My Vampire System Chapter 1409: Another Voice

It was a little strange for Quinn to no longer have Vincent in his head. He would often talk to the latter and ask him for guidance on things. With what Quinn had to go through, it was always good for him to get a second opinion from someone else, and he would hate to say it, but he kind of…missed it.

After explaining what he was planning to do, the others thought Quinn was a little crazy for wanting to go through that again. After all, his interactions with the ancient spirit inside the tablet had been minimal. Maybe Vincent was a calm and quiet person, but what about this Ray figure?

Either way, Quinn believed it was necessary to talk to him for a few reasons, for instance, the worry of Laxmus, his powers, and Bliss. Also, he had a promise to keep to Paul’s men, and he would do well to keep it; it was the least he could do after Paul had sacrificed his life.

‘Worst case, if things don’t work out, or this person is annoying, I can get Shiro to just transfer him over to the tablet.’

Soon a call was made for Shiro to use the teleporter and head to the vampire settlement. The one who would be meeting him was Logan since the latter was the only one who could create the special potion to disguise others’ smells.

After some time, Quinn decided to walk a little around the settlement. The main reason for this was, he wanted to see how the vampires were dealing with things. He had a recognizable face, so Quinn wore a mask that would cover the bottom half of his face while he walked around.

At the moment, it was nighttime on the Daisy planet, and the vampires mainly were outside. He had noticed a change in the vampire’s regular actions. Before, it felt like a city that would be alive and vibrant twenty-four hours of the day, but now they are living more like humans. Staying in during the day and coming out at night, despite the rings that had been given to them.

‘I guess this planet is sunnier than the others. It has a good environment for the plants to grow.’ Quinn mused. ‘At least it wasn’t the desert planet, where the sunlight can go on for several days. This planet has a similar day-cycle to earth.’

While strolling around, Quinn found out that most of the vampires were fine with their situation. They didn’t have many complaints, but it was perhaps due to them not having to do anything yet. The vampires had made themselves comfortable here because, to them, this settlement was their home.

Neither had they been told to fight nor were they disturbed by the Humans.

‘While trying to help the humans… I’ll be disrupting the vampires’ lifestyle….’ Quinn thought while looking at everyone.

Still, what else could he do? They had to stop the Dalki now.

Suddenly, a thought dawned upon him.

‘The Dalki should know the weakness of the vampires. If they time their attack, they could attack during the day. If that were to happen, most of the vampire rings would only last two to four hours. If they know about the rings, they could even target the vampire rings. I’ll have to think of something fast if they are going to move that quickly.’

While walking around, Quinn was looking for something else, perhaps a spot where he could place the giant tablet. Behind the Royale castle, Quinn thought of adjusting it slightly, so there was a large space like a type of garden.

The tablet was far too big to be hidden away or stored in a room; in fact, it was almost the size of the castle.

‘I can’t keep it in my shadow forever. There is a chance that I could even die, especially if I’m going to be fighting more often. If that were to happen, won’t all the items in my dimensional space just appear? If they destroy the tablet, then its abilities would also stop working, right that’s what Ray said.’

Thinking about this, Quinn chuckled to himself a bit. In a way, he had Pure’s answers to solve their problem with him, and he also had the Dragon, which the Dalki wanted. Then he also had the Absolute Blood Control the vampires wouldn’t want to give up.

Three things that three different groups wanted were all in his possession. After thinking about it a lot and having no better place to put the tablet, Quinn opened up his System and slightly altered the settlement.

The settlement would rumble whenever he did this, and the vampires would know their King was up to something. However, as it quickly died down, so did their excitement. For them, they hadn’t seen anything new being built.

Quickly moving to the large one, the space was a bit plain. The ground was filled with dark soil, and there was no grass like the rest of the planet.

‘I think this would also be a good place for Helen. I’ll be sure to fill it with a field of flowers for her.’

Before Quinn was to place the tablet down, he hesitated for a second.

‘Can I trust the vampires? If they were to find out what this was. After I have left this place, what happens if this was destroyed.’

Quinn had to think about what was more likely to happen in the end. Would he fall to the Dalki or some external force, or would the settlement fall and change hands.

‘Perhaps I could make up something to stop the vampires from attacking this.’ Quinn smiled and placed his hand on the ground.

Shadow rose from above, and out in the sky, a large tablet appeared. All the vampires turned around pointing, as they looked at what was taking place. For a second, some of them were afraid. They hadn’t had the best experience when seeing shadows in the past.

When they saw what it was though, their hearts settled, and soon, they could see the whole tablet in the sky and Quinn also next to it.

“I need to make sure this is deep in the ground!” Quinn claimed as he fell through his own shadow portal, and with both his hands and his incredible strength, he pushed himself forward, trying his best to push the giant stone tablet into the ground.

One foot, two feet… several feet later, Quinn felt satisfied now that the whole tablet was left sturdy in place, and just in time, it looked like Shiro, Vincent, and Logan had arrived.


All of them stood in front of the tablet. All of those who somewhat knew about the System. Some people knew a lot about Quinn, but hardly any of those knew about the System he had with him.

“I’m not sure this will work this time,” Shiro said, a little shaky. “But I’ll give it my best.”

“Of course, the only thing we can do is try.” Quinn smiled back.

A few minutes before others had arrived, Quinn tried to communicate with the tablet as he had done in the past, but there was no luck. Which meant this was most likely the only way.

‘Who knows, maybe I can finally complete that other quest as well.’ Quinn thought as he closed his eyes and held onto Shiro’s hand. Something he had done a few times already.

Shiro, then walked slowly up to the tablet, step by step, and finally placed his hand on it. Both Logan and Vincent stood by the sides, even they were nervous about what would happen.

Although Shiro didn’t want to say it, he believed that as long as he could find the consciousness in the tablet, there was a good chance he could move it into the System. Inside Quinn’s head, there were almost two spaces, and that was where he had found Vincent before.

A few seconds later, the tablet started to light up. Since it was the middle of the night, it was impossible for the other leaders and the vampires not to notice the scene. It looked magical, but some of the leaders worried, what on earth was Quinn doing now?

The tablet’s light started to fade, and Shiro had a big smile on his face.

“Did it work?” Quinn wondered.

‘What the f*ck is going on?!’ A loud voice rang through his head. ‘Where the hell am I? What did you do, you idiot?!’

It looked like the job was done, but now, Quinn had a few things to explain.


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