My Vampire System Chapter 1414: The contents of the letter

The Cursed faction was in an awkward situation currently, more uncomfortable than they ever had been. The Cursed ship was no longer floating in space and instead had descended on a clay-like planet named Scimal.

This was the planet that the members of the Daisy faction had taken refuge on, when the Dalki had taken over. It was located at the back behind the Shelter, and most of the crew was no longer on board. Land just always seemed to feel better to humans despite how long they had been in space. Which was why most of the Cursed faction were in the Shelter but ready to be called at any point and time.

On the Cursed ship itself, though, there was something big going on. Quinn had returned, and it was a joyous event now that their leader was returning to the Cursed ship after a long time. Or at least it should have been a joyous event.

Many people wanted to talk to Quinn, ask what had happened to him, and see how he was doing. The problem was that he wasn’t returning alone. In the command centre, where the Cursed leaders would regularly hold meetings, it had been cleared.

There was no reason for personnel to be there in the first place since the ship wasn’t operating, not that it needed operators in the first place since all of it was automatic. Still, the main reason why it was empty was that a grand meeting was to take place. Possibly the biggest gathering the Cursed faction had ever held.

There would be no cameras in the room today, but it was an event that would have easily shocked the entire world.

The room was silent; on one side, there were all of the Cursed leaders and some of Quinn’s closest friends. Nate, Dennis, Layla, Leo, Megan, Sil, Peter, Logan, Borden, Raten, Vorden, Linda, and Sam. Other than them, the two sisters Ivy and Peach, were invited as well. Since their sister’s death, they had taken over her role, and those in the Shelter listened to them far better than members of the Cursed faction.

On the other side, there were the vampire leaders, new and old. The only one that wasn’t present was Fex, who was still at the vampire settlement, placed in charge of the knights while the others were away.

It was extremely awkward, to say the least, as the two sides just looked at each other. The Cursed faction leaders were strange, to begin with; they had mixtures of different level tier beasts, along with a human that had a Dalki arm, a Dalki itself, and a bunch of vampires and subclasses.

It was a strange sight for the leaders to see, and they were wondering just how this strange group had come to be.

“It feels wrong to have vampires on the other side,” Nicu whispered with his arms crossed.

“What is that meant to mean?” Nate frowned, taking it as a type of insult. “You do know that most of us on this ship have been humans longer than vampires. It’s not like we are betraying you.”

“He’s right, Nicu,” Sunny interrupted. “And in the first place, it’s not the other side, remember our king wishes us to bring the two sides together.”

“Temporarily bring the two sides together.” The second leader, Katori Cha, commented.

“And what does that exactly mean?” Vorden asked, “That once the Dalki are done with that, you will see us as enemies as well?”

“No,” Jake added, supporting his fellow leader. “But how could you expect us higher beings to mix in with you lot? Even now, you need our help.”

“You think?” Sil smirked, “I’m pretty sure there are some humans that you have never met before that are even stronger than you. We are both helping each other, and I’m happy to test this out.”

Raten gave his brother a hit on the arm. It looked like the time they had been spending together had improved his talking.

“And beasts, which we would be happy to test!” Raten backed up his brother, already forming his hand into a blade.

Hearing all of this, Sam just couldn’t stop shaking his head, but what else did he expect a meeting between the two sides to go like? This was exactly why the introduction of two sides needed to go slowly. He could only imagine if the vampires were introduced during the old rule.

“Enough!” Quinn shouted, stopping the argument and stopping the two sides from what looked like a clash about to happen. “Look, we all have our reasons, and I plan to still be around when the Dalki are defeated.

“So you guys, don’t think I won’t be king once this whole thing is over, and just like with any culture, we should learn to respect and understand the other cultures. Besides, the vampires have a right to be cautious of us, because in a way they’re right….” Quinn chucked an envelope out onto the table.

The seal on it had already been broken, so it was clear Quinn had read its contents.

“This is the whole reason why I’ve called both of you. In a way, I kind of wanted to emulate what they wanted to do.”

The whole group stared at the letter; they had no idea about its importance but could tell from Quinn’s words that he had given some hint at the same time.

“They also notified me about this; I knew you would get one,” Logan said as he started to type away and brought up the letter on display for everyone to read.

It took a while for everyone to take in Logan’s information. It was about what the board members were exactly planning and how he had been invited. They were simply at a loss for words.

Next, Quinn displayed his letter to the others, and they could see that it was slightly different.

“From what we can gather, the invitation Logan received was sent out to several people. It looks like they have invited many strong people to this event, and they have also requested something big of Logan.” Sam explained.

“Then from Quinn’s letter, as you can see, they wish for him to bring along all of the leaders who have had a public appearance on camera.” Sam continued.

“What is wrong with humans?” Jake replied. “We decided to come along, we extend our hand to help them in this war, and then they want us to gather and fight with them. What is the point of this?”

“It won’t be an official fight,” Logan says. “I believe they want to test your strength against the strongest humans. The battle will take place using VR machines. I can record all of your data so it will be 99 percent equal to as if you were fighting in real life.” Logan explained.

“I understand,” Lee said. “But how is a fight meant to bring the humans and the vampires closer together? If we defeat them-”

“Which we will.” Nicu interrupted.

“If we completely defeat them, then won’t they be more afraid of us?” Lee finished his sentence.

The others agreed with this, and so did those on the Cursed ship.

“I didn’t want to say anything, but there are quite a few invitations that got sent out to those on the Cursed ship. Leo and Sil as well. They don’t want this to be taking sides, but they want it to appear that everyone is just showing their power. But why at a time like this, I don’t know. The Dalki could attack at any second.”

“The worst thing is, they’re blackmailing us.” Quinn finally said. “I read the letters that they sent to me and the others, and it’s clear. These people, these members of the board, have said that if a person or group chooses to refuse this invitation, they will no longer support them.

“According to Logan, each one of these ten families holds great power. We currently get food pills for the Cursed faction from them. One of the families has 90 percent of the Galthrium supply that we use to build and repair our ships. Even Alex needs Glathrium to make our top tier beast weapons.

“I thought at first we would just force them if it were to come to it, or maybe we could be self-sufficient, but according to Logan, they have their ways to stop it, so no one does trade with us. If we truly wanted to force their hand, then it would mean going to war with the board, which would be causing another civil war.

“If that was to happen, then the Dalki will have won this war. So it looks like we have no choice but to accept this invite, but I do want to say one thing. To the vampire leaders, I don’t want you to hold back in this fight. Show them the power of the vampires….”


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