My Vampire System Chapter 1431 – The Strong Vampire

Lately, it seemed like Quinn was learning more and more about this mysterious power known as Qi. A power that humans themselves had developed for years. It was so mystically strange and powerful that it made Quinn wonder at times what would have been the situation on Earth if everyone had learned it.

Perhaps they would have even been able to defend themselves better. Still, it didn’t seem like his mysterious ancestor, who existed during the era of Dragons, knew about the mysterious power, and it was a first for him.

‘Qi drain… you know about Qi?’ Quinn asked.

‘Yes, mana energy obtained from the outside and the world itself, while Qi was internal energy within oneself. The way these people look, I’ve seen it before. Without a doubt, this is the effect of Qi drain.’ Ray started to explain.

‘It was a skill that I used a lot against my enemies. The skill is kind of similar to your gauntlet, only far more advanced, and there is no need to have any equipment to use it either.

‘The skill allows you to steal Qi from another person and add it to your own. You are not borrowing it, rather forcefully taking it away from the other person, to the point where they can no longer gather Qi in their body. At the same time, it increases yours. Now you know Qi’s other name, don’t you?’

Thinking about this, Quinn was reminded of the time when Lucy, Layla’s mother, had died. She called Qi life energy and gave it to her daughter.

‘When there’s no more Qi to take, then it starts to take their life energy as well.’ Quinn said.

Quinn sighed upon hearing these words, ‘But how come from so many people? Is the amount of Qi they can take unlimited?’

‘No.’ Ray replied. ‘In my case, I was special, but even then, there were times when my body couldn’t handle the amount of Qi.’ Ray replied.

It reminded me of Quinn when he had absorbed blood. It was the same for him, with each evolution, his body could handle a bit more from last time.

‘From what I see, we can assume that these dead people in this room perhaps didn’t learn Qi in the first place; in other words, the Qi inside them was extremely scarce. Which was why, perhaps, the enemy had to also resort to taking their life energy as well.’

If he had just heard about a skill, perhaps Quinn wouldn’t have believed it, but recalling about the time when Lucy did something similar, and now seeing this scene in front of him, it made him think that there had to be others that had this knowledge of how to transfer Qi and take Qi.

The signs were still pointing to Pure, and perhaps they had taken all those from this Lab to drain them. The bodies, it was hard to tell how long they had been in such a state, but the skin didn’t look too deteriorated.

Quinn could do nothing since there was no information on these people; he couldn’t give them the same treatment as he had done the girls. In the first place, he was worried about messing with this place.

In the future, he might have to come again with Logan just to find out what the Board members were doing before Pure came and interrupted things. The other worrying thing was that all this information was in Pure’s hands as well.

‘How involved are Pure with the Board members… Do they now control all of their families, including all the assets from behind the scenes while everyone is fighting, sacrificing their lives against the Dalki?

‘Pure has been taking over Earth bit by bit and getting stronger…what is this crap!’ Quinn was beyond annoyed if this was the case.

Although not a direct enemy, Pure was starting to get under his skin, even more so than the meddling Vampires of the past.

Searching the area some more, Quinn was unable to find anything else. Nothing that he could figure out or seemed to be of importance. And since he hadn’t found out what Pure was planning with this event, the search was to go on.

Having left his shadow travel, Quinn eventually exited from the large black doors and left the facility as well. Once outside, though, and having taken a few steps, Quinn could immediately smell someone.

‘Are you not going to hide?’ Ray asked.

‘No, I’m going to ask them what the hell are they doing here in the first place?’ Quinn thought.

Eventually, walking back towards the stadium, the two figures found each other.

“Quinn?” A voice called out.

“Nathan?” Quinn frowned.


A snowfield. Recently it seemed like wherever Sach was going to snow was following him. After leaving a planet of snow, he was now fighting on a snowfield. Similar to the first map, it had a design of a village.

However, a single wall was built around them, and down the middle was a deep ditch. There was no bridge or anything like that, but it didn’t matter.

Also, in this fight, the opponent had lost the advantage over the sense of smell that the vampires had when using the terrain, because Sach was exactly the same.

The fight had started, and immediately, Sach ran forward and went over the wall that was rebuilt by the map. He leapt towards the ditch and quickly landed; it was an impressive speed. However, there was a difference between Sach and the other vampires.

He was wearing beast gear, which gave him more stats than the average vampire. Eventually, Jake also leapt down and was deep in the snow ditch as well. When landing though, he had done so with his knees bent, and his hands were touching the floor.

“Another easy win for us, it seems.” Katori, the second leader, commented. “With the snow, it’s impossible even to see where those traps were set up in the first place. The second that guy steps in them, he’s done for.”

Standing up, Jake taunted his opponent as he punched his fist and gestured to him to come forward. Sach wasn’t going to back down from a challenge. One Horn would have charged onwards, so he was going to do the same.

The one thing Sach didn’t want to reveal in this fight was the fact that he could use his blood powers, so he would have to leave everything to his physical strength, but that was alright. However, while running forward, Jake smiled when he noticed that Sach had stepped exactly into the trap he had placed.

Sach’s whole body had frozen at that instant, and seeing this, Jake wasted no time, creating a blood fist and throwing it as hard as he could towards Sach’s side.

Seeing the incoming attack, Sach could only brace himself. It was a large blow; so devastating that the impact could even be seen through the other side of Sach. Even the snow on the side could be seen being pressed, but Sach stayed there strong.

“Looks like I can move now.” Sach smiled. “That’s a strong hit, but if I couldn’t take a punch from you. I definitely wouldn’t be able to take a punch from him!” Sach shouted as he swung his leg out, delivering a devastating thigh kick to Jake.

It was far faster than he had expected. Jake was surprised someone could move so fast after a blow.

‘Aren’t his ribs broken?’ Jake thought.

The next second, the kick landed, and a large cracking sound echoed. Jake collapsed in an instant in the snow as the kick’s power broke his leg.

“No,” Sach shook his head. “You need to be better than this for me to improve!”

Spinning on the floor and getting up on his one good leg, Jake thought he could recover somehow, but before he could, another devastating kick landed, right on his head, and the match concluded right then and there.

It was another quick defeat, but for once, it was on the human’s side rather than the Vampires side.

The leaders were left with a strange taste in their mouth; they all knew that the other party was a vampire, but to meet one who had no ranking in their world and was stronger than a vampire leader, they just didn’t know how that was possible.

Seeing this, Vincent thought it was the perfect time to educate them all.

“He was Quinn’s teacher, after all. Those kicks were powerful, and with his ability, they became even stronger, but the main reason why there was such a huge gap between the two of you is because of what was on his legs.”

Unaware, Vincent had just said Quinn instead of him, but it was hard to keep pretending to be someone else.

The others thought back to remember what was on Sach’s legs, and they remembered they were covered in a thick silver and blue-like armour. His whole legs had even lit up slightly as he threw out his kicks.

“The beast armour,” Sunny said.

“Exactly, this is the power of tools.” Vincent smugly smiled. He remembered the time of his past reign when he was the only one who created beast weapons.

The others used to laugh at him, but none of them were laughing now after seeing one of their own being defeated by the tools.

The event was to go one regardless, and as stated multiple times, this wasn’t a competition to see who had won more fights than the other. It was learning about each other and teaching the vampires a lot.

The game generator went off again, revealing the next match participants, and there were only three from the vampire’s side that had yet to fight. Vincent, or Quinn, Lee, and Muka. In the end, the leader’s name had appeared, and Muka was called to the stage.

And her opponent was another one who wasn’t exactly a human, the blind swordsman.


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