My Vampire System Chapter 1420 – No One Left

To put it simply, Quinn was tired. He was tired of having to do so much to please these people when it seemed like there were just some people who wouldn’t change their minds. The Board had a clear aim: they didn’t wish for the humans and vampires to unite, they wanted them to be split apart, but there was one person the others didn’t treat like a vampire.

Seeing Quinn consume the blood, the generals on the ground and some of the others looked at him with fear. Still, there were a few who didn’t look at Quinn differently for a second, like Owen, his grandfather Grim and Sil.

These people were also human, but they knew what Quinn had achieved.

“I accept your gift,” Quinn said. “It seems like sometimes people forget, although I was a human, I am a vampire as well. The vampire that took back the Daisy faction back from the Dalki, the vampire who saved all of the students on Planet Caladi, and the vampire who has slaughtered countless Dalki.

“That is the reality of the situation.” Quinn no longer wanted to say anything else to them; thus, he slowly started to walk down from the stage. As he walked past the Board members, the Travelers wondered if they needed to fight such a person.

But after seeing his display of blood powers, many of them were reminded of the video they had watched, in which countless Dalki were killed in an instant. When Quinn reached the Board members, they took a few steps back—partially worried that their guards wouldn’t be able to defend them in time.

“The only reason why I haven’t attacked you or left this place is that I don’t want to start a war,” Quinn said. “I’ll play along with this stupid game of yours, but you better keep up with your promises after this.

“Otherwise, I promise that I will personally hunt each one of you down, and this is a threat. I WILL GET RID OF whoever I see as a risk to the humans or the vampires.”

Since it was quite the unexpected interruption, and things didn’t seem to be going to plan, everyone was partially at a loss for words; they didn’t know what to do next or what to say. Those on the Board just stood there dumbfounded, looking at each other.

There was one that was still having a good time, though, and that was Mona, who continued to stuff her face through the whole thing. She had somewhat predicted that something like this would happen.

“Maybe you could have said something if you were still around,” Mona said to her big friend. “A lot of people listened to you. I wonder how much trouble this Board had caused during your reign, or perhaps that’s where all the bad had come from.”

The old man who had done most of the talking up till this point looked like he would fall over at any second, and so a seat was brought out, and the girls and servants were told to go away. He looked defeated and was no longer in a state of arguing anymore.

Instead, another person went to the centre, this one looking far younger, a well-kept man in his fifties with parted hair down the middle. He decided to speak because of some news that he had just received.

“I know everyone here is extremely busy, and that includes us.” The man said. “So I’m sure you are all waiting just to start this event and get it over and done with. As one of us said earlier, we are true to what we said before.

“We wish to unify everyone who is against the Dalki with this event, and that’s why we called the strongest people from far and wide to this place. This is why for our next set of guests, please do not be so surprised.” The man finished saying.

It didn’t take long for the set of double doors to open, and two figures stepped inside the room. One was a large macular man who had his body out on display, and there were scars all over his body.

One could tell straight away he had been through several battles, as for the one next to him. He, too, had a scar on his face that went across diagonally. It was so large that one couldn’t imagine how a person could survive from such an attack.

The two of them walked towards one of the tables near the front that had been left empty. That’s when the others in the room noticed something interesting. One of them had a large number visible on the back of their white overcoat, the number three.

“You invited agents of Pure to this?” Sach asked, who seemed to be quite annoyed. If any group had affected the military the most, even throughout the war, it was Pure.

“As I said earlier, we have gathered all the people here with one goal in our mind: to unite against the Dalki. And this includes inviting those from Pure. You may not see eye to eye in the future, but we all have the same goal.” The Board member said.

“Then where have they been while Dalki attacked all of the planets?” Samantha asked. “Where were they when Oscar risked his life fighting on the front lines. I haven’t even seen these two before.”

For Quinn and Leo, though, it was different. They knew the muscular man every well, and it was the one known as Chris. In fact, Chris and Leo had thought of one of the four spiked Dalki together.

‘So he really was working for Pure…’ although Quinn already knew about this, seeing it, he felt a little saddened. Chris had helped him a lot back then, and he didn’t seem like a bad person. Still, eventually, due to them thinking differently, there was a chance the two of them could clash, and Quinn was worried for another.

Leo also looked at Chris intensely, or more so, turned his head in their direction. Since the last time they had met, he could tell that Chris’s Qi seemed to have improved even more. Not just what was inside his central area, but it was also burning through his strong body on the outside.

What he was witnessing right now greatly reminded him of Hilston’s capabilities. There were times when Leo thought how strong Hilston would have been if he knew more about Qi and its uses, and there was possibly a person in front of him right now whose state was telling him the answer.

At least Chris didn’t have an ability they needed to worry about.

“We have always been there. Our agents have infiltrated all your groups, and you surely know that. Do you think they just ran away? They stayed and fought.” Chris replied.

“And what about you two, though? If you were so strong, then why haven’t you fought with them directly?” Samantha asked again.

“Well, I haven’t seen the Earthborn group making large feats either. Only the Graylash and Cursed faction have done something. Does that mean the rest of us in this room have been lazy about the war?” Chris replied.

After talking to Samantha, Chris decided to give Quinn a wave. It was clear it was directed at Quinn, but the latter was unsure how to reply.

At that moment, the simple gesture done by one of the Pure sent questions ringing through all of their heads. Just what was the relationship between Pure and the Cursed Faction?

A loud clap came from the Board member on the stage.

“Right, now that everyone is present, it is time that we get into our position. We shall head to the stadium, and we will commence the event.” The man said.

A pair of servants opened up the doors, and there looked to be what looked like a Butler leading the way. While the Board members remained seated, everyone else left the room.

Once everyone had left and some time had passed, the old man who had had his head down stood up.

“That brat… I’ve never seen someone talk down to us so much before. Even Pure showed us some respect.” The old man was practically yelling. He then went to another Traveler who was by his side, wielding a giant scythe.

“Don’t forget – No one is allowed to know about this event.” The old man said.

A few seconds later, the Traveler went behind the stage where the women were present and waiting.


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