My Vampire System Chapter 1422 – Switching Places

Now that the participants for the first match had been selected, they still needed to get everything ready. Another butler entered the scene and pushed a teleporter towards the centre of the stadium. After that, he input some codes before a message was sent out to none other than Logan.

‘I wonder how the others are doing?’ Quinn thought as they all waited for something to happen. ‘Depending on whether Pure is actually the one behind all of this, I might need to call them all in. I just don’t get what they could possibly gain. Do they plan to take us all out at once? Surely, they can’t believe that they alone could stand a chance against the Dalki…’

A few seconds later and one of Quinn’s closest and shortest friends came out from the teleporter. The butler proceeded to inform Logan of what the Board wanted him to do and handed him what looked like a nano chip.

Normally one would need a computer of some sort to read the files on the portable storage device, or they could just send the information required for the game to where it was needed, but this was an important event. However, with Logan around there was no need for a computer either.

‘They really seem to have put a lot of money into all of this. With how soundproof the containers are, I can’t hear a word of what they’re saying.’ Looking up though, Quinn could see that there were speakers prepared, which most likely would be used to emit the game noise, so the experience would be more real than simply watching the fight.

Quinn was partially worried about what would happen if he tried to leave the place. It would mean the vampire council would remain stuck in one room together. Still, since they would be using the gaming pod, technically they shouldn’t have to leave the room, meaning they could help each other if a problem was to occur.

He couldn’t imagine anyone strong enough to take on the whole vampire council, unless Laxmus or Graham themselves were to suddenly appear.

After touching the nano chip, Logan placed his hands on the ground. He himself was able to pass on the information that had been gathered by the others. He was checking it thoroughly to make sure there was nothing wrong with it.

Going one step beyond, he also checked the arena to verify that there were no problems there either, and since the arena was connected to the VR pods in each of the rooms he could also check if they had done anything funny to any of them.

Given his ability the entire process had barely taken any time. However, just in case he might have overlooked something, Logan also accessed any other services and devices in the vicinity that the VR pods had been connected to. Nevertheless, after all of that, he had been unable to find anything, so he imported the information from the two sides.

‘Have they really just invited all these powerhouses to set up a VR game tournament…well I made the updates, and everyone’s information was recorded up to a week ago. It should be 99% as accurate as a real fight without the pain.’ Logan thought.

Looking at the glass containers, he gave a thumbs up to all three sides, telling them it was all okay for them to continue. This came as a relief to Quinn and he decided that now was the time for him to put his plan in motion.

The butler looked a bit helplessly at the vampires since he was unaware who exactly Jim Talon was. It hadn’t been too long that humanity had been informed about the vampires’ existence and it had been much shorter that the vampire leaders had appeared. As such, the only one he recognised was Quinn. Noticing the older man’s problem, Jin came forward and proceeded to get in the VR machine.

“Are you familiar with how it works?” The butler asked politely.

“Yes, we have them where we come from as well.” Jin answered and quickly got into the capsule, closing the lid. The same thing appeared to be happening on the other side as well. The current technology they were using now was a mixture of the game Powerfighters and what they had seen at the military base when Fex had fought in a Mech.

With Owen and Jin in the VR pod a random map was being selected, filling up the stadium and giving them the two an arena to fight. The stage, a small deserted village, was being formed in front of everyone. The ground was a dry yellow with several houses out, and then across the centre was a wooden bridge that had been placed over a flowing river.

If the bridge was to be cut, it didn’t look like it would do any damage, nor did the river flowing beneath it look too deep. The place looked kind of peaceful and strange for a fighting arena. Still, on either side of the bridge, at the end of the village the two figures materialised.

While everyone’s attention seemed to be on the virtual arena ahead of them, Quinn decided to enter his Shadow space quickly using the Shadow lock skill on himself. However, he had also brought someone along with him. If the Board had placed any hidden cameras in their room, he would just have to hope his little trick would deal with the situation anyway.

“Vincent, I don’t trust this whole situation. There seems to be more going on behind the scenes than we first thought, but I’m sure you’ve felt it anyway.” Quinn said. Hearing this, Vincent nodded along, he was naturally curious and paid close attention to any new situation, a characteristic he had taught his descendant.

“First, I need you to take off all your clothes, the armour, the mask, everything. We don’t have much time, and make sure you break your hair up so it’s like mine again.” Quinn ordered.

There wasn’t much time to explain and the longer they were away, the more suspicion and attention they would attract.

Next it was time for Quinn to use the Summon skill.


His target was the only person who hadn’t accompanied them. As soon as he used the skill, a figure appeared before him with his trousers down and a golden yellow stream could be seen coming out of his other end.

“What the f*ck? Where the hell am I?” Fex cursed, seriously annoyed, quickly pulling up his trousers and turning red faced as he looked at Vincent and Quinn. “Come on, Quinn, you gotta warn your brother before pulling such a stunt! What if I had been in the middle of doing… something else!!!”

Quinn had tested the Summon skill a few times before so he knew it would work, but he had no time to inform Fex of this impromptu plan.

“What happened? Did that whole meeting go wrong? Fex asked.

In his rush, Quinn could see that his trousers had been a little stained, but it would have to do.

“I need you to put these clothes on.” Quinn told him, without any further explanation.

Casting a shadow over himself, Quinn changed his outfit into the Blood armour set, while temporarily giving the Blue Fang set to Vincent. A shadow was cast over the two and his ancestor now looked identical to him.

“Hey, couldn’t you have done the same for me? Why am I the one that had to get undressed and dressed!” Fex complained, as he was in the middle of putting on Vincent’s discarded clothes.

“I’ll look after your clothes.” Quinn assured him, placing them in his dimensional space. “For now, we need you to pretend to be Vincent, while he will pretend to be me. When Vincents enters the capsule, the game should recognise him as me, since we both share the same body.

“But for you Fex, you’ll have to get Logan’s attention first. He should be able to help you pass as Vincent. I’m sure of it. Anyway, we’ve spent too long in here. Good luck.” Quinn said.

Kicking all three of them out of the Shadow lock, while Quinn immediately used his Shadow travel to get out of the room, leaving the rest up to the others.

‘Now, let’s see what they are hiding.’ Quinn thought, heading towards the canteen as his first destination.


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