My Vampire System Chapter 1432: Parental instinct

Although the A.I had selected the next fight, there was a small break from the non-stop matches. It was time for the others to talk about what had happened so far, and the idea was they could discuss how to improve and where they needed improvement from the others.

At least, this is what the Board said the break was for, and that’s what currently one side was doing at least. The vampire leaders didn’t really want to speak about the losses they had suffered, and they were already aware of the mistakes they had made.

The good thing was that the Butler was able to show a repeat telecast to them of the multiple fights that had happened so far, so they could watch over and see what went wrong. As for Nicu, in this case, he just stood there, and there wasn’t much he could learn from watching his fight, not that he wanted to see it again.

On the other side, the humans had gathered in types of groups to evaluate their matches, getting advice from each other. Some of them lost not just because they were weaker but they lacked tactics and fighting sense.

Although the vampires hadn’t fought a lot, they seemed to have battle knowledge of fighting and using the terrain around them. Perhaps it was due to how long they lived or because they were a race that relied only on strength. Even if they only fought against each other, that was still experience.

In the meantime, there was one who had yet to watch her own match and was grabbing some water from a machine that was off to the side.

She placed a bottle, filling it up, and when taking it off from the machine, her fingers fumbled a little causing her to drop the bottle onto the floor. The water spilt all over the ground.

“It’s just not my day…is it?” Samantha mumbled as she went to pick up her water bottle, but before she could, there was another hand that had picked it up before her.

“Thank you,” Samantha said.

She was quite surprised to see a large man in front of her. At least she thought it was a man based on the thick armour, but it was impossible to see his face since he covered it with a bucket-like helmet of some kind, where one could only see small slits where the eyes were.

She also found it strange that he carried this box by his side, and not once had he let it go or put it down.

Taking the bottle from the man, she was expecting him to leave after saying thank you, but the figure just stood there not saying a single word, it felt a little awkward, and she didn’t know what else to say.

‘Now that I look at him a bit more, he’s about the same size as him….’ She thought.

“What are you doing? You’re going to scare the girl,” Mona said as she walked over to her new companion. “Sorry about that, he can’t really speak, but he’s kind and helpful, I promise.”

Standing in front of Oscar, Mona was a little worried about his actions. She thought something might happen when he saw her daughter of all things, but… this wasn’t the real Oscar, or at least not the same Oscar that they remembered, yet seeing her must have triggered something.

‘A loving family bond that just can’t be forgotten, huh…I guess you must have really loved her, and even now you want to help and protect her…but if she were to see who you were or what you have become; if they were all to see you, I wonder what they would think?’ Mona thought.

It looked like her new friend wouldn’t leave this girl alone, and she had to do something.

“Hey, why don’t you come over? We can watch your fight together; it might give me an idea how these leaders fight.” Mona asked. “You know us girls have to stick together, and you put up a good fight. From what I saw, the leader you faced was a bit faster compared to all the others, and stronger, you were just a bit unlucky.”

Looking around, so far, Samantha had been staying close to Sach, but she did feel a little awkward, and for some reason, the large figure, although it might have startled others, it didn’t really startle her.

Chairs and tables were arranged by more servants who seemed to have come out of nowhere. They must have been in the stadium somewhere or just outside the glass container. Once everyone had taken their seats, the video started to play of Samantha’s match.

As soon as it started, her face turned red by the second, as she remembered certain details.

“Oh!” Mona smiled. “Is that why you didn’t see the replay of your match? I have to admit I didn’t expect a vampire to confess to you in the middle of a match like that. I mean, there are some good-looking guys in that group, and they’re all practically flawless, the same for the girls.

“I can’t imagine why they would pick anyone from us; not that you aren’t beautiful, of course.” Mona quickly said, trying not to offend anyone, but she was just speaking the truth. Nearly every single one of the vampires could become a star actor or a model.

“I couldn’t really see his face.” Samantha blurted out. “He had a mask..but he seemed familiar; I don’t know why?”

She really didn’t know why, but there was one person she had met a while ago that reminded her of this person; he seemed a bit immature for his age and imagined it was something he would have done. Confessing out of nowhere with no regard for the others feelings.

The scene continued to play out, with Mona giving some tips. She claimed that Samantha was relying too much on her earth powers. Her use of the earth ability was creative, and she had spent a long time learning how to make it, so the earth ability wasn’t so rigid, and that was good.

However, it would do her well if she also thought of using the powers in a close manner. There could be multiple forms of attack against her opponent at once; it was good advice, but also something hard to pull off and hazardous.

Another alternative was to try and focus on some type of defence if she was going to attack like so. Even the tails that she usually would use might have been called defensive, but it was an offensive defence.

The earth ability was one of the best abilities when it came to defence if used in the right way.

Eventually, though, the scene had come, where Fex had landed right on top of Samantha. The video had audio, and all of them heard it well.

“I think I’m in love with you.”

The video played, and straight after, there was a loud bang on the table. Both Mona and Samantha had felt the vibration on the same table they were sitting at, because it had come from a large friend next to them.

‘Did…he just get angry because of the confession?’ Mona thought. ‘I mean, actually anger? I guess that’s the parental instinct to protect his daughter.’

“Is he okay?” Samantha asked.

“Yeah… he’s okay,” Mona replied.

Soon, the break was over, and passing the new information they comprehended on to those who had yet to fight, they thought they might have a better chance at facing the vampires now and in the future.

However, something unexpected happened. The Board member’s room had received a call, and the call was coming from one of the butlers in the vampire leaders’ room. Answering it was the middle-aged man with a grey beard, who went by the name Andy.

“Sir, I don’t know how to say this, but the leader that had been elected to fight… we have a bit of a problem.” The Butler said.

Standing outside looking at the board members, Muka just stood there with a smile, waving at them.

“Very well,” Andy replied. “Accept their request.”


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