My Vampire System Chapter 1417: A new energy

Stepping through the teleporter, the Cursed faction and the vampire leaders found themselves back on Earth. The sky was crystal blue as it was only a little past morning. Clouds could be seen up in the air, and even the vampires seemed to have thier heads glued to the sky, taking everything in around them.

The air always just felt fresher here compared to the other places as the scent of the ocean wafted into their nostrils. The group looked around and found themselves in a military base. They were out in the open rather than placed in a room, unlike where the usual teleporters would be based. It was certainly strange, as if someone had just moved it into a middle of an open area.

What was surprising more than anything, or unsurprising, was the lack of personnel.

Right now, they were on one large strip of black ground. In the distance, they could see soldiers doing routines. However, there was no one here to guide them, no one to greet them or anything, just a large travel ship placed about hundreds of meters away on the strip.

In a way, Quinn expected this to half be the trap, and there would just be countless of travellers or Earthborn group members having surrounded them.

If not, then at least those that would be there to keep an eye on the vampires from causing a scare, but there was nothing.

“It looks like we are at a military base, and there isn’t anyone around this place. Is there a reason for this?” Quinn spoke out loud. Usually, Quinn wouldn’t comment so much on the area around him, but there was a specific reason why he was doing so.

It was so that a certain group that was left behind could know what was going on here.

“That’s because I’m your guide,” Nathan replied. “Any question you have, what you will be doing, where you will be going, I have all the information. The Board seems to have taken extra care into making sure that no one knows about this. Although I won’t be participating in the event, I will be there. They chose me due to my relationship with the Cursed faction and the Earthborn group.”

With that said, Nathan started to walk up ahead, and they all started to board the ship to head to their next destination. Quinn wanted to ask Nathan many questions, and he continued to comment on all the things around him, only a little quieter so Nathan wouldn’t overhear.

Although Nathan had helped him out in the past, he remembered Sam’s warning to not trust him for now. They weren’t sure about who was on who’s side. So it would be easy to treat anyone working under the Board as an enemy for now, which meant those in the Earthborn group.

“So this is where we came from… it’s quite beautiful.” Sunny stated, looking outside.

“Have you guys never…been to earth?” Nathan asked.

“No, we tried to cut ties with humans as much as possible after our move.” Sunny replied. “However, we would hear stories of this place, and it is just as beautiful as they described it. It’s a shame that not all vampires can experience this.” While speaking, Sunny was constantly playing with the ring on her finger.

All of the leaders had a ring that allowed them to stay in the sunlight as long as possible, so Quinn didn’t worry about this issue. After travelling over a large sea, they saw land again, and in the distance, Quinn could see something he hadn’t seen for a long time.

There was a gigantic building that looked like a stadium, but from the top down, it looked like a flower sprouting. He had visited this place before during the school tournament, and now, they were back here again.

Only there was a huge difference; the whole city, including the military base, was empty. Trains, the mechs, and other things they had seen before, none of them were in operation.

“Is this the Board’s doing?” Quinn asked.

“Kind of,” Nathan replied. “They did ask to clear-off this area, but remember that most of the Earthborn group are actually out fighting. The Board families have their production setup elsewhere and don’t actually rely on military help too much.

“They rely on independent travellers or small Guilds. This is why before we arrive there, I have a message from Supreme Commander Sach. I’m sorry, Quinn, that I could not stop something like this. When together, remember to keep up appearances.”

Quinn could somewhat guess what he meant by the message. He was directing him to pretend that they didn’t know each other or were friends, and this wasn’t the Sach that could pull strings.

“And I have a message from myself as well. Over the last few days, I have struggled to decide whether I am a member of the Cursed faction or the Earthborn group, but I think it doesn’t matter. I work for the Supreme Commander, who listens to you, Quinn.

“For now, I think it’s best if you treat the Board as a separate group that just has the power to make not just the Earthborn group but the others too to do its bidding as well.”

This had made Quinn happy a bit; he never had any disliking for Nathan, even when they were at school. Still, he would keep Sam’s warning in mind.

The ship had gone to the large flower-like stadium, which looked slightly remodelled. Instead of seats where everyone would view a large grand event, they just had converted them into large glass boxes that one could see through; for now, though, they were all vacant.

“Where is everyone?” Sil asked.

“All participants of this event are in the canteen, which for the time being, has been converted into a dining hall. It will be a chance for everyone to introduce themselves, including members of the Board, before the event starts.” Nathan explained.

“They don’t want you to think of this event as just a fight, but a true introduction of both sides, behind the eyes of the public.”

The ship eventually landed around the edge of a base, and all of the leaders, including Quinn himself, were on guard. In all honesty, it was the same for Nathan. After a few moments, they were walking through a long tunnel heading to the canteen area.

There was one person that Quinn could rely on, Leo. He could see anything that was coming. They walked for a long time, and eventually, the leaders, Quinn, and everyone else noticed something.

They stopped in their tracks before they had even reached the end of the tunnel that would take them to the main building area. The only ones who were still moving were Sil and Nathan until they too noticed the others.

“What’s wrong?” Nathan asked and was slightly worried because the look on Quinn’s face wasn’t relaxed.

“We can smell…blood,” Quinn replied.

After a few moments, Quinn decided to keep walking forward, and this time he stayed in front, instead of Nathan and the others, with Leo and Sil by his side. They soon entered the Main building and had gone down a flight of stairs.

“How do you know where the canteen is?” Nathan asked.

“I don’t; I’m just following the smell.”

They had finally reached two large double doors, and they could hear the sound of several people talking. They were sure that the smell was coming from there.

“This is where everyone has gathered. They are waiting for you inside.” Nathan said.

Leo nodded his head, confirming Nathan’s words. He could sense some familiar energies inside and some unfamiliar ones simultaneously, but before letting Quinn go inside, he grabbed the latter’s arm.

“Quinn, we have to be cautious. No one seems to be dead inside…but I sense a white energy from one of them.” Leo explained.

“A white energy… Do you mean Qi?” Quinn asked.

Leo shook his head.

“I do sense Qi, but this white energy that I sense, it was the same energy that was present in Laxmus.”


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