My Vampire System Chapter 1407: The Vampire soldiers

At the moment, it was a weird situation for the Cursed faction group. Their members were stuck in the middle of a controversy putting them in an awkward position.

Still, most of them believed in their leader Quinn and the other leaders. The leaders had protected them and got them this far, and not once did they blame Quinn or the Cursed faction members even after Helen’s death. Most of the naysayers had already left after they had revealed themselves as vampires.

Those who were alive knew how much they had struggled and how powerful the enemy was. However, their strange situation actually came due to Quinn’s recent actions regarding the V. The settlement had been moved to the Daisy planet. As of now, there had been no activity on this planet regarding the Dalki.

A similar situation was on the other two Cursed faction planets as well. Still, the Dalki had control of the many beast planets that the Cursed faction used to own, but before creating a plan to stay in position or try to reclaim these planets, Quinn wanted to solve a few other concerns.

The Cursed faction was currently being led by Sam, while Quinn was busy leading the vampires in the settlement. Still, in truth, Quinn should be in overall control of both. He was currently in the Royal room sitting by a desk that looked out of a window on the settlement.

It was daytime, so many vampires had decided to stay inside, with a few heading out. The daylight was something that the vampires would have to get used to.

‘At some point, I want the vampire settlement and members of the Cursed faction to unite; If we are going to use their power and fight together, it would be best for them to know people with whom they will be fighting; side-by-side with.’ Quinn thought. ‘The question is, how am I meant to do that. If I do things too hastily, it will cause problems, and I’m not really sure how much time we have.’

Training had already started for the vampires to get used to resisting the temptation of human blood. What Quinn didn’t want more than anything was for the vampires to act out on the battlefield.

Quinn needed to convince the whole world that the vampires were on their side, but right now, it was easy for their image to be ruined, which was why Quinn was taking things slowly.

‘I’m confident in the Vampire settlement defending itself if the Dalki attack, but can’t I wait here forever.’ Quinn thought. ‘I have the other half of the dragon the Dalki want, and as long as I have it, at some point soon, they will need to come for me.’

As Quinn was thinking about ways to slowly introduce the vampires into the members of the cursed faction, there was a sudden knock on the room’s door.

“Come in,” Quinn responded.

To his surprise, of all the people that he was expecting to enter, it was Ashley – the current leader of the vampire soldiers.

“Your majesty, I wanted to speak to you about a few things. Do you have the time to spare?” Ashley requested.

“Please, don’t call me your majesty.” Quinn offered a seat to the soldier, who was even older than himself. In the past, Quinn may not recived such a high amount of respect from the person in front of him, but recent events had led to Quinn turning the tables. “I have enough of that from the vampires; besides, you’re older than me, and you were close to Paul. Feel free to speak your mind.”

Ashley looked a bit hesitant before asking, which made Quinn wonder if the request would be a hard one. Still, thankfully Quinn’s current calm appearance had settled Ashley a little bit.

“Since your return, the soldiers have gotten a bit anxious.” Ashley started to explain. “It has been a long time since we have been away from our families after we first came to the vampire settlement.

“They wish to know of their families whereabouts, their conditions, and lastly, they want to know if they can meet them again. Paul said that he had made a request… and that you were looking for ways to turn us back into humans.”

It was true it had been around two years since the soldiers had last seen their families. And interestingly, they had come to Quinn at this moment. Perhaps this was a way that he could slowly introduce vampires from the settlement into the world.

“I will grant your request,” Quinn said. “I think it would be good for you to see your family, but I believe there is a risk if we send you guys out at the moment. I’ll contact Sach. Nearly most of your family members are with the Earthborn group, and I think it might be good to send one of the family leaders along with you as well.

“Maybe this could be the icebreaker that the world needs to see. As for your other request, I promise I will continue to look into it. As you know, things have been a little….”

“I understand your-“Before Ashley could finish what he was about to say, Quinn gave him a look, telling him not to say the next set of words from his mouth. “Yes, Quinn. Honestly, if you said no, we would understand, but for some of the soldiers, it has been a really hard time, and of course, we know the turning process is hard, or might not even be possible, after all, if it were you would have been turned back yourself by now, right?” Ashley smiled.

Hearing these words, Quinn’s face remained the same, and he stared off into space for a few seconds.

“Quinn?” Ashley called after waiting a few minutes.

“Sorry, you may leave. I will talk to a few people; you can tell your group the good news.” Quinn replied, but Ashley could still tell something was off, but he didn’t pry further and left Quinn with his own thoughts.

‘If I do find a way for vampires to turn back to a human…will I change myself back?’ Quinn used to think about this a lot, but lately, he wasn’t sure. Was living the life of a vampire wrong? When getting the vampire system initially, there were all sorts of downsides, but as Quinn grew stronger, he had gotten rid of most of the negative side-effects of being a vampire.

He no longer lusted too much for blood; with the ring, he could stay in the sunlight for as long as he wanted, and he was even more productive due to not needing as much sleep as a human. To give up all of this… was there any reason for him to?


A little while later, Quinn decided to call on two people working together more closely than they ever had done before – Vincent and Logan.

Since Logan had obtained all the knowledge of Richard Eno, he and Vincent operated closely on projects and shared information.

More teleporters had been set up in the vampire settlement, allowing travel between the Cursed ship and the vampire settlement, but for now, unless Sam allowed it, only a few were allowed to travel between. Logan still had to use the spray while here to make others think he was a vampire.

Although this was fine for a temporary solution, it wasn’t like they could give all these to the Cursed faction members. A spray bottle and expect them to spray themselves every three hours without fail.

According to Fex, such a thing went horribly wrong for them before. Quinn had called the two of them because he had to ask them several things, and one of them was Paul’s request.

Since Paul’s death, Quinn had been thinking more about it lately. Wondering if he had completed the request before, sent the humans back, including Paul, perhaps the latter would have lived, or at least got to spend some time with his daughter, which was impossible to do now.

The three of them sat down. There were plenty of fancy chairs in Quinn’s royal room and a lot of space as well. It was actually uncomfortable for Quinn. At the end of the day, he will still return to the tenth castle since that felt better, and truthfully he was missing his small room on the Cursed ship, where he would usually stay.

Still, Sam said it was a bad time for him to return at the moment, and Quinn knew that as well.

“I’m sorry, Quinn,” Vincent said. “We tried to combine our knowledge, and we don’t have a definite answer for you but only possibilities. Although I was able to do it for myself, that was due to my ability, and it came with a huge sacrifice.”

“I understand,” Quinn said. “Feel free to tell me these possibilities.”

“Before we explain,” Vincent said with a great look of concern on his face. “There is a good chance that if you wish to get rid of any of the vampires, that the solution might also get rid of them all. I don’t mean in terms of killing them, but I believe there is a chance that all of the vampires would be turned back to being human.”


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