My Vampire System Chapter 1418: A gift to the V

After fighting with Laxmus, Quinn talked about it a lot with Vincent and his newly found ancestor Ray. If what Leo was saying was true, perhaps this white energy meant that it belonged to a god.

‘Could it be Bliss?’ Quinn thought.

‘I see your friend has the Dragon eyes’ power if he says he can see energies. Although white is the colour of the energy emitted from the gods, it does not necessarily mean it is a god.’ Ray explained. ‘In the first place, it could be a dormant being that the person is unaware of, it could be a god, like you think, or perhaps like this Laxmus person you talked about, it just means they have a closer connection to the god.

‘This would mean that they are able to allow others to borrow their power more freely.’ Ray explained.

Now there was more than one thing for Quinn to worry about, he was already concerned about the smell of blood coming from this room, but now there was possibly a threat as significant as Laxmus.

“Quinn, are you okay?” Nathan called out to him. “The others probably know about your arrival, so it’s best if we go in.”

Nathan was right. Whatever the case was, Quinn had to enter that room eventually, and standing outside would do nothing. At least he knew a little about what to expect. Standing in front, Quinn pushed the door open, and the grand room was revealed.

It was hard to imagine that the room they were looking at used to be a canteen because they had done an excellent job making it look like a grand ballroom. The place reminded Quinn of when he went to meet the other generals when he was a teacher for a short time.

There was red carpet covering the whole floor. Tables filled with expensive appetisers and real food. While a golden rug led from the door they had entered, leading up to a stage ahead. Currently, there was no one present on the stage. However, the room was filled with familiar faces.

Many familiar faces that Quinn had seen before were spread around the room.

“Well, I excepted that this might be the whole point of the event, and the main star has arrived,” Owen said, the first person who was there to greet Quinn. He looked the same as always with the fan covering his face, in his white robes and long hair.

He walked over quickly to Quinn and gave a respectful bow, and next to him were two others from the Graylash family. One was Grim Graylash Owen’s grandfather, while the other was Hermes. Who Quinn had seen a few times but had never witnessed his strength.

Based on those in the room and those invited from the Cursed faction, Quinn had assumed that the ones invited were considered the strongest. Which was why Sil and Leo had been selected. So Hermes had to have great strength that Quinn hadn’t witnessed before.

“It has been a while, Owen. You have grown a lot since the last time I saw you. In strength, I mean.” Quinn praised him. “It’s good to see that the rest of you are alive in this tough fight as well.”

Hearing this, Owen couldn’t help but laugh.

“I have grown, Quinn. In comparison to you, I feel like I have done nothing, and looking at these fine people behind you, you never cease to amaze me. I welcome you all, and I hope that we will all treat each other as friends, a friend of Quinn’s is a friend of mine.”

While Owen was quite respectful, some of the leaders had already locked eyes with Grim and Hermes. It was almost as if they were having a battle with just their eyes.

“Cool it,” Quinn snapped at those behind him.

“Quinn, I see you have made it.” Another said, walking over. This time it was the Supreme commander Sach and by his side was Samantha. His greeting was a little more formal, and they had chosen to stay quite a distance away from the others.

Sach didn’t want to appear too close to Quinn, but he could still greet him. After all, Sach, Owen and Quinn were the superpowers of the world. It wouldn’t look out of place to see these three together.

“He’s a…” Nicu was about to say something, but Quinn quickly turned around, looking at all the leaders. It was a clear sign for none of them to say anything, but they were right. Sach was a vampire.

‘I see, so Quinn has his inside people in all of this, and it seems he is well respected among the others.’ Sunny noticed as she looked around.

“Sach, do you smell it?” Quinn asked.

“I do, but honestly, just like you and the others, we don’t know much about this. Everything has been organised by them. I assume Logan is on standby?” Sach asked.

Logan was meant to be looking after the game system, and for him, they would give him the direct coordinates when the fight was to start. Then he could input all the information into the teleporter and travel in when needed.

Why didn’t they do this with everyone, Quinn had no idea, but perhaps they still had a level of trust in Logan due to him being on the Board.

Others didn’t come and greet Quinn, maybe there would have been others, but none of the other generals that would be participating in this event had chosen to. They stayed their distance away, and the vampires were following Quinn around like he was their Royal guard.

After talking a bit to Sach and Owen, Quinn headed over to another place because he could see Mona there. She was busy stuffing her face full of all the different food. So much that it didn’t seem like she had even noticed Quinn and the others arriving.

Still, there was something quite noticeable about her, and it was something quite large standing by her side.

Eventually, she turned around and gave a smile while heading to her table with the large figure.

“Mona…you…you..” Quinn didn’t know what to say.

By her side was Oscar. The only thing was he was suited up in full armour, and he held a box by his side, which Quinn assumed was his head. Which was why no one recognised him.

“I told everyone that this is a beast under my control,” Mona whispered, leaning forward. Once again, though, the other vampires could tell that it wasn’t human or a beast, but since Quinn made it clear the first time, the others didn’t react, although they were left guessing trying to figure out exactly what it was.

It was a smell that they did not recognise but smelt somewhat familiar, like that of an undead.

Looking around the room, Quinn could also see others that were standing separate from the rest.

One had no weapons on his body but was in a sleeveless hoodie with his head covered. Then, one wore a strange mask with thin red splits for its eyes. The body looked quite thin and short.

Looking around more, there were people Quinn hadn’t seen, but he could tell they were all strong.

“Those are the Unranked as they are known. Top Travellers that never joined any Faction.” Nathan said.

At that moment, Leo came up to Quinn and whispered in his ear that it was one of them that had the strange white energy that he could sense. Because of this, Quinn thought it might be best to go over and talk to them.

He would leave the vampires on their own temporarily for a while. It didn’t look like anyone was willing to approach the leaders in the first place.

Just as Quinn was about to move, he stopped. As certain members started to walk onto the stage.

Each one of them, different ages, all of them men and all wearing black suits. By their side, each of them had two guards each. These men were those that were known as the Board.

‘You know if you wanted to, you could just force them all to do your bidding now.’ Ray commented. ‘Your strong, right? Stronger than any in the room and those protecting them. If it was me, I would go right up to their faces and ask them what game they think they are playing.’

Although Quinn actually felt like doing that and had Ray said, he had learnt from Logan that it would be mostly useless to treat them in such a way.

The ten stood there proud. In the centre was an old man with a long beard. He used a walking stick to help him stand up. It was a strange sight because he knew another old man who would use a walking stick. Yet, he was one of the strongest people he had ever met.

Yet here, a human who was old was so weak.

“I welcome all of you to come today. We thank all of you deeply for caring enough to come here. The contents of the letters are true. We have arranged this event because we believe this is important for our future. Just like in the past when they would hold the Olympics between different countries, we wish to hold an event that will bring these two new races together.” The old man said.

“Even in the past, during times of war, they would unite together for this event, which is why I wish to do the same. I hope after this we will learn more from each other. As a welcome to our new guest we have a treat.

“To Quinn, and his followers.”

Hearing the word ‘Followers,’ had greatly angered the leaders. They weren’t just the king’s followers.

“We have a gift for you.” The Old man said.

The curtain was then drawn, and several young women could be seen standing there in view. There were fourteen of them in total. There were servants by their side, who carried out wine glasses, and held them just beneath the girls. It was a strange sight, to say the least.

“We hope that you accept our gift.” The man said, and at the same time, each of them pulled out a knife and slit the palm of their hands, allowing the blood to fall into the glasses. The girls looked frightened and in pain.

Some of the women had failed to cut deep enough to fill the glass, and had picked up the knife again to cut their hands a second time. Even cutting their other hands.

And the generals and the others, seeing this scene, looked at it in discomfort. They felt disgusted that they had to do such things, and looked towards the vampires.

Standing in front of them though, was Quinn with his hands clenched.

“STOP!” Quinn shouted from down below. “Just what do you think you are doing?!”

Before they, or anyone could react, Quinn had onto the stage and went right past all of the members of the Board to the women at the very back.

“I order you all to stop!” Quinn shouted with his eyes glowing red, and in an instant, they all listened and dropped the knives.

“You better have a good explanation for this,” Quinn asked.


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