My Vampire System Chapter 1430 – A Blast From The Past

With the Nicu situation over, it was time for them to proceed to the next fight, and now the vampire leaders looked to be more focused than before. They were no longer chilled or laid back about the event as their pride made it so they couldn’t afford to lose anymore.

While on the other side, morale was quite high. Vampires were seen as these unknown beings with strange powers. The few times people had made reports on them or the times when they appeared on camera, they looked beyond strong.

Super strength, super speed, enhanced senses, a lust for blood, blood powers, the ability to take over minds, and lastly, they could turn others. All of these things made them freighting beings, and it didn’t help that the last time there was an introduction of a new species, they had gone to war with them.

However, since the humans were able to defeat some of the leaders, the strongest vampires, it gave them confidence and pride for the competition.

The next set of people to appear on the screen was one of the head generals, and they were to go up against one of the Vampire leaders. They went in with great confidence thinking it would be easy. Yet, this was not the result at all.

The vampire leaders weren’t even giving them a chance, using their abilities as quickly as possible and using more variations in their blood powers. No matter what map they were on, they had an advantage due to their smell and speed, and they had overwhelmed the generals.

This hadn’t just happened once, but in the next set of fights, the leaders won again and again. Even the new leaders had found success, the twelfth family, the second family, and many others.

Watching the sight, as the humans suffered loss after loss, was more than just demotivating; they were being broken down. When they saw Hermes from the Graylash family being selected, they thought he would perhaps have a chance.

Twice those with lighting powers had won, so they thought it would be the same again, but Hermes suffered a defeat from the fifth leader Sunny, who didn’t even use any ability while fighting.

There was no more hope for them, they felt like only Owen and Sil could win, but that was the strength of two people, not those of the human race.

Inside the Boardroom, the members were furious about the results so far.

“It’s a good thing we didn’t broadcast this event; otherwise, we would have been humiliated, and it would have only struck fear into us all.” One of them said.

“Calm down; there are still fights left to go, do not think it is the end; remember, they still haven’t made their move yet either.” The old man said.

As for the fights from the humans who hadn’t fought, there were Leo, Sach, Chris, Agent 3, Grim Graylash, two of the Unranked who stayed close to each other, unlike the rest of the unranked, and finally Mona Bree.

Most of the vampires had already fought, which meant soon the cycle would repeat because even though they had fought before, they would need to again. As for the next fight that was to take place, the screen eventually stopped at none other than the Supreme Commander Sach.

Stepping forward, he felt confident, but as for all the generals in the Earthborn group who had been defeated, they felt like it would be the same for him. Perhaps things would have been different if he had a piece of demon tier equipment like Oscar or was as strong as Oscar, but they all knew that Sach was a few steps behind if the two of them were to be compared.

Sach looked across the room before getting into the pod, waiting for his opponent to be selected.

‘Quinn, I want to show you that I haven’t just been sitting around doing nothing after you gave me a second chance, when you visited me in that hospital. Not only that, but my body was stronger, and the ability allowed me to improve my body even more.

‘I… won’t let One Horn get his way the next time I meet him the next time. So whoever I have to face right now, he will be my stepping stone.’

Eventually, the screen stopped and landed on the sixth leader. He was one of the new leaders but not as fresh as the others and was succeeding Vadeen Muscat, who Arthur killed. Sach’s opponent would be Jake Muscat.

“So, the Cursed faction has Sil, the Graylash family have Owen, but who do the Earthborn group have? Sach, are you going to be that person?” Mona commented.

In a way, the other groups also needed to show their strength to each other, and currently, the Earthborn group was looking the weakest by far, and she knew Sach very well understood this. With all the weight on his shoulders, she expected him to perform something quite special to them all.


Quinn’s search and continued around the stadium. He could not find any other personnel around, nor could he smell blood. Right now, he had entered the north section of the stadium; this was close to where the Board was viewing the fight from the glass pods.

He thought if anywhere, he was most likely to find something here, and he was partially right as he finally found himself coming across a locked door. The first one he had seen in the place. Using shadow travel, he quickly bypassed the doors.

Using his inspect skill, he probably could have also received the access code, but thought that might cause some type of alarm to go off or maybe even leave behind some unwanted traces of himself. When arriving on the other side, Quinn instantly felt a chill.

The room was far colder than it was anywhere else in the place. In front of him was a long hallway. One could go in several directions, and he didn’t know where to start or the rooms to enter.

‘Is it a lab? Why is there always a lab in these types of places?’ Quinn thought.

‘That reminds me, what happened to those servants that were with those girls?’ Ray commented. ‘We saw the dead bodies of the girls but never saw those servants no matter where we have gone, and what exactly was that Traveller doing?’

This was something Quinn couldn’t answer, but the Traveller had come from this direction, so perhaps he was heading here. When walking past, some large thick glass panels allowed one to look through and see what was inside, and it was a sight that Quinn remembered seeing a long time ago.

‘This place, it’s like the lab that was underneath the school that time.’ Quinn thought. ‘Paul said that the military was doing all sorts of experiments, and they would send people to these places.’

‘It does look like that, but I don’t see any experimental subjects.’ Ray commented.

He was right about that, all of the experimental rooms looked empty, and there was no smell of blood. Still, Quinn thought he would be able to find something at least.

‘Maybe if Logan was here, he could get some information from these computers to see what experiments they were running. This doesn’t seem to be Pure’s doing since the stadium was here for a long time.’

Eventually, Quinn had come across another door. This one was ten metres in height and was almost dark black. Just looking at it, he could tell it was made of pure thick Galthrium. How thick it was, he couldn’t even imagine.

To the point that even if he did use all his strength to punch the door down, he wasn’t so sure he could bring it down. At least not in one hit.

Still, using his shadow travel, he easily bypassed this as well, and when he popped back up, Quinn found himself in a large arena looking room. It was almost another mini arena that was built into the stadium, and here, the smell of blood was strong.

Above, there were also several rooms, almost like observant rooms made from glass that would allow one to see what was going on.

‘…Sh*t…’ Quinn said, looking at the whole area around him. It was filled with countless bodies lying all over the floor; some were even piled on top of each other, like garbage in a rubbish dump. But there was something strange about them. They weren’t exactly cut or bleeding; instead, it looked almost as if someone had starved all of them.

Going up to one of the bodies, Quinn turned it over.

Its skin was so sunken and dried; it was as if someone had just sucked everything out of their body, leaving only skin and bones.

‘This…’ Ray said in a low voice, ‘I’ve seen this before…this is Qi Draining.’


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