My Vampire System Chapter 1410: System helper

The transfer had been a success, and once again, Quinn had a voice in his head, only this time it was vastly different from the one before. For one, while Vincent had remained mostly silent, Ray seemed to be quite talkative.

‘Can’t you be calm for a second?!’ Quinn muttered, holding his head and covering his ears, even though he knew this wouldn’t be any help in this situation.

The other two by the side watched Quinn’s strange actions and smiled because they realized that it had been a success. In fact, one could even see Vincent chuckling a bit.

‘Well, I remember there were times when you thought I was annoying, but it seems like you have your own problems now.’ Vincent thought. ‘You never realize what you have until it’s missing.’

Quinn was still wiggling his head about, and he was finding it hard to focus. He was even somewhat regretting his earlier decision. If something like this were to occur during a fight, it would be troublesome.

“Just quit it. Otherwise, I’ll put you back in the Tablet!” Quinn almost shouted.

At that moment, three leaders had seemingly appeared out of nowhere – Muka, Jin, and Sunny. They had great concern about what was going on at the Royal Castle and were afraid that an attack had transpired.

“Your majesty, do you need help?” Muka asked. “Has something infected your mind? Is it Laxmus?”

“Perhaps, he left something that infected our King?” Jin guessed.

“If that’s the case, we have to save him!” Sunny shouted.

The three looked like they were about to act, but Vincent stepped in front of the three with his hands spread out before they could.

“I assure you the King is fine; please, there is nothing to worry about. If he needs you, Quinn would definitely summon you.”

The others looked at Quinn, who was currently rubbing his head. They weren’t so convinced, and in the first place, they didn’t exactly trust Vincent as much as Quinn did. This person was a leader who had suddenly turned on the whole settlement and appeared to be loyal at the time.

They figured that if something came up, that perhaps he might do the same again.

Noticing their presence, Quinn gave them the thumbs up, indicating them not to worry about the situation.

Although this didn’t settle their worries, they were reassured that Quinn had the power to summon them whenever needed, and eventually, they decided to leave.


Heading back into the castle, away from the eyes of the others, Quinn had eventually told Ray everything that had occurred, and most importantly, why they had decided to bring Ray into the System in the first place.

The annoying thing was that Quinn had to relay everything Ray was saying to the others, since they could not hear the latter through the System.

“Ugh, pathetic, you don’t even know how to use telepathy; what kind of ancestor are you?” Ray asked.

“Look, times have changed; I don’t know if it’s because of the Tablet or what was set up, but we are only able to carry one ability. I know you said in your time, you had multiple abilities, but that’s just not possible in today’s day and age!” Quinn responded in annoyance.

Talking to someone who hadn’t been alive for perhaps a thousand years was tiring, and of course, Ray would have non-stop questions about everything. Eventually, Ray caught up on everything that had happened so far and the world.

Logan had even explained how Richard was, in fact, Lenny. Which Ray found a bit strange because he actually knew Lenny during his time, but when he saw him on the Blade island, the latter didn’t look the same.

According to their information, as Lenny evolved as a vampire, his appearance continued to change, which was why Ray could not recognize him.

“It was a risky thing you did. Who knows if removing me from the Tablet would have disrupted the abilities you currently have. Although it seems like my powers have been left in the Tablet. I can tell even though I am here in this..of all things a system.”

Ray was finding the situation a difficult one, especially for him.

“So you are curious about these gods and the other side, huh? Well, I will be honest with you, such things never fascinated me, and they were quite fearful of someone like me during my time.

“The gods that I have encountered varied in strength with what they could do and couldn’t do. If they take a human form or reside in a human, it is almost impossible to tell who is one or not. However, your plan does have a chance of succeeding.

“If that doesn’t work, then I would say, another way is that you could even possibly force the God to remove his power from them. If he was able to give this Laxmus power as you claim, then surely he could take it away, without the need to kill him; however, I warn you of one thing.

“Bliss told me once that gods can never die. Perhaps killing him will make him lose his power temporarily, and they go into a cycle of reincarnation. The time until they are born could vary, but eventually, they will come back again. And how do you think that God would feel once he returned.”

As Ray said everything, Quinn relayed it to the others, while Vincent and Logan seemed to be jotting it down in their heads.

“We have learned a little bit more about the gods, but we still have one problem, how do we go to the other side?” Logan asked.

“The answer to that would be Bliss,” Ray replied. “However, after what you told me about Laxmus and the crystal…I would avoid her… I don’t know what her real agenda is, neither am I sure if she is on your side or not.”

‘What do you mean?’ Quinn asked. Of course, she might have been annoying, but surely she was on their side and wanted to save the humans.

‘Because I was the one that gave that Shadow Crystal to her.’ Ray replied. ‘That shadow crystal was from my time. Before I decided to pass on, I had given that Crystal to her. I knew it held great power, and I thought there was something that she could do with it.

‘Now tell me, how did Laxmus end up getting that power in the first place? I can only guess that it was due to her, and then the crystal returned and was in the hands of your old vampire king? She is the only person alive that would know what power that crystal held. So it could be only her, which raises the question: why had she done such a thing?’

Thinking about what Ray had said, with Bliss having the power to see the future. Did she know that it would return in Laxmus’s hands? If that was the case, then maybe she was also trying to help the other gods.

Now Quinn didn’t know who to trust.

‘Just trust yourself.’ Ray said. ‘That is how I lived, and I believe that is how you should live as well.’

“So, what do you plan to do?” Vincent asked. “Do you plan to put Ray back into the Tablet? It doesn’t seem to have disturbed your System.”

‘I think I’ll leave this on you. You already did your part, so do you wish to rest back in the Tablet?’ Quinn asked.

It didn’t take long for Ray to respond.

‘No, take me with you. I did so much to save this place, and it is in danger once again. I wish to see the outcome of it all. Besides, I think there might be a way I can help you.’

They had made the decision, and once again, Quinn had one more helper that would be in his System, but he was wondering just what Ray could provide him that Vincent could not?


Time slowly passed by, and Quinn had gotten the ‘okay’ from Sach to send over the vampire soldiers to see their family members. He also made the suggestion for it to be filmed. This way, the public could slowly get used to this, as they will slowly introduce more vampires into the world ecosystem, but it did come with a warning.

The board had called for a meeting with Sach, and they wanted to discuss something with him promptly. He didn’t know the details but would update Quinn as soon as possible.

‘It looks like the Dalki are still waiting for something. I imagined they might have acted by now. Well, if they won’t act, then we will just have to act ourselves sooner.’ Quinn thought as he looked at the number of subclasses they had at their disposal.

Perhaps, one of the leaders could be sent with these, rather than the vampires, to take over one of the Dalki planets. The only problem was that upon poking the sleeping beasts, it might cause a great reaction.

The training between the vampires continued, and Quinn had to plan his next move when a small ship could be seen returning to the vampire settlement. It landed at the Royal Castle since it had permission.

It had decided to land in the garden, especially since this was one of Quinn’s most treasured guests. As the ramp settled on the ground, the person came out, and upon exiting, his wings started to flap.

“I thought I would never come back to this place; well, I guess technically it’s a new place.” Alex smiled. They had finally developed the blood gauntlet, and Alex was here to deliver it to Quinn personally.


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