My Vampire System Chapter 1423 – Unexpected Outcome

While using the Shadow Travel, Quinn made his way to the room they were in before to see if cameras were set up in there or perhaps someone else watching them from another room.

‘I thought you would have stayed a while at least before going off and investigating.’ Ray said. ‘Aren’t you worried about the one that might have a god lingering in his body?’

‘Of course, I am.’ Quinn replied straight away, ‘But in a time like this, I have to think about what is more important. If I were to gamble, I would say that the Unranked aren’t involved in this. Most likely, he has nothing to do with Pure, and even now, there’s a chance Pure isn’t behind this, and the Board members just had some protection placed on them by someone else.

‘But I decided to bring the vampires here, so they are my responsibility, and I have to make sure that they will all be safe.’


The scene in front of everyone was quite astonishing. They couldn’t imagine how many materials and the cost to make something so advanced like this would be. Still, if one group of people had the money and the items, it would be the Board Members.

Looking down at the fighting field below them, they could see every detail, including those in the game itself, and it seemed so real to them all.

“We have the technology to create something like this; how come we never did?” Katori, the second leader asked.

“Because it is a waste, and it’s not how we do things,” Nicu replied. “In the first place, people can dive into the game, so why waste a large space like this, and if you want to find out who is stronger, instead of a game, why not use the real thing?”

Some of the leaders actually agreed with Nicu for once, as they were used to the real-life battles.

“And if you were to kill one of the humans by accident, or worse yet, what would happen if they were to kill one of us. That would definitely cause a rift between the two sides, Which is not what Qu- what I want.” Vincent said as he took over his new role as Quinn.

He didn’t tell everyone about Quinn’s plan, and the only ones aware of it were Vincent and Fex. Although they couldn’t tell the difference between Vincent and Quinn, the leaders knew that something was up.

Still, this was more because they felt that ‘Vincent’ was not being himself. This was because it was Fex. They could smell he was different because Fex was still at the rank of vampire noble. Yet, he held a higher position than them, which made the leaders shake their heads significantly.

“So, does anyone want to bet how long it takes Jin to beat the human?” Jake asked.

“How do you know that he will win?” Muka inquired.

Hearing his words, a few of the leaders couldn’t help but chuckle a bit. They had met humans before, and those humans couldn’t even deal with the threat of the Dalki. On top of that, Jin was actually a strong fighter.

“You all might be surprised today,” Vincent said, looking out. “Humans aren’t that weak.”


The match had begun, and the two participants stood opposite each other, around two hundred meters away. It was twice as large as a football field.

‘Since it’s a game, I’m sure Quinn won’t mind me showing off my skills a little too much.” Owen chuckled to himself, closing his fan and realigning his face. He then held the fan outwards and pointed towards Jin.

“He’s pointing at me, from that far? Well, first, I needed to figure out what his ability is and then go from there. If I remember the reports correctly, the Graylash family had the power of…” Before Jin could finish his thought out loud.

A blue lightning bolt came straight his way, directly at his head. Seeing this, Jin lifted his hands, swiping out a red blood aura strike. Since they were so far away, Jin never thought his opponent would be able to strike from so far away, never mind so fast.

When the lightning strike hit the red aura, it smashed directly through it and continued advancing.

‘The lightning attack is stronger than my blood aura?!’ Jin was stunned and immediately rolled out of the way, trying to avoid the strike.

“That won’t work.” Owen smiled and flicked his fan to the left. At that moment, the lightning bolt stopped for a second, levitating in place. Then, as if it was striking again from its position, it went straight out in a line, right towards Jin again.

“Damn it!’ Jin shouted and quickly bit the tip of his fingers. If his Blood aura weren’t enough, he would just have to use his main ability, flicking his hand blood left his fingertips, the blood hit the strike and explosions proceeded in one big bang.

Jin had covered the front of his body with Blood Hardening, just in case of two things – The lightning bolt was still strong, and secondly, to protect himself from the explosion since it was so close. When the dust settled, the lightning bolt was no longer there; his attack had worked.

‘Hmm, so just like on the video, vampires seem to have abilities as well, and it’s quite the strong one if it was able to cancel out my lightning strike.’ Owen thought as he started to run forward.

‘His abilities are strong. These are meant to be the strongest humans, so I shouldn’t have underestimated them. Still, his movements look to be slow, so I’ll just have to attack him head-on.’ Jin thought, running ahead as well.

It looked like both of them were heading towards the bridge that was placed in the centre, but Jin was moving at a much faster speed. Owen did have trails of lightning coming out from his foot that allowed him to run fast but not as fast as his opponent.

‘It’s a shame that I can’t use my soul weapon in a place like this. I guess it means I can’t go all out, but from the look on his face, it’s possible that the vampires know nothing about us, and maybe I can use that to my advantage.’ Owen thought.

It was true that they couldn’t use soul weapons in this battle, and it was still something that Logan could not replicate in the game quite well. He could create something similar, but the way it worked and how unique a soul weapon was to the user, it was an incredibly hard task. Still, the vampire couldn’t use blood weapons or their inner blood weapons either.

Jim’s blood weapon, the shield he would rely on, had been destroyed in the fight against Laxmus.

Jin had reached the bridge first, and his fingertips were still dripping with blood, ready to use his ability. At the same time, he wanted to get close to using more of his blood powers and had one of his hands encased and hardened with blood. Just in case the human had anything else up his sleeve.

Jin was about halfway across the bridge when Owen had taken his first step.

‘A straight path with nowhere to run. Now you are just making this too easy for me.’ Owen thought as he took one step on the ground, then lifted both of his legs, and lightning shot out from the bottom of his feet.

At the same time, he spun his body as fast as he could, and lightning started to emit from all over his body. This motion turned his body to practically a human-sized lightning bolt, and it was just as fast.

The sudden burst of speed whacked right into Jin, he placed his hand in front of his body, but it was useless, as he was struck right in his centre. The next second, Jin’s body was sent flying back through the air, back to where he had come from.

Making all the vampires watching from above speechless.

“Yes!” The board members shouted. “Show them the power of the humans!”

This was not what they had expected the fight to go like so far.


Meanwhile, Quinn had decided to come out from his Shadow travel and began walking around the place. At the same time, he used his shadow cloak, which would make him practically invisible and hard for the cameras to pick him up if there were any in the first place.

Eventually, Quinn had arrived at the canteen where the meeting had taken place. It looked the same as before, but there was a large smell of blood, more so than before.

‘No…’ Quinn thought.


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