My Vampire System Chapter 1411: Special Blood

A while ago Vincent had made the suggestion that Quinn should make a Blood gauntlet. For one, Blood weapons were in some cases just as strong or even stronger than beast weapons depending on the grade of crystal they were created with. Although they did have one downside, for them to use their full potential they needed to be activated with blood. However, as long as it was fresh it worked with all kinds of blood and Dalki blood in particular also gave them an extra boost.

Since Quinn would be fighting against the Dalki, it seemed to be the perfect type of weapon that could be used as a replacement for his old gauntlet that he had to give up due to his system’s penalty. His left hand had felt quite bare for a while now.

At the same time, this wouldn’t be a weapon created from just an ordinary Blood crystal, but from none other than Jim Eno, the creator of Dalki.

‘I don’t know why, but the thought of having a weapon made from Jim Eno, the person who caused all this mess and killing those Dalki with them, pleases me in some way.’ Quinn thought, as he headed outside to meet up with the two.

‘That sounds quite dark, but I like it.’ Ray commented. ‘Ga, ga, ga, ga.’

After having just got Vincent out of his head, Quinn had to remind himself to suppress his thoughts a bit more, otherwise a certain someone would be able to hear him. Even then there was one thing that he couldn’t get used to, and that was Ray’s laugh.

‘Who laughs like that, ga, ga, ga?’ Quinn wondered, yet he got no answer this time.

Regardless, he had come outside to meet someone and the Vampire King could see that Alex had already arrived, though it was via ship rather than over the teleporter. Not only that but the people that had come with him seemed to be soldiers, who were too afraid to leave the ship.

“Don’t mind them.” Alex said as he greeted Quinn. “They’re just afraid of this place, but I can’t really blame them since they’re from the Earthborn group. Anyway, look at you, I saw the broadcast about you becoming King and everything! Do I need to start calling you Your Majesty as well now?” Alex started to pat his back a few times, and then wondered if that was really okay, or if he had committed some type of grave offence.

He had to remember that his very existence was taboo to the vampires, but he was sure that Quinn wouldn’t enforce that rule.

‘Right?’ Alex gulped for a second.

Although the two weren’t perhaps as close as others with Quinn, Alex still saw the Cursed faction leader as someone who had changed his life in more ways than one, and when the two of them spoke they had no filter with each other.

Alex had only been away for a while because he had been helping out Andrew, who had been tasked with helping the Earthborn group create some weapons, but he was finally back in his rightful place, by Quinn’s side making him the best weapons possible.

“Yeah..I guess a lot did happen.” Quinn replied, as he looked behind him and onto the ship. The vampire could feel it almost instantly and it was the first time he could ever sense a blood weapon before he had touched it.

“I see you’re just as excited as I am, well I have a nice surprise for you.” Alex’s wings quickly flapped about, lifting him into the air. He whizzed straight back to the ship, and had brought back what was clearly a gauntlet placed underneath a cloth.

This time there was only one weapon, adn Quinn wondered why there was any need to bother with the cloth trick he usually would do, because he already knew what it was.

While watching Alez return with ease, stopping quickly and landing, Quinn could see that It was clear that not once had Alex stopped practice with his wings, making him a lot better at flying. The Blood fairy seemed to be faster and more agile than any of the winged transformations Quinn had ever seen before. Watching him like this, Quinn mused that if Alex ever decided to become a fighter instead of a forger, he probably would be able to launch devastating aerial attacks.

However, that would be truly a waste of his talents.

Once again, Alex carefully lifted the cloth pulling it quickly off in one smooth motion revealing the single gauntlet underneath. It wasn’t a pair like it would be before, which made Quinn believe that perhaps it could even be stronger.

“This is probably one of the best looking gauntlets I have ever created. It took some time, but that was mainly because the Blood crystal you gave me was far denser compared to the others. There was so much energy overflowing and I wanted to use it properly.” Alex explained while Quinn stared at all its details.

Usually, the blood weapons tended to be red in colour, or if Alex added his fairy blood to the mix it would be red as well. Something Quinn had requested to be done with every single weapon Alex made.

Strangely, this weapon was mainly black in colour instead. The hand placement was so fine and looked light and thin. If Quinn were to wear it, it would be hard to tell that it was a weapon and not a glove.

Then the rest of the gauntlet design was interesting to say the least. From the wrist, there were two overlapping spiralling parts. It looked like two snakes or dragons intertwining as it moved up the forearm part, and then towards the elbow it would split off, bending inward looking like two giant ram horns.

Where the gauntlets split slightly on the forearm, there was a strange red glow to it, and even now a strange red mist could be seen coming from it.

“The red mist appeared after I dropped a few drops of human blood on it.” Alex explained seeing Quinn trying to run his fingers through it, but it did nothing. “I was trying to test out what it could do of course.

“I know some of the Blood weapons had active skills, similar to that of the beast weapons, this one is a little strange but I think you will be able to put it to good use. When touching a human, and I guess a Dalki, it can actually drain the blood from them.

“There is no need to pour blood from the weapon itself or stab someone with it, and I also noticed that it feels like you can take the energy that is drained by adding it to yourself. Your skills, use your Blood energy, I guess you could see this gauntlet as a reserve of some type.

“You could carry on using your Blood skills without having to stress yourself!” Alex continued to explain happily, only to realise that Quinn’s face showed a disappointed look.

This was because the active, or passive skill on the gauntlet didn’t sound so great when he had a Blood armour set that acted as an unlimited supply of blood to use whenever he wished.

If all it could do was store blood, then it was no better than his Blood bank, which was also not needed when he had the Blood armour on him…

However, Quinn tried to put on a smile, he knew Alex had worked hard on this. How could the forger have ever predicted that someone had created something to that effect and his leader had come into its possession.

“Thank you, Alex,” Quinn said, deciding to try on the gauntlet anyway. After all, at least it looked cool and would surely give him additional stats when powered, and when not.

‘That is quite cool looking.’ Ray said. ‘Still, when I was around I had my own Dragon armour that was far more impressive than that. I wonder if it’s still around, or what has happened to it? Where did I even put it?’

‘Dragon armour?’ Quinn questioned. It was a weird name, the only beast he had seen that looked like a dragon was the Demon tier beast, and wondered why it would be called that.

‘Yes, it was the armour I used. I can guarantee that if you were to find it, you would have no problem dealing with any of them. Even a Demon tier beast could be slayed with a single swing of my Dragon Sword.’

It was then that Quinn couldn’t help but laugh. Despite his current strength, he would never even dream of killing a Demon tier beast that easily. To him it just seemed that his ancestor was a big liar who was trying to impress his descendant. Even if he wasn’t lying, he seemed to exaggerate a whole lot.

Regardless, Quinn placed the gauntlet on himself not expecting much, and used his Inspect skill.

‘…how is this possible? This isn’t what Alex said AT ALL!!! …can this gauntlet really do this… Well, I can’t blame him for not realising it. Alex, you seem to have crafted something even greater then the Demon tier Amulet!!!’

[Active skill]

[Equivalent upgrade]



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