My Vampire System Chapter 1416: A fool

The special event was a secret event. In the invitation itself there were certain conditions that had to be met, and if the one invited failed to meet any of them, then they would be punished. Of course, there were those that thought it was a bluff by the Board, yet the listed repercussions were simply too severe to risk not turning up.

One of these conditions was that the public was forbidden from learning that something like this would actually be happening. This included all groups, in the Cursed faction, the Graylash faction and even those in the military in the Earthborn group.

The only ones that would be privy to know about the event’s existence were the ones supposed to attend. Still, there were a couple of people that had an inkling that something was going on. The two reporters that would be on top of everything. Who were currently on one of the Cursed faction planets, planet Scimal.

They were currently strolling the streets and for once they didn’t have their cameras with them.

“Something is happening, I’m telling you. There’s no way all leaders of the Cursed faction would simultaneously decide to go out and leave everything to Ivy and Peach!” Bonny reasoned.

“You are overthinking it!” Void insisted. “Many of those in the Shelter are part of the Daisy faction, so why shouldn’t Ivy and Peach be in charge? Besides, now that Quinn has brought over those vampire leaders, it just makes sense for the Cursed faction leaders to try and get along with them, no? Also, don’t you think there is a lot for them to do in the vampire settlement?”

The two of them stopped at a stall where Void had noticed a nice pair of earrings. He glanced at Bonny’s ears for a few seconds, and imagined them on her, and more importantly was wondering if she liked them. It was rare for the two of them to not be out somewhere that might easily get them killed. Even rarer to be together without cameras present, so this was one of his chances.

‘All she thinks about is work, work, work. When’s the last time I even got a ‘thank you’ for keeping up with her and also risking my life? No matter where we go I always come with her! Bonny, why can’t you notice me…!’ Void thought, as he went to pick up the triangle shaped earrings. They appeared to have been made from some type of special crystal, granting them a certain shine in the sunlight.

“Fine, but then you explain to me why every single planet so far has refused to meet with us. Not a single one!” Bonny shouted. “I know something Is up and something big…Oh those look nice.” Bonny thought about going over to them.

It was time for Void to act.

“Bonny…I…I want you to have these. Let’s just enjoy today together. We can’t exactly force them to give us an interview, and we can’t just charge into those places. We’ve been working non-stop. It won’t kill us to take one day off for once. This Shelter is a nice impromptu vacation, wouldn’t you say? … and there’s also something I’ve been meaning to tell…” Void’s face went bright red after that.


The Cursed faction, along with the vampire leaders, were already on the move. All the preparations had been made but there was a slight issue. The Cursed faction had no teleporters that led to the Graylash planets or the Earthborn planets either.

It was clearly an issue that they needed to fix, especially since they would now be working closely together, but Quinn wondered now that they were practically in charge of a delegation of vampires, whether they would let him do or make it extra hard.

Left with no other choice, their group was travelling by ship, heading towards one of the Earthborn planets, and now the two groups were stuck in even closer quarters together.

Sam was standing at the dining table ready to make some sort of speech to them all but they still seemed to be bickering.

“Enough!” Sam shouted, clearly frustrated at being the one to have to settle these disputes. “Do I really have to call Quinn each and every time I want to talk to both of our groups? We can’t act like this in front of others.

“If anything, the Cursed faction has to display that vampires and humans can happily coexist together. In case you’ve forgotten because of those traitorous vampires, everyone is still wary of you!”

Raten placed his blades away, whereas Nicu sheathed his bladed cane as well and everyone went to their position on the ship. Sitting on the side, leaning against the wall or at the small dining table in front of them.

“Let’s go over this one last time, since we can’t have anything go wrong.” Sam stated, leading to frustrated sighs on both sides. The Cursed faction’s vice leader looked up, annoyed that the one thing both had in common was their unwillingness to listen. He cleared his throat, before continuing.

“Remember, only Sil and Leo were invited out of those from the Cursed faction. Firstly, it doesn’t mean that you guys are weaker than the leaders, I know you are all strong.

“Nate, they haven’t seen you with the Demon tier Shield, and Layla you have improved beyond everyone. Of course the others, you are our secret weapons. Demon tier beasts, and more, but you have an important task in all of this as well.

“Now, Quinn will be leading the leaders and you two with him while the rest of us will remain on standby, and investigate. We’ll do our best to try and find out just what exactly their intentions are behind these invitations. Understand?”

“Understood.” The others replied in unison.

“That one, is he strong?” Nicu asked, looking at Sam.

“The others seem to listen to him, so he must be strong.” Jake replied standing next to Nicu.

“Sam’s strength isn’t in combat.” Quinn said, appearing behind the two of them. “Although nearly everyone on this ship might be stronger than him, he is a genius when it comes to coordinating things. Is it so strange to see them listen to someone weaker than them?”

To the vampires it was strange, since the leaders were always the strongest in their family. They were the ones who had received the most training and also the blood of the past leaders. There were those that would challenge them at times for their positions, so they had to be strong to defend it.

Also who would listen to them if they were weak that just didn’t make any sense, and Quinn could tell by the look on their faces it didn’t.

The vampires valued raw strength a lot, and Quinn could tell. It was the reason why many of them accepted his position, but after listening to Ray a bit, he noticed that there were natural leaders who people followed without being strong around him, and Sam was one of them.

“He is a respected person in our group and although we are stronger than him, I’m sure there are many of us who not only would listen to what he told us to do, but would risk our lives for him.”

“Risk your lives for someone weaker than you, you humans are certainly foolish.” Nicu smiled.

“Oh, well I guess I am a fool, because I am one of them that would risk his life.” Quinn pointed out. “Do you really think it’s a good idea to be calling your King foolish?”

With that he walked away, leaving Nicu a little red faced, as red as a pale vampire could get anyway.


Finally the ship had arrived, and landed. Nathan was there to greet them all. He was surprised to see that many of those from the Cursed faction were present as well and was a little worried about how this was going to go. In the first place, he shouldn’t have told the others, but for them he could keep his mouth shut, but that was it.

“I’m sorry Quinn, I know you probably want to bring them with you and their leaders of the Cursed faction, but if they don’t have an invitation then they can’t come along.” Nathan explained.

The Cursed faction members looked at each other, they thought they could have at least returned to Earth, and explored for a bit. Some were even looking forward to it.

“It’s okay…just let us know what it’s like on the other side.” Sam said with a smile. Some of the vampires seemed pleased about this and had a smug look on their faces as they walked past and headed to the teleporter.

The teleporter they were using was an upgraded compared to the standard, it was similar to the ones the vampires used, where a code was imputed unto them that would redirect them to another teleporter, rather than have it lead to the other side directly.

“Those vampires sure act smug for a bunch of old grandpas and granny’s!” Nate purposely stated out lourd.

Nathan was a bit nervous seeing them in person. The overwhelming pressure he imagined from them when seeing them on camera he could now feel in front of him.

“Please, the people are waiting on the other side.” Nathan said, and with that they all went through, and the portal was closed behind them.

“Well, what are we going to do now?” Linda asked.

“You think me and Logan didn’t plan for this?” Sam replied, holding up a strange device.


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