My Vampire System Chapter 1419: I'm the villain

Seeing Quinn standing there on stage, everyone still on the floor was quite shocked. The women were frozen in place, not moving at all, and blood was still dripping down from their cuts.

Some hadn’t even seen Quinn move, while the few who were able to follow his movements could tell he was incredibly fast.

The table of the Unranked had the most interesting expression. There were five of them sitting at the table in total.

“The Cursed faction’s leader is certainly brave.” One said.

“Or stupid is another way to look at it. The guards have now surrounded him, and I know some of those Travelers. They are no simple fighters.” Another person added.

The sleeveless hooded man, who had his arms crossed, chuckled.

“For some reason, I think he isn’t too afraid of them.”

Since an intruder had reached the stage, the guards there to protect their Board members wasted no time going in for the attack. Once again, the fastest one was a Traveler who had two daggers, and his power focused on speed. He pulled out his daggers, lighting up slightly green.

‘Last time that invisible force hit me, I don’t know what it was, but that man was different and special, but I have to prove my worth; otherwise, they will never trust me again.’

This man was perhaps just as fast as Quinn if Quinn didn’t use his beast gear, which was an impressive feat, but that didn’t matter.

Turning towards the man, Quinn’s eyes continued to glow red. This often happened when he was filled with rage, and it was clear at this moment he was.

“Down!” Quinn commanded.

The Traveler went to his knees instantly, falling to the floor.

“Stay,” Quinn ordered again, and no matter what the traveler tried to do, he could no longer move. He tried his best to control his body, but it was as if the words said seconds ago were ringing through his head, and his brain was no longer in charge.

‘What is going on…last time, I was hit with some strange energy, but this is….humiliating.’ The Traveler gritted his teeth, but what was even worse was when he was looking at Quinn’s eyes, he was afraid of what he would say next.

So far, his body had listened to every word the young man said, and if Quinn ordered him to kill himself, he felt like his body would listen. This sent shivers down his entire body, and now he knew he wanted nothing to do with this person. No amount of money was worth his life.

At the tables, the Generals had experienced a familiar scene before, with Head general Innu, although he was strong, he wasn’t the best, and some were better than him, which was why they were surprised to see the same scene happening to someone with such regard.

The women, the Traveler, and the servants by their side were all suffering from Quinn’s influence skill. Everyone was stunned by Quinn’s display of strength, especially those witnessing it for the first time.

“I told you he would have no trouble, but this is beyond what I expected.” The sleeveless man said. “He has great strength. Also, this mysterious power is quite incomprehensible.”

They weren’t the only ones shocked by this either. Based on the human speed they witnessed for the half of second they could, they assumed that he would have been quite strong. They had even seen many of those in the Cursed faction perform well.

Yet, Quinn was able to have so many under his control.

“His influence ability, I think it’s on par with the originals… no, it might be beyond that,” Jin commented.

It had been so long since Quinn had used his influence skill. He practically found it useless against those that were strong. Since they also tended to have a strong mind, and it didn’t work against beasts or the Dalki.

However, his Charm stat had been fully unlocked since then, bringing it up to a 100.

“Are you going to explain what you are doing right now, creating this type of scene, or do I have to force an answer out of you?” Quinn asked, clearly still irritated.

Some Board members had gritted their teeth and looked like they were about to say something until the old man stepped out front.

“Quinn… we mean no disrespect. We know vampires consume blood, so we thought to bring the freshest blood right to your doorsteps.” The old man replied.

‘I hate people like this.’ Ray said in Quinn’s mind, and Quinn was inclined to agree.

The way he was speaking made it sound like it was meant to be a nice gesture, but clearly, it was only meant to look that way for now. Later on, this would create trouble for the vampires. Quinn didn’t need to think more to understand that all this was a set-up to make it vilify the vampires’ image.

“You really think like that?” Quinn smiled. “I have claimed to be a vampire for a long time, and unlike Oscar, who wished to learn more about us, not once did you ask me about the vampires.

“This room smells of blood. I bet you were hoping to catch some type of reaction, it might not be visible to the others, but you know our noses are sensitive. I can smell it all over the walls. Then if that didn’t work, you had this little act prepared, hoping that direct blood might work as well.

“I wouldn’t be surprised if you have this whole room recorded to see if one of the leaders reacts to it. I… am disappointed in you. You, who are meant to be at the top, act like this, but worst of all, the reason why I’m so annoyed is that you are even hurting your own kind, forcing them against their will just to do this!” Quinn yelled.

The other Travelers had yet to move; they were waiting for orders from the respective board members. At the same time, those below were enjoying the spectacle, for right now, there weren’t actually many on the Board’s side.

Some disliked the idea of working with the vampires, but simply put, the Board had blackmailed nearly everyone in the room in some way to get here, which was why they weren’t coming out to defend the Board.

“Let’s say you are right.” The old man said. “However, look at it from our point of view. We have no clue what your plan is, Quinn, and at the same time, did you ask us how many of us felt when you brought the vampires to our lands?… Did you even request the Board, the Earthborn group, or asked the military if we agreed to bring them?

“We have tried to be respectful and are learning about them, and there is one more thing you are wrong about. We didn’t force any of these women to take part, and they are being paid a large sum for this.

“For something as small as this, they will never have to worry about their expenses or their families again for as long as they live. We didn’t force anyone, and hundreds of others would be willing to jump at an opportunity like that.

“So go on, stop them, stop them and carry on doing what you wish and forcing everyone to follow your decisions.” The old man said.

Hearing this, Quinn turned over to the woman.

“I will cancel my control over you, but your blood will be wasted on these. We don’t need blood and whatever they are offering you… I promise that I will do the same. A home, a place to live and protection, and no worries for the rest of your lives like the rest of the Cursed faction.”

Within a blink, Quinn’s eyes no longer glowed red, and everyone under the influence skill could move again. However, it didn’t take long for the women to decide and continued to cut the palm of their hands, drawing it into the cup until it was full.

‘Why… Why are they still cutting their hands… did they not believe what I said? Why are they following his word over mine.’ Quinn couldn’t understand. ‘Is it because they don’t see me as one of them?’

When one of the women’s cups was filled, she walked over to where Quinn was, her legs shaking, and handed over the cup to him. A forced smile was on her face.

It looked like the plan was to fill each of the cups and hand it to the leaders.

“Why?” Quinn said out loud and raised his hand; simultaneously, all of the blood started to move out from the cups and went towards him, forming a large ball of blood. He was using his absolute blood control powers in front of them all.

“You want to make these vampires into villains in the time of war, but I won’t let you,” Quinn said. “I won’t let your blood go to waste. Yes, I made all those decisions without asking you; if you want the world to hate someone, then hate me. I’ll be your villain.”

At that moment, Quinn opened his mouth wide, and all the blood flowed into his body.


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