspicions were. So, for now, they just wanted to capture one of them.

“And if we are caught?” Raten asked.

“What do you mean?” Sam frowned.

“If one of us gets caught during this thing…what do you want us to do?”

“Then..we do everything in our power to get them back,” Layla shrugged.

“Let’s just hope it doesn’t come to that…I don’t want to bring too much attention to ourselves.” Sam replied. “In the first place, if they were aware of us being here, they could very well believe that we are up to something, and it could harm Quinn and the rest of them.

“We would have to try to take them all out before they could make a report, which seems impossible.”

“That just makes me want to try even more,” Raten replied.

Two people seemed to be best for the job. One of them was Dennis. This was because out of everyone in the meeting, he was one of the better ones when using the shadow power.

None of them were on Quinn’s level and never thought they would be, but Dennis had learned how to use the skill Shadow Cloak. He had demonstrated it in front of everyone, and they could see a slight outline if they were to pay attention.

As for the second option, it was little Borden. With the Dragon, Logan created a serum that would last longer but not permanently change him back; still, in this situation, his small size was perfect, and with his sudden strength, he should be able to take someone out with ease.

In the end, the two of them decided to go; in the first place, Sam thought it would be better if they went as backups in pairs and to look out for each other.

Right now, they were heading towards the rest of the base. There were several hangers and groups of people running around. The two had decided to go a long way around, walking outside of the base area.

This was all on Sam’s suggestion, of course. Then they would approach from a different side. Eventually, they reached multiple hangers and walked outside its large metal exterior. There were gaps between them, and someone had filled these gaps with crates of countless supplies.

For the two of them, though, it was perfect for disguising and covering themselves from being exposed. Even with the Shadow cloak on, Dennis crouched behind one of the crates, and Borden hopped onto the top of it confidently.

“What are you doing?” Dennis whispered.

“Relax, those guys aren’t going to notice me; look how far away they are. Besides, it seems like boredom has gotten the better of them.

Dennis actually knew what Borden meant because the soldiers seemed to be having a little fun right now. They were piloting Mechs and having a little fight with each other while the others around them were cheering widely.

“We only need one of them. So let’s try to look for someone who’s secluded.” Borden said.

The two scanned, looking to see if there was anyone. The atmosphere certainly seemed more relaxed than any military bases that Dennis had seen before, which meant that some of them were celebrating a little early with some drinks.

The smell had reached Dennis’ nose, allowing him to move between hangers until they had found exactly what they were looking for. A lone soldier who looked to be drinking on his own.

“So, what’s the plan?” Dennis asked.

This was when he could see little Borden already running to where the soldier was. He quickly jumped up and punched the back of the man’s neck with his hand, and it caused the soldier to flop and fall off the small toolbox he was sitting on, with his face planted on the floor.

Dennis couldn’t believe it. What if someone saw them? He thought that maybe Borden wasn’t the best person to bring along on this type of mission, after all.

‘The only one with half a brain out of the Blade family is Vorden, but I thought Borden was a clone created from him? Or maybe this little guy got all three of their Genes and personality causing him to be a little different.’

Dennis’s guess wasn’t quite right. The real reason was that Borden had just been hanging around his brothers for a little too long, and he had gained quite the influence from one of them in particular.

Seeing the situation in front of, Dennis, in a panic, quickly went to pick up the body. Thinking if someone saw it, they would be in some serious trouble. When touching it, he realised that his shadow cloak had deactivated.

‘Damn it, this is going horribly, but if I just run back!’ As he carried the man on his back, Dennis thought and proceeded to head through the hanger.

But just as he had taken two steps.

“Hey, over there!” A person shouted.

It was clear they had been exposed, and it was in Dennis’ instinct to just keep running for some reason. They had run through the small gap, with the knocked-out soldier on their back.

“We made it!” Dennis thought as he stepped out from the trap and was out on the grass field again, away from the base.

But a few seconds later, he felt rumbling as a large object landed in front of him.

It was one of the giant mechs.

Although Dennis was frozen with what to do, it was clear the soldiers had caught them, and it seemed like the mission was a complete failure. Just then, something small jumped past him, and he could see Borden in the air.

“Get out of the way!” Borden shouted as he punched the centre of the Mech.

Its centrepiece was crushed to pieces.

“See, mission success.” Borden landed smiling while the Mech lay there on the floor behind him.

However, soon ships began to move, and soldiers were getting into the mechs behind them.

If they didn’t hurry, the situation might become unpredictable.


At the same time, the others were watching everything, and as they saw all the soldiers moving out, Sam couldn’t help but facepalm.

“Well, it looks like they were caught,”

Besides him, someone had a huge grin as he walked forward.

“Well, let’s get them back then.” It was Raten.

The group prepared themselves for an upcoming fight against the military base of possibly two hundred soldiers or more. While on the cursed faction side, they had Layla, Sam, Nate, Linda, Vorden, Raten, and Peter with his two Lesser Weights.

“Let’s see if we can take this whole base over quickly then.”


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