My Vampire System Chapter 1433: A Bad Call

During the break on the vampire leader’s side, most of them weren’t really doing anything in their glass container. This made Vincent realise a significant problem with the leaders; although they acted as a council, the leaders weren’t quite united.

All of the families were only close with those loyal to their families, there were a few that regularly talked with each other, such as Jin and Sunny, but as for the rest, they weren’t on the best terms.

‘Is there a way to fix the current situation, or perhaps making the leaders do things together regularly like this is the solution?’ Vincent thought, looking at them as there were small breakthroughs here and there.

‘If only the vampire leaders did more as they grew up.’

At the same time, Vincent was curious about another thing. Their fight had just been announced, but there was one person who was at a table on their own, and a constant sound was ringing out. It was safe to say that their actions were strange.

When going over, Vincent noticed that Muka was busy tossing a coin; she looked and saw that the coin had landed on the tail’s side. Immediately, Muka picked it up and tossed the coin once again.

“If I were to ask you what are the chances of a coin landing on heads or tails, what would your answer be?” Muka asked, clearly hearing and noting that Vincent had appeared and was looking over her shoulder.

“Are we talking about out of a number of times, or each time the coin is spun? If it’s the latter, then there are only two choices, so it’s fifty-fifty?” Vincent answered; he thought if there was some trick to the question but decided to respond with what he thought was right.

“Ah… I see. In your scenario, if there are two equal options, then you are probably right? But aren’t there things that can influence a coin spin? Such as the strength used to spin the coin, the weight of one side compared to the other. In the first place, the head of the coin weighs more than the tails, which means it is more likely to fall on that one side.

“However, there is one more influence, luck. As you know, I have plenty of it. So then why…” The coin eventually stopped spinning once more and landed on tails again. “So why, with my luck, with the head side of the coin being heavier and my spinning, is it always landing on tails…it seems that this is not my match to participate in.”

Honestly, for someone like Vincent, he always found the ninth leader’s ability the strangest. The ability’s strength varied from vampire to vampire, and it seemed like an impossible thing to test.

Yet, Vincent had to believe it because he had seen the most bizarre things happen whenever the ninth family would choose to fight. On top of that, it was the only ability that Logan found nearly impossible to replicate in the game.

Muka said it was alright because her ability would work even when in the game. Either way, Logan did put in some things that should act similar to how her ability would work.

When the break was over, Muka walked over to the Butler and requested something.

“Excuse me,” Muka said. “Please tell them that there is no point in me participating in this fight. If they wish to see a spectacle and see my true power, then I will be happy to, but I am unable to fight in this match.”

The Butler looked at Muka for a few seconds as if she was joking, but since none of the other leaders had said anything, including ‘Quinn’, he had decided to make the call. It was up to the Board to settle.

“It doesn’t matter too much anyway; we’ve nearly seen all of the vampire leaders fight, so we can grant them their wish,” Andy replied.

It was a surprise, but Muka was forfeited from the match, and instead, there was someone else to take their place. At the same time, she would take part in the next match.

“Worried?” Nicu asked.

“About what?” Muka replied.

“That if a royal knight was to lose to a vampire knight, there would be an uproar. It would be an embarrassment to your family.” Nicu said, although he was being a bit more cautious with his words than usual. Perhaps due to the result of his own fight.

Muka started to laugh.

“No…you see, I knew that they would accept my request; after all, that is also part of my power. I have had a string of very bad luck lately. My vampire knights dying and everything happening to my family and more… I think my luck should soon turn around.”

As expected, it wasn’t easy to talk to Muka when they went off about their powers, and since Nicu didn’t really have a leg to stand on from his earlier comments, he chose to stay quiet as well.

The machine went off again, and this time the leader it had landed on was Lee. He would be the one to face Leo instead. Nonetheless, it was an exciting match that would soon take place.


Having just exited from the strange lab, Quinn walked down the hallway expecting to find someone who could give him some answers. What he didn’t expect to see was Nathan, one of the Earthborn generals, to be here.

“Quinn, you know what will happen if they catch you out of the grounds like so? They might think that you were planning to sabotage this whole event or plotting against someone… this could start a war!” Nathan said, genuinely concerned.

He looked frightened and even now was turning his head constantly to see if there was anyone following them.

“I want to ask you the same question,” Quinn replied. “I have a replacement taking my place, but you, how are you here, and what are you doing heading in this direction in the first place?”

It was clear that Nathan was heading to the strange lab; there was nowhere else to go in that direction but that.

“The Board seems to trust me a bit, or I guess I should say they have been bossing me around a lot,” Nathan replied. “They told me to get you in the first place, and now they ordered me to head to this area and report back to them. Apparently, they noticed that there was some kind of movement. Now that I see you’re here, I guess you must have set off something which caused them to be alarmed.”

It was likely true; after all, Quinn had given up on his shadow cloak while in the facility and many other places, but he had seen no cameras.

‘Maybe they had sensors or something like that… it’s hard to tell, but the good thing is, it looks like they don’t know it’s me if they only sent Nathan.’

“Do you know what is going on in this facility?” Quinn asked.

Nathan shook his head.

“Remember, I’m not part of the Board. I was sent to work for you by Oscar, and now I’m partly under you and the Supreme commander Sach. Why… Did you find something?”

Quinn wasn’t so sure that he should be quick to tell. If it were Sam or someone he could trust, he would have, but not Nathan. However, he thought maybe the latter could help him with a few other things instead.

“You’ve been here before…right? Can you take me around this place? Help me to see if there is anything that I’ve missed. Maybe places that require access codes that you couldn’t get in before?” Quinn asked.

It looked like Nathan was seriously thinking about Quinn’s request, if he should just tell Quinn that this was a bad idea and they should go back, but in the end, he let out a big sigh.

“I guess I can help you out. I too, think something big is going on. The Board is clearly hiding something.” Nathan said as he walked ahead and allowed Quinn to follow.

After a few steps, though, Quinn started to receive a call through his mask.

“Quinn, I have an urgent message for you.”

He could recognize the voice on the other end.

It was Sam.

“Whatever you do… don’t trust Nathan.”


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