My Vampire System Chapter 1429 – All Fake

After Nicu had learned of what really happened during the fight, he couldn’t believe it. He thought all of the vampires were playing a joke on him and his actions clearly stated it.

“Yeah, come on, just let me know when the machine is ready, and I’ll teach that person a lesson.” Nicu laughed once more.

At this point, it was getting embarrassing for the other leaders. They felt sorry for him.

However, after telling him several times that it wasn’t the case, none of the leaders really knew what to say anymore. Since the butler felt like this was going nowhere, he decided to intervene.

“We have a special video feed that will allow you to watch back what was on the match.” The butler said without asking if Nicu wanted to watch it or not.

A display appeared in front of them all.

It showed exactly what the others could see. As if a camera was attached to their position and showed everything to Nicu. From when had arrived in the game, up till Sil had produced that single attack that ended it all.

Once the video had ended, the others were looking at Nicu, while trying not to make it too obvious they really were looking at him simultaneously.

“It…can’t be real right…How can a human have that much power? They must have boosted his powers in the game!” Nicu refused to believe it until eventually, Vincent stood in front of him and placed both hands firmly on his shoulders.

“Listen to me, do you remember what I said.” Vincent looked him in the eyes. “If any of us went out there, not a single one would have survived. I wasn’t joking when I said that. You drew the short straw in this one.

“When we were asked to help the humans, it wasn’t because they were weak. It’s just that the Dalki were too strong. I hope you realise why joining forces is the best for both of our races.”

Although Vincent hated to admit it, this whole event was making the leaders realise how serious of a threat the Dalki were and put the humans up on the ladder. Even if it wasn’t intentional.

‘It would have been nice if you could see this, Quinn. Sometimes you can drop words of wisdom on them that even I can’t. I hope things are all okay on your end, young one.’ Vincent thought.


At the moment, Quinn had left his shadow space. He had looked over the Traveller’s body several times to see if he could find anything, but the traces of Qi seemed to disappear once the host had died.

It was the strangest thing that Quinn had ever seen before.

‘Is it even possible to control Qi when it’s not in sight?’ Quinn started to think. He knew about the third stage of Qi, which was using one’s own outside of your body, but this seemed more like a command. He was also pretty sure that the Traveller himself knew about it as well.

‘The fear on his face, he knew that if I tried to do something, the Qi would kill him. Maybe rather than control, it’s more like something as a command. A set of rules, maybe? If that’s the case, it would also explain why he couldn’t say anything.

‘It’s hard to guess whether or not the Qi was originally there just for this reason or to block out the vampire’s influence skill. How would they know it would block out the influence skill in the first place?’

Regardless of all this, what Quinn did realise was that all members of the Board had the same thing, Which potentially meant all of their lives were at risk and were in the same situation. It wasn’t the Board at fault, but Pure.

‘I have to find out the reason for this whole event!’

The stadium was gigantic, and even with Quinn’s super speed, it would be hard for him to find something quickly. What would have been ideal was to use something like Leo’s ability to search the place or have some sort of guide.

Otherwise, he would have to check every single room. The one advantage that Quinn had was the fact that there was no room that he couldn’t get into, thanks to his skill of shadow travel, which allowed him to pass through the ground and through walls. He was sure that the important information would be behind locked doors.

With this in mind, Quinn continued to search the place and was ready to call the others over when need be. He had made the mistake of trying to save everyone himself before, Quinn wouldn’t be shy to call on for their help if need be, and he preferred them to be closer anyway.

Unless there was a threat at the same level as Laxmus, it would be okay, which was why he was holding off for now, because his gut was telling him there was something seriously wrong.


At the moment, Sam and the others were on standby. They were mostly relaxing in the nearby hangar, out of sight from all the others, waiting for Quinn’s orders.

At the same time, he was busy watching the military’s movement. There was no need for binoculars since he could see far out due to his vampire self.

“You think of joining them or something. You’re looking at them so hard I think they can feel your eyeballs.” Nate joked.

“No, it’s not that it’s just a little strange…I was looking at them, and it was something Logan said before he left.” Sam replied.

“He said something?”

“Yeah, he was trying to locate our location. That way, he could pinpoint where for us to go next. He didn’t say anything directly to me, but it was a comment he made. ‘I don’t remember seeing this place?'”

Nate gave a look to Sam like he was possibly overthinking things, but he couldn’t blame him. They were hiding in secret right in the enemy’s territory.

“Maybe he’s just never been here before, or he meant he doesn’t recognise it on the map. That guy is so clever that we can never understand him.” Nate shrugged his shoulders.

“That’s why I’m concerned. Logan is so clever that he almost never makes a mistake, but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t overlook things. His mind works almost like a computer itself, so if he doesn’t remember this place, then it means he had never seen it before anywhere.

“Not in all the files he researched when hacking into the Earthborn group, not with all of the Green family’s information or the information he recently obtained from Richard. So if this place wasn’t marked on any of those, what type of military base is this?”

“Or maybe it’s not a military base at all.” Another came in, who happened to be listening to the whole conversation. When turning around, the others could see that it was Layla.

“I know why you’ve been watching them for a long time now, something is off, and I felt the same as well, and then it finally hit me, after hearing what you two were talking about. I’m not sure if they’re all soldiers or if any of them are, there’s been one for two faces I recognise, and if that’s the case…then it means they’re from Pure.”

The others’ eyes widened listening to this information. It was exactly what Sam was looking at. The soldiers’, something was off to the point where it looked like they were just pretending to be military, and that facade was slowly going away the more he watched them.

“If they are Pure, then how are they so openly on land like this and have a base setup here!?” Nate said, a little panicked.

“Do we know how long this whole event has been planned for? Maybe this whole place was built in a week with abilities.” Layla replied. “Pure don’t usually have a base like this, so something is seriously up.”

“Well then, it looks like we’re just going to have to catch one of them and get some answers ourselves.” Sam smiled.

Still, there was something even more worrying in Sam’s mind. If What Layla was saying was true, then there was one person who should have noticed and alarmed the others, so why didn’t they?


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