My Vampire System Chapter 1427: Look in her eyes

Fex Sanguinis was a young handsome vampire who was well known within the pooling area as well as the inner castle area of his family. He was also one of the most talented vampires in his generation, even when one compared him to the direct descendants.

His good looks, paired with his personality should have been the perfect recipe to make him into an outstanding leader for the thirteenth family. Alas, there was one thing that Lee Sanguines just didn’t know where his son had got it from.

Although he himself used to be quite the troublemaker in his youth, for some reason Fex had become fascinated with the Human World. He talked about that other world so much that people believed that he had fallen in love with that fantasy place more so than the vampire settlement. Still, all of these things hadn’t diminished his popularity, merely increased it.

Due to it, he had been able to have his fun and pick up girls in the vampire settlement without any trouble, the only thing was he had never really been interested in any of them aside from the physical aspect.

As such, he wasn’t used to the feeling he held in heart whenever he saw her. A woman who was a couple years older than him, not that he minded that in any way since where he had grown up, couples could easily have age differences of decades or even a century.

‘Think about it Fex, it just isn’t meant to work out between a vampire and a human. By the time she’ll look like a grandma, you’ll have the appearance of a middle aged man at worst. When she dies, you’ll still have centuries to live and when girls will still come after you, are you just meant to stay with her?’ Fex talked to himself.

‘Unless…I turn her.’

These were the words he was using to try to convince himself. He was trying to make his brain take over the irrational decision that his heart was making.

“You.” A voice called out, and Fex looked up to see Samantha. “I may not be as strong as some of the others on our side, but I ask of you to fight properly against me and use all your strength. Please do not hold back!”

Right now, Fex was cursing the computer system for setting up such a fight. Why did it have to be her out of everyone?

‘Fight properly… how am I meant to even do that? I don’t exactly have my ability, and even if I did, it’s not like I could have brought Agent 11 along with me.’ Fex thought.

Unfortunately, he had no more time to linger on those thoughts. In an instant, Samantha had started to make her move. From behind her she had summoned what looked like nine tails, spiralling around.

Fex had seen this before, but the last time he had seen each one had a sharp pointed tip. The reason why it differed now was that the vampire had seen the woman use her soul weapon, which she was unable to use in the system. Every earth user used their powers differently but with Samantha being the daughter of one of the greatest earth users in existence, she had plenty of MC cells to use.

Fex had yet to move from his starting position and that’s when he noticed a large pillar of earth rise from the ground. When doing so it wasn’t straight and strong like a pillar used to build structures. Instead it had several pieces of stone attached together making it look somewhat similar to a certain game where one would catch beasts and use them to battle a rock snake like creature named On-… It allowed for a flexible movement, and the next thing the vampire could see was it striking down like a gigantic tentacle towards him.

Seeing it move though, Fex felt like it was incredibly slow and moved out of the way, making its attack hit nothing but the ground. However, to him it felt as if he had only moved ever so slightly.

‘What the…’ Fex wondered, looking at his arms. ‘I could have sworn I just moved faster?!’

That’s when it hit him. Right now, the vampire wasn’t controlling a version of HIS body! He was controlling a version of Vincent in the game, which technically was Quinn’s body. His avatar was just as fast, and as strong as his blood brother!

While Fex had still been in the middle of sorting his thoughts, Samantha hadn’t just waited around. When her first attack had failed the woman had continued to push, allowing the tail to sweep across the ground hitting the distracted vampire.

Still, the hit didn’t hurt as much as he had expected it to, and Fex still felt like he was in control. Sticking his feet onto the ground, Fex turned his body around and placed both hands on the giant snake rock, and it had come to a sudden stop.

‘This strength! This is the body of a Vampire Lord….no this is Quinn’s body.’ Fex corrected himself. Pleased with what he had done, turning around he could soon see several pillars of a similar size that had been raised in front of him, yet he showed no fear.

It didn’t take long for Fex to get used to the speed and strength, he himself was already fast in his own body. He could keep up with everything, and it was only taking him a little while to get used to the increase from his normal body.

Avoiding the giant snake pillars was a good warm up for him, and eventually when he felt like he was finally strong enough to deal with it, he readied his fist preparing to smash through one of the pillars heading towards him.

‘This is how Quinn did it, right?!’ Fex thought imitating his steps. He steadied his foot on the ground, and charged with a surge in his body the blood aura, then at the right time he threw out his fist right towards the heads of one of the giant snake pillars. On impact the stone exploded, and a hole could be seen through reaching about half way of the entire pillar.

‘Only half…and for some reason the attack seemed weaker than his.’ Fex wondered what the reason for what could be. The attack the vampire had just tried to imitate had been the hammer strike. Being around Quinn for a while he had seen it many times before, and was sure he had perfectly copied it.

However, what others didn’t realise from only watching him was that there was so much more behind the Vampire Lord’s attacks. His attacks used a perfect mix between Qi and blood to create devastating blows.

‘I guess there’s no need to make this last any longer than I need to.’ Fex decided, running forward. Now that he was close to Samantha, she could use her tails, and these were faster than the pillars that she would use.

Nevertheless, it didn’t matter, for Fex was still able to avoid them all, and the last one he leapt towards her, Samantha thought that this was her chance as her opponent shouldn’t be able to change direction while midair, but wrapping his arm around in Blood hardening, Fex pushed through the last tail smashing it again, and eventually landing right on top of Samantha, knocking her onto the floor.

His arms pinned her down, onto the grass and he had reached her. The two of them looked into each other’s eyes for a second. For Samantha she could only see the eyes of her opponent behind the mask, and nothing else. Looking deeply Fex didn’t know what had come over him, as he eventually blurted out…

“I think I’m in love with you.”

There was silence, and only struggle on Samantha as she tried to get up but the strength was overwhelming. It took her a few seconds to process everything, until she eventually spoke no longer struggling.

“I…give up.” Samantha said, unsure how to react to this sudden confession. She was aware that she could no longer fight and her opponent was too strong for her. The next second, Fex’ and Samantha’s bodies started to disappear.

When Fex got out of the pod, the other leaders were speechless as they looked at him.

“Was… that some type of tactic?” Vincent asked, half curious, half teasing. “Confessing to her so she would give up?”

The vampire was too embarrassed to reply, happy that the mask he currently had on at least hid his red face. He had gotten caught up in that moment, making him completely forget that they had been in the game and that anything they would say would be forwarded to all of the onlookers.

Fex would have given anything for Quinn to summon him away at this moment, but he knew that wouldn’t happen. He had a role to fulfil and since he couldn’t exactly leave the room, he went towards a corner and just kept staring at a wall, thankful to at least have a mask on him.

“Who cares? The important thing is he won and he did it with ease! Jin’s loss must have been a fluke!” Nicu said with his arms folded.

In the other room, Samantha wasn’t in the best of moods either, so much so that no one wanted to speak with her at all. The Board was also very disappointed. Not only had the tenth leader won, but he had done so without revealing an ability.

From what they knew so far all vampires had an ability, but this one had just used his Blood powers, speed and strength to overwhelm her. They couldn’t even blame it on being a bad match up.

The screen’s started to filter once again, as the next opponents were seemingly randomly selected and it was at that point that it had landed on the first leader Nicu.

“Finally! I’ll show you all how it’s done.” Nicu proudly proclaimed, already walking forward without a care in the world who he would face. Then on the other screen, it had stopped on a blonde haired boy named Sil.

“I would like to ask you all for a favour.” Sil spoke to those in the room around him. “If you don’t mind, I would like to touch each one of you to borrow your abilities. I would like to destroy my opponent in this fight!”


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