My Vampire System Chapter 1415: The Location

At the end of the meeting, no matter what complaints the others had, the result was still the same. The cursed faction had no choice but to agree. It felt strange even in their position; they needed cooperation with others to make things truly work.

If one person held all these resources or power, they could take advantage of that, just like how the Board was now coming together and was doing the same thing.

At this moment, Quinn was strolling through the Cursed ship, a place he hadn’t been in for a while, and to his surprise. The ship looked vastly different from what he had remembered. Maybe this was because the whole place was empty as the members weren’t inside.

While walking, he didn’t encounter anyone. The only things he heard were his echoing footsteps, and once in a while, loud bangs were coming from a nearby place.

‘Why are you sulking?’ Ray asked, seeing that Quinn had been in a strange mood ever since the meeting had concluded. ‘Look, I haven’t known you for long, but it’s clear, even your footsteps are conveying your sadness when they should be echoing your strength.’

It seemed like both Ray and Vincent had different approaches when talking to Quinn, and he much preferred Vincent’s.

‘I can hear your thoughts, you know, and it’s not like Vincent is dead; if you really want to talk to him, then be my guest, but just because I’m old and from a different time doesn’t mean I can’t put forth my thoughts.’

‘Do you know how long I lived for?’

‘Thousands of years, you’ve bragged quite a few times.’ Quinn replied.

‘I know, but I don’t think you truly know how long that is. It wasn’t just that I was alive thousands of years ago, Quinn. I lived for thousands of years as well. During that time, I have watched the humans, helped them in different situations from time to time, but sometimes, I even sat back and watched to see what they would do and how they would act when left to their own devices.

‘I tell you this right now Quinn, humans think that they learn from their mistakes, but the truth is, they just end up repeating them again and again. In fact, I wouldn’t say just the humans. This applies to everyone, the gods, even me. Sometimes I thought the outcome might be different, but it was always the same.’

Quinn thought about it for a while, eventually decided it was best for him to get it off his chest after all.

‘As you said, things feel like they keep on..repeating. I thought that when I had the strength on par with the Supreme Commander or the Vampire King, they would listen and understand, maybe even unite against the Dalki.

‘I thought that maybe I could succeed in swaying the decisions of others using my position, but now look at what’s going on. Even with all this power I possess, others can still influence the Cursed faction. Risking the lives of those whom I care about. It boils my blood thinking about it, and I thought I might never have to experience something like this again.’ Quinn sighed.

‘That’s because strength isn’t just power, Quinn.’ Ray explained. ‘I was the strongest being in the world, and even though I was undefeated, I still failed more than once to protect those I cared about.

‘There are other things that can be seen as power. Think about it, do you think these members of the Board actually have physical strength? Can any of them go head on against you? No, they have made you submit with their resources and intellect; that in itself is a strength as well.

‘Still, I’m not telling you to do the same. You should use what you have to your advantage.’

After his little talk, Quinn felt a little better. It was sometimes nice to express one’s thoughts and concerns, but Quinn didn’t want to do it to the others. He felt like he needed to show that he had a clear head with the position that he was in.

Eventually, he went to the source of the sound of constant fighting, and Quinn had arrived in one of the training rooms. Although, it looked nothing like a training room Quinn had seen before.

It had greatly been modified. A large square inside the training room had been created, with several cameras, motion sensing scanners, and all sorts of other equipment; at the same time, Logan was monitoring all the information while Vincent was by his side learning.

The two of them seemed to be with each other a lot these days. Quinn was just happy to see that Vincent at least had someone else to talk to.

In the centre of the strange chamber they had built was vampire leader Jin. Standing around the edges as well, seemingly waiting for their turn, were the other vampires and Cursed faction leaders.

“Is that enough?” Jin asked, seemingly a little tired and de-energized because of the battle.

“Yep, that’s fine,” Logan said aloud as the next leader stepped into the chamber. The leaders and Cursed faction members were showing their skills more than ever. It seemed like this was a continuation of their earlier fight to show their power.

Still, there was one request that Quinn had made, and it was that the leaders didn’t show their Blood weapons. He had strictly prohibited them from using the Blood Weapons unless they were in a life or death situation.

While Logan was still recording all of the leaders for the VR game, Quinn decided to step next to Sam, as he too looked like he had something on his mind.

“What’s wrong?” Quinn broke the ice. Since Ray was able to somewhat clear his mind through conversation, he thought that maybe he could do the same for Sam.

“It’s just this whole situation,” Sam said. “It doesn’t make any sense. Why now of all times, why were they so desperate to use that threat?”

“It was a card that I have never seen them pull, and I can only imagine it would work if all of the members of the Board somewhat agreed upon it, but one of them should have some sense, right? I understand that they don’t like the vampires, but I also don’t understand what they want to achieve by inviting them all.

“They could have requested for you not to come or prohibited the members of the Cursed faction because they definitely saw the video like everyone else, Quinn. So, why would they invite everyone there.”

“You think it’s a trap?” Quinn asked.

“I think it’s definitely a trap, and why did you tell the vampires to go all out?” Sam asked.

“Because I also think it’s a trap, but I want our enemies to think twice about whatever it is they were planning to do,” Quinn replied. “What about you Leo, will you be taking part?”

Leo was staring at the current fights with interest, and ever since he had returned, he hadn’t said much. He had agreed to help Quinn with whatever he needed his help with and would later try to deal with it.

But there was something on his mind constantly, and it was Erin. In a way, he actually felt like looking after the girl was far more important than his own answers. He was at a crossroads, unsure of what to do.

Still, it was clear that helping fight the Dalki was the most important thing.

“I believe they think I am still human,” Leo replied. “They know I am part of the Cursed faction, but I wouldn’t be so surprised if they pitted me up against one of the other leaders, which would be an interesting match.

“I don’t know what their true intentions are either,” Leo said, clearly having overheard them two talking from before. “But I do think that this is something we can all improve from.”

Soon all of the leaders’ information, how their abilities worked were all recorded into the VR machine. Also, their strength and speed, and now Logan just had to input this into the machine.

At the same time, another worker was doing the same thing for the other side, where all the others who had been invited were to meet and wait. Then when Logan would arrive, he could input the information into the game.

This was Logan Green’s part of the deal, and he would also be there to make sure things were fair in the VR Game.

Just then, Sam got a ping on his watch.

“Looks like I got the location where we are meant to meet.” Sam smiled. “It’s on the Earth.”


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