My Vampire System Chapter 1406: Pure The Puppet

All of those who were part of the Board at all times would have someone stand by thier side. This was their guard. Sometimes they wouldn’t look too obvious as those who were members of the Board weren’t made public. Only other board members knew of each other.

High ranking officials and the seats knew of them, but to the public, they had no clue there were such powerful families behind the scenes of things.

This was why if they were ever to meet with anyone, they would bring along a guard who would stand by their side at all times. These were some of the best Travellers that cared about one thing more than anything else: money and power.

Although with strong abilities, one could rise into a certain position and obtain great wealth, that wealth wasn’t enough for some. Those that were truly wealthy were the ones that were able to fill their pockets, creating an advantage out of any type of situation, and those were the members of the Board.

These guards would often change at times. So it wasn’t uncommon for them to see a guard that they couldn’t recognise.

But everyone in that room knew something was wrong when they saw that guard. They had no idea who this topless person was, who looked to be wearing next to no beast gear and only had a couple of weapons on his back. Yet, they could tell, by one of their members’ reactions, something was wrong.

Still not aware of the situation, one of the gentlemen, who looked older than all the others, had decided to act. He had a hunched back, and one of his eyes seemed to be wounded from some fight. He raised his hand, giving a type of signal.

In an instant, the guard by his side charged forward and headed for Chris. This Traveller had a pair of daggers that started to glow green. His ability was one that was focused on speed, making him one of the fastest Travellers in existence.

Yet, when he took a few steps, they all saw that suddenly, the Traveller fell to the floor, and surprisingly, the large man did nothing.

“I came here to talk to you, but if you really want to fight, then I can do that as well.” Chris smiled at them all and allowed the bearded Board member to tell them to take a seat. Seeing the smile, they knew it had to be this stranger that had injured the guard.

In all of their years of meeting up, they had never had such an incident take place before. Their meetings were held in secret, others didn’t even know what the board members looked like, and for the first time, an outsider had attended a meeting, and it seemed like a strong one at that.

“Don’t be afraid; it looks like you guys are going to have a heart attack any second now just looking at me,” Chris said. “It would waste a lot of time if any of you were to die. All I want you guys to do is listen to my words.”

The men looked at each other, some thinking about sending their guards all at once towards the man, but they felt like it was useless; no, they knew it was useless, there was not an ounce of doubt.

“Good, I go by the Name Agent 1, and I am here today as a representative of Pure.” Chris declared.

All of their eyes widened as a sudden foreboding feeling overcame them as if their fate was coming towards an end and that whoever their successors or family members were would have to attempt to lead the future generation.

“We at Pure have a few conditions. We are willing to spare your lives and many of those close to you on earth. In return, we wish for you to… let’s say, do our bidding in the meantime.

“While you guys are free to live your life as you have been doing, we would just have a few suggestions we would heavily insist on you making.”

It was clear to them that Pure wanted to take control over the earth. But in doing so, they didn’t wish to announce it to the public. They wanted to be like a puppet master, pulling the strings behind the scene.

The older gentleman, with the hunched back, started to laugh.

“Do you think we care about death?” The man said. “I have lived a long life; if you were to take me down, my family has hundreds more that can replace us. The Board is far more powerful than the people that you see here today. Your threats mean nothing.”

Hearing this, the other members started to regain their confidence because he was right. Their Board was more than just a gore of people; it was everything they had built up—the system behind the system.

“He’s right; this is ridiculous. We are at war right now, and Pure is threatening us. With your so-called power, why don’t you help us take care of the Dalki!” Another gentleman shouted.

Chris laughed at this comment.

“Because we believe that this world is still a world not worth saving,” Chris smiled, “Help you fight the Dalki and weaken our power, for what? So the world continues to operate the way it has always been? Do you even have any idea what our goal is?

“If a group is willing to take you out, then we will happily stand aside; the only thing we didn’t foresee was a different problem, but don’t get the wrong idea, there’s a reason why you are still alive today. We thought it was easier to use you rather than get rid of you, but I guess you have to learn that you are not at the top like you think you are.”

The old man knew it was a threat, but he looked unafraid. He had clearly been through a lot in life.

“Very well, kill me then.” The man said.

“That was the response I was expecting from someone like you, but don’t worry, I won’t kill you,” Chris shrugged, and placing his hand against his ear, he turned on his earpiece.

“Team 6, you’re in charge of looking over the Watson family, correct? You may proceed.” Chris ordered.

Chris didn’t have to let the old man hear, but he wanted to, and he could tell there was a change in expression on the old man’s face after hearing his family name.

“The Watson family, in the east, you guys used to own all the supermarket chains dominating the markets around the entire world. That’s how you built up your wealth, but that isn’t why you were invited onto the Board.

“It was due to a small invention that your researchers had come up with that is now used among everyone in the world, the food pill. A simple Pill would give everyone the nutrients and daily calories it needed.

“It was a perfect tool for the war scenario we were in and helped lower costs and production in other areas. Because of this, you became one of the most influential families in the world and became part of the Board.”

It was at that moment while Chris was giving his little speech, a phone by the old man’s side started to ring. His hands were shaky as he went to pick it up. For some reason, he felt nervous.

After listening to the phone call, and the information on the other end, the man dropped it on the floor, he was so shocked.

“You….how..?” Were the only words the man uttered.

“I’m sure you all will find out what exactly happened to the Watson family soon, and if you don’t wish for the same fate to befall on your families, I suggest you follow our proposal. In the first place, we are here to talk about the V, we both want the same thing in this case, so it would be in your best interest to listen.” Chris said.

Now, the other board members were more inclined to listen.


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