My Vampire System Chapter 1408: The vampire god

Vincent’s answer came as a big surprise to Quinn. In the first place, the Vampire Lord had a theory about how to turn a vampire back to a human, only he wasn’t quite sure if he could do it himself.

One of the possible ways Quinn had theorised, was by using a combination of the second and third stage of Qi he had recently learned. He got the idea from the time when the infection had nearly spread to Chris, Quinn’s Qi teacher, before he had found out that he was actually a high ranking member of Pure.

However, rather than becoming infected and transforming into a vampire, like what had happened to Leo, instead Chris had been able to isolate and then remove the infection from his body. Now that the Vampire Lord was more proficient in Qi usage, he realised that the Pure agent must have used a combination between the second stage and third stage to do this.

At the time, Chris had even expressed that perhaps there might be a way for him to completely remove this energy from Quinn.

However, without testing it out, it was uncertain whether this would work and if it did what consequences such an action might have. One of the major biological differences between humans and vampires was that the latter group eventually formed something known as a blood crystal.

This crystal was what created the red like aura energy around a vampire’s body. Although removing the red energy could weaken them, Quinn suspected that as long as the blood crystal remained inside the body, the red energy would eventually return, similarly to how a body would replenish blood even if some of it got drained.

One of the possible risks that had prevented him from experimenting on this hypothesis was that removing all the energy inside a vampire, might potentially kill it. What if the crystal was something so vitally important to a vampire like their heart or brain? Or similar to beasts, even they couldn’t live without their crystals.

Even if he had been willing to try it out, the third stage of Qi was something Quinn had only recently come to control, so he wasn’t the best at it yet. The Vampire King would much rather have someone like Leo perform this, since his ability would help him in using the energy. Of course, asking his Vampire Knight to experiment on something like that, would just burden the Blind Swordsman’s conscience if things were to go wrong.

Nevertheless, Quinn did intend to test it out eventually, though he would do so by either creating a vampire clone, or more preferably if they could capture one of the Masked. It would be a perfect opportunity for him to.

Still, due to the risks he was looking for another option, that could very well be the only option at the moment.

“I don’t quite understand.” Quinn honestly replied. “How would the solution turn all of the vampires back, wouldn’t it be a case by case thing?”

Both Logan and Vincent looked at each other, it was clear the two of them had been talking a lot, but the real reason why they looked at each other was to figure out who was the best person to explain things to Quinn.

“Well we did a few tests, and with the knowledge that Richard left behind there are still elements that are beyond our control.” Logan started to explain. “I’ll try to put it in simpler terms. Contrary to what we thought, becoming a vampire has less to do with a human catching some type of ‘disease’ or ‘infection’… it’s actually more like some magic curse.

“Over the years, Richard had done a lot of experiments with vampires. I have them all on file, and it’s what allowed me and Vincent to narrow down the likely possibilities. However, no matter what Richard had tried he had never been able to get completely rid of the cause of what was turning those into vampires.

“The only thing that seemed to have worked somewhat were abilities, one being Vincent’s ability, and the other being the second family’s ability. In the latter case, it only seemed to work within a certain timeframe. Not just that but the ability user had to be extremely powerful.

“If they were to use their ability to just rewind the cells in the body that had just changed, if they didn’t rewind every aspect of the change in the body, then the body would just start to change back, filling up the foreign energy.

“Due to the properties of the red aura energy and looking into vampires’ history, the most likely answer is magic.”

“Or a power from a God.” Vincent chimed in. “Logan told me how vampires originally came to be, and we met Bliss before, so we know that ‘gods’ actually exist, even if they seem to differ from common conception.

“However, there seems to be another plane, separate to the one we are currently on. Almost like another universe.” Vincent started to explain and one could see the sparkle in his eyes. He was excited. “According to some, it is the place where souls go after their dead, and in this place there are many Gods that feed on these dead souls. While there are also other Gods, who seem to feed off the energy of living souls. One of them recorded down is the Goddess known as Bliss.”

Hearing this made Quinn hate Bliss even more. It turned out that she wasn’t exactly doing things just because she wanted to save human lives. If what Vincent said was true, people being born in a way were feeding her.

“I was trying to put together what Laxmus said that day. He was an Original, and he was also one of the ones originally turned when Richard opened the portal to this other Universe. I believe that the reason why Laxmus looked different and was stronger than others was because a God had granted him more powers expecting him to do his bidding by sending more of the dead souls to this other place.

“In the past, these types of Gods have given humans and creatures power hoping that they could send more sacrifices to their lands. Granting Richard and the others this infectious power, seems to have come from him, knowing he possibly was going to create this mess. Since this power originated from him, there is one assumption we can make.

“If you were to kill the God that started all of this, then his power would also fade in all of the vampires out there today. That appears to be the most promising solution we can offer you, although it’s not guaranteed and we have no proof.”

Quinn sat there for a while, whenever things started to get into God talk and souls it started to hurt his head a little. The world was already a strange place with space travel, beasts and vampires. To top it off his ancestor was apparently some dragon.

“Assuming you’re right, how would we even go about it? I mean how do we even get to this other plane?” Quinn asked, not that he thought it would be something he would be doing anytime soon. They needed the vampire’s powers, and the last thing he needed was everyone losing their powers.

Still, it was a worrying thought that perhaps, there was a God planning to use them in some way to kill everyone, just a small worry of the many Quinn already had.

“That’s the problem, we currently have no idea. It seems like Richard had kept that information hidden. It’s not available. I can only guess that he didn’t want anyone committing the same mistake he did. After all, if we were to open another link, it might lead to the creation of more Originals, if not something even worse.” Logan replied.

“Still, there seems to be one person out there that would know how to go about it. Someone that worked close to Richard, Bliss. Although finding her, might prove to be a problem on its own.”

Quinn couldn’t agree more, but then thinking about it, he thought that maybe there was another person who was far easier to find and more willing to help them. Someone who should have information about Bliss, the Gods and probably other things.

‘How would I speak to him though…is there really a way?’ Quinn started to think. ‘Wait, what about the system. Vincent was in the system before, and Ray’s consciousness from the tablet is still inside. Could there perhaps be a way for Shiro to move him from the tablet, over to my system? Maybe then I can freely speak to him. As long as the tablet stays intact, the world should still retain all abilities.’

“I want to ‘test’ something.” Quinn said with a smile.


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