My Vampire System Chapter 1426: Qi command

Although Sunny was fine with Jim’s loss, the same couldn’t be said for the other vampire leaders. They all gave Jin a glance. At first, none of them cared for this little competition, but after suffering a loss, they couldn’t help but feel a bit hurt from it.

“Do you think any of you would have fared better in that match?” Jin said with a frown on his face as he had received one too many scorns. “I’m pretty sure many of you would have suffered the same fate. Let me give you all a small obvious warning. Don’t underestimate your opponent.”

The others couldn’t really say much to Jin. The leaders did have an idea about each other’s strength, but truthfully they didn’t know who was stronger than the other; it wasn’t like they held yearly tournaments to test everyone’s strength.

However, once in a while, leaders would display their strength to others, and they could feel how strong another’s blood aura was, which allowed them to have a rough estimate. In Jin’s case, he was a bit different from other vampires.

Although his blood aura perhaps wasn’t as strong as other leaders, he did have a strong ability that most of the other leaders would have struggled to face. They knew he was strong, and he was a little older than them as well.

Knowing that they could say no more, they decided to focus their attention on the next battle that was about to begin as the tenth leader had been called on to the stage.

Fex could feel all of the eyes staring at the back of his head as he stepped forward; he was wearing Vincent’s attire with the mask covering his face, but he was still afraid that he might get caught somehow, and the other leaders weren’t making it any better.

‘Are they staring at me? I don’t want to look back, but at the same time, I want to,’ Fex thought. In the end, he had given in to his urge and twisted his head, and he was right. All of them were peering at him intensely.

“Listen,” Jake said, stepping forward. “You are one of our Ro- our leaders. We have already lost once, and it will be a huge humiliation if we lose another fight. We know you might not be the best fighter among us..but don’t disappoint us.”

Right now, he didn’t know if Jake’s words were meant to inspire him or were they a threat, but it just made him more nervous.

“Please, step into the VR pod; your opponent has already entered.” The butler said while gesturing at the pod with his hand.

When Fex walked up to the pod, he decided to head out and look through the glass instead of getting in. The field had changed back to the digital panels before and no longer showed the village where Owen and Jin had fought, and he could see Logan at the very end.

“What seems to be the problem?” The butler asked.

“I’m just trying to look at the stage. Please don’t distract me; it’s part of my tactic.” Fex lied back.

‘What kind of crap did I just come up with as part of my tactic… I’m just trying to get Logan’s attention!’ Fex thought.

He was unsure how much longer he could stare out of the window. Still, eventually, since Logan was keen on paying attention to where Quinn was, he had looked up, and when Fex saw this, he gave a quick thumbs-up before placing it back down.

“I wonder what the delay is?” The butler by Logan’s side said. Seeing this and how the vampire’s side hadn’t started immediately, Logan had a bad feeling.

“Perhaps I should check if everything is running okay again. There might have been a problem or an incident in one of the glass containers.” Logan replied as he walked out to the field. Seeing that Logan was on the move, Fex regained his composure and decided to hop into the VR pod.

Logan placed his hand on the ground, immediately perceived what had happened. It was easy for him to interpret and make it so the system would recognise him.

‘It might be a little harder for you to fight. You will be using a body you are not used to, and you won’t have your strong powers.’ Logan thought.

The field started to change once more as the machine had selected a random map. This time, the panels began to turn into an endless grass field. The grass went on and on until the very edge of the map, till there was nothing else.

It was a simple map, where there was nowhere to hide, no barrier for them to use, and this meant the two of them could display their skills. When Fex arrived, though, he could see a saddened maiden standing opposite him.

Samantha had her head held down and wasn’t even looking at him. She stared at nothing but the grass. Seeing her look this way, standing on her own in the field, Fex’s heart thumped louder than it usually would in a battle.

‘Ah, shit!’ Fex thought.


Inside the stadium in one of the many rooms scattered throughout the gigantic building, Quinn had found himself against one of the Travellers. The guards that should be by the Board’s side at all times, but this one wasn’t.

And right now, Quinn currently had him pressed down with his hand, and not only that, but he also had broken both arms and legs of the Traveller. The man would have been screaming in pain, but just so they wouldn’t alert anyone, Quinn had placed him inside his shadow space.

Around them were the dead bodies that Quinn had stored in there as well. He wanted to remind the Traveller of what he had done, of his crimes as he stared into the women’s eyes, but it didn’t look like they were getting anywhere.

At the same time, Quinn had found out that there was another problem in front of him.

‘What is going on? My influence skill didn’t work on him.’ Quinn frowned. This was the reason why Quinn had no choice but to break the man’s arms and legs to prevent him from escaping.

He was sure that his influence skill had worked on the last Traveller, but why hadn’t it worked on this one. Unlike Leo, Quinn didn’t have the power to see Qi directly, but he had a suspicion that this would be the case.

‘Let’s see what’s the issue here.’ Quinn thought.

He pressed his hand on his head and closed his eyes so he could picture what he was feeling more vividly. One could instantly tell the difference between a Qi user and those who were not. For the higher ranking Travellers and those naturally strong in society, they could unlock a little bit of Qi in their body without realising it.

Similar to Hilston, but he was on another level, compared to people like this. However, if someone were a frequent user, there would be traces in their body, and most of it would be stored towards the centre, to be used as wished.

Quinn knew this person was not a Qi user, so why did he have Qi covering his head?

‘It’s just like Leo said; these were what the board members had as well. Is this what is blocking out my influence skill? This means I can’t really ask him any questions. But what if I try to remove it?’

It was the only thing Quinn could think of. Soon he inscribed his Qi into the man’s body. He planned that once he touched the foreign Qi, Quinn thought he could use his knowledge of the second and third stages to remove it. In a way, Quinn thought this was also a good test for something else he wanted to try in the future.

His Qi was moving slowly, and the man started to panic.

“No…No! What are you doing! Don’t touch it! Don’t!”

Quinn stopped for a second.

“Are you going to tell me the truth? You are working with Pure, aren’t you?” Quinn asked.

The man said nothing, but he still had a frightened look in his eyes. Quinn couldn’t believe that someone who could take lives so easily as he had done could have this look in their eyes like this or deserved to have a look like this.

In the end, Quinn continued with what he was doing, but when his Qi got a few inches close to the other, something unexpected happened. It immediately moved and went straight into the Traveller’s brain. Rather than coating and forming a barrier around it, it went directly into it, and the next second, the man fell on the floor, dead.

‘What the….what was that…did that Qi just act on its own…and with no one around?’ Quinn thought, turning his head, but there was clearly no one.

The situation was getting more dangerous by the second.


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