My Vampire System Chapter 1428: A special power

Upon seeing Sil’s face come on screen, the vampires wondered who he was. There was a couple that recognized him as someone who had tried to help stop Fex’s execution; at the time, he had used two blades and only had the strength to put up with a vampire knight but couldn’t even defeat one.

So they were wondering just how come this person was invited as one of the strongest humans. What they didn’t know was at the time, the one they had seen fight was actually Vorden, nor did they know about his powers since he was unable to copy vampire MC cells.

Inside the other glass container, Sil had just requested for the others to help him out.

Of course, unlike the vampires, everyone in the room knew of Sil’s power since they had seen him and his family defeat the five spiked Dalki, known as Slicer.

Surprisingly, the first one out of everyone to approach Sil was Mona. She walked forward, leaving her large friend by her side and held onto Sil’s hands.

“It doesn’t matter that you can’t really use my ability, right?” Mona winked. “Let’s surprise those vampires with a big bang. I don’t exactly like the way some of them were looking at us.”

Having an idea of how Sil’s ability worked, she thought she could put her MC cells to use.

Of course, the next one in line was Owen.

“Although I no longer follow the Blade family, you are following someone else I quite enjoy seeing, and I would like to see just how far you can go.” He chuckled while also allowing Sil to touch his hands.

Looking around the room, there wasn’t really anyone else with whom Sil was familiar. There were the other Graylash members, but Sil could only take the strongest of the MC cells from them. Still, even with just those two abilities, Sil had the power of the previous Big Four in him.

There was Sach, but Sil couldn’t take powers from other vampires. In the end, he thought he might have to go in there with just these two powers.

“Sil, wait,” Sach thought of something. “You don’t need to touch the others.”

Sil was confused by his words.

“Remember, this is just a game. All you need to do is take the powers you want and contact Logan. That should be okay. It doesn’t matter if you know what the abilities are.”

“Of course,” Sil nodded because he only had in mind to use one person’s ability. Logan knew this would be the case when Sil was to enter the game, and based on the information he could gather; he had applied six of the strongest abilities gathered by the humans to Sil.

However, on top of this, since Sil’s power was more complex, he had to do several things. He had to code in so many variables if Sil wanted to put these powers together towards one ability or just to switch between them quickly.

On the other side, Nicu had a large smile on his face and turned around to the others.

“We need to show them that we are no pushovers. I know I am a young leader, but I carry the weight of the vampire settlement and the first family, and I don’t want to disappoint any of them.”

Just before Nicu got in, one more person wanted to say something to him.

“Nicu…you won’t win this fight,” Vincent said. “When you lose it, I don’t want you to feel disheartened.

“As you said, you are the first family leader and a strong one at that. Especially for your age, but…this person is the world’s strongest human at the moment, there is no way for you to win.”

The other vampires were quite stunned by Vincent’s words. For one, they thought there was no need for him to say this, but for him to say such things without a doubt of hesitation, they wondered if he simply just underestimated Nicu or overestimated the other person, but that wasn’t the case at all.

Maybe if it was Sil, when he was at the Cursed faction, but the Sil now was in a room with the strongest humans in the world. There wouldn’t be a point in time other than now where he would be stronger.

The Sil of the Cursed faction had a limited pool of people to select from, and of course, there weren’t many that weren’t vampires with super strong abilities, but this case was different.

Nicu ignored Vincent’s words. After all, he felt that the latter was treating him differently because he was young.

The two got into their capsules, and the terrain started to change once again. They were in a rocky place that had giant rocks as large as houses spread across the whole land; it wasn’t straight either and bumpy—a difficult place to fight for the both of them.

The two appeared on either end of the map, and the match was getting ready to start.

‘They have given me a different weapon that is similar to my blood weapon, so at least I have a sword.’ Nicu thought. He looked in front of him but could not see his opponent; the mountains blocking their view were all he could see.

While the others watching above could see them quite clearly.

“It looks like this map is quite the fun one.” Sunny commented. “They will have to use the map to their advantage for attacking and defending. Also, they need to be aware of each other’s positions other than relying on their vision. I believe Nicu has the advantage in this one due to his nose.”

“I agree,” Jin added. “Although, Vin- HE said those words, Nicu has grown going through the forced rituals. It was tough on him, and there was a low chance of it succeeding, but he had decided to go through them anyway.

“I can’t imagine what he has planned through, but he has the potential to reach the level of a vampire lord just like us. He is no less than us.”

Vincent could hear the others talking, disagreeing with his opinion, but he knew they would soon come around; they all would.

When Sil appeared, he could see the strange rocks blocking his view at that moment.

“I can’t see him,” Sil said. “But that doesn’t matter; I’ll just destroy the whole field.”

The others could hear what he was saying but could not comprehend his words. A second later, though, Sil started to summon lightning from his hands, and they could see it was the same power that Owen had used against Jin.

“Is this why you said Nicu would face trouble?” Jin asked. “It’s a good thing that they are fighting on a different map than the one I fought on. Otherwise, Nicu could suffer from direct attacks that could be quite troublesome.”

The lighting, though, started to grow from Sil’s hands, and something strange happened; the sparks that would constantly show started to condense. It is almost a solid form of blue light. Sil was holding onto what looked like gigantic whips of lighting that stretched from the two sides of the maps with his bare hands.

He then lifted them and swung them across to each other. Both of them lashed out, and the second it touched the large rocks, they fired off strong sparks, crumbling and getting destroyed instantly.

The lightning whips destroyed everything they touched and extended to the point where they covered the entire map.

In the end, Nicu was unable to see anything. He hadn’t even seen his opponent and only felt rumbling before he could see two lashes of bright blue go towards him, and the next second, he was in the white room.

The pod opened, and Nicu came out from the game.

“What happened? Was there something wrong with the game?” Nicu asked. “The map just loaded, then there was this white light, and now I’m back here.”

The others didn’t know what to say, nor did they know how to explain to him that he had simply lost the match.

While Nicu was dumbfounded, Sil exited from his pod on the other side, and everyone on his side was at a loss for words, including himself.

‘That power I just wielded… I don’t know if it was the game or not…but there was more strength in it than when I had the power of all the Big Four…one of the guys in this room is incredibly strong.’ Sil thought.


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