My Vampire System Chapter 1413: A Debut

The Earthborn members were busy, particularly the generals, but they weren’t busy fighting against the Dalki or preparing their next move. Like others such as Sach and Samantha were; instead, they were busy dealing with the special letters.

Each of these letters had a seal on them. Particular members of the Earthborn group that occupied the voting seats knew what the seal was. However, some who received this letter, in particular, knew nothing about it all. The seal which belonged to the Board.

But this didn’t lead them to misunderstand the seriousness of the matter because high-ranking generals and colonels were the ones delivering the invitation. They thought someone as high-up as the Supreme commander had to be behind these letters.

Many had received invitations, all hand-delivered letters. No matter where they were, the letters reached them without any hiccups. As for those that were invited, there seemed to be a general pattern behind it.

First were the powerful members of the Earthborn Group, Sach, Samantha, and a few of the generals who were handing out the letters themselves. Then some of the letters were handed to Travellers on Earth. Names that didn’t stand out in the world. They were known as the Unranked.

These were a group of people that didn’t join any guild and decided to become solo Travellers. It was because of this that their reputation didn’t reach great heights like the factions. Of course, they would never dare to start a fight with a faction that had so much backing and many powerful people, but there were rumours that some of these Unranked travellers could be just as strong as the big four.


At the same time, Mona was on one of the Earthborn planets. It wasn’t the one that Sach and Samantha were based at. She was on a planet named Lynan that had a rocky surface, making it hard to smooth out certain areas. Still, it also was ideal for setting up traps for the Dalki, which was why the Earthborn group had decided to keep this planet compared to the others.

The sky was a mix of violet and orange, while at night, it would shine a beautiful indigo color. The days were short here, half the length of that on earth, and the surface was cold. The shelter situated here was different from the others.

While a shelter would normally be one base where multiple people lived, this one instead was split into five parts. Constantly ships would be used to travel to each section, or in case of emergencies, tunnels were linking all the bases with each other.

This had to be done due to the strange terrain of rocks.

After leaving the vampire solar system, Mona had returned to the Cursed faction but soon had proceeded to the Earth faction instead. She had planned to try and regroup as much of the Bree family as possible.

She was slowly regaining her group’s power, especially now that she had a little gift from Quinn. She was slightly afraid though, because if she were to do such a thing under Sach’s nose, even if it weren’t him, perhaps others around would report this, and an investigation would be carried forward.

They would attempt to shut her down before she could become as big as she once was.

As for why she had decided to go to planet Lynan, it was due to Nathan staying here. Nathan originally was part of the military, but when the group restructured itself under Oscar’s command, he was given command of a part of the military to help the Cursed faction. Another part of the military was also handed to the Graylash faction as a sign of good faith.

It always left Nathan in a tricky situation since he didn’t know where his true loyalty lay, whether in the Earthborn group or the Cursed faction, but it looked like both of them treated him like he was a part of them.

Just then, Nathan was heading to a large building that acted as a tavern. There was a [Closed] sign outside hanging. This place was at one of the separate five pieces of the shelter, and was also where Mona and the rest of her members she had gathered were staying. And upon her personal request, Nathan hadn’t reported anything to the Earthborn group about what Mona was doing here.

Standing outside, one could hear the noise of laughter coming from inside of the tavern. Nathan looked around to see if anyone was spying or had followed him, and a few moments later, he pushed the tavern’s door open. As soon as he entered, Nathan heard a big crash, and he could see a piece of wood get chucked up, skimming right past his face.

The sound of cheering continued, and regaining his composure, Nathan witnessed a sight that he had seen a few times but just couldn’t get used to it.

“Come on, show him what you got, Rogarth!” A man shouted.

A monkey-like beast with a tail of a snake was in battle, being controlled by one of the members of the Bree family. He stood by his beast’s side and had armour on himself that seemed to have seen better days.

The monkey quickly went in for the attack, leaping up in the air, and at the same time, it shot out green venom from its tail towards its opponent. Just then, the man also appeared by their opponent’s side and was ready to attack its legs with a hammer.

It lifted its leg at the right time and slammed its foot down on the hammer while dodging the venom to grab the monkey by the neck. As for what the opponent was, it was none other than a Dalki.

“Mona!” Nathan called out, walking forward and still nervous about the Dalki in the place. This was the scene he couldn’t get used to, a Dalki that was under control using a Demon-tier weapon. It was also why they had to be so secretive.

Mona didn’t have a shadow where she could hide the Dalki anytime she wished, and if others were to see it, then she and her people would be in serious trouble. It would just frighten the public; before she gets the chance to explain, they might even assume that she was a V.

Since now the public knew some could also resist blood, there was no sure way to test who was a V and who was not.

“Sorry, I was just getting some training in,” Mona said.

“I see..” Nathan glanced at the Dalki by her side.

Mona wanted to practice with the Bree members, making them stronger when facing the Dalki, and what better way than to make them actually go up against them. At the same time, she was practising her own control when using the Dalki as well.

It was then, Nathan pulled out an invitation and handed it to her.

“I’m sure you know who this is from,” Nathan said.

Looking at the seal, she knew straight away who it had come from. Then opening up the letter and reading it, she couldn’t help but laugh out loud.

“Do you know what’s in this letter?” She asked.

Nathan nodded, and he knew that this perhaps would be her reaction.

“What are they thinking? Is this a threat they are trying to pull? Are they trying to doom the entire human race by doing this at a time like this? I can’t understand what they are thinking…Well, at least it looks there might be a chance that you get to make a debut to the whole world.

“What do you think? Do you think the world would be happy to see your comeback, or perhaps they would be surprised about your return?”

Nathan hadn’t noticed, but there was a figure sitting in the back at the far end of the tavern. He had a helmet on, and while Nathan was handing over the letter, the figure stood up. His body was quite large, and he carried with him what looked like a box, held to his side.

That’s when Nathan noticed him, and when looking inside the figure’s helmet, he found out there was no head but a blue floating spirit.

‘Is this a beast, but it looks human; who is this?’ Nathan couldn’t help but wonder.


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