My Vampire System Chapter 1405: Power is everything!

These days all the talk seemed to be about Quinn and the Cursed faction, and it was rightly so. They had been bombarded with all sorts of different news and with nothing else to do; of course, they would talk about it. For some, it was a big distraction from the current dire situations. Many of those who could fight had nothing better to do but write and surf online, while others were defending and fighting the Dalki.

Then some looked up to Quinn and his actions; many of them agreed with what he said about them already losing the war. They could feel it. Humans weren’t stupid, but it was just a lot of them had refused to believe that such a thing was going to happen to them; in simple words, they were in denial.

Human lives are short, and it felt difficult for many people to digest the fact that the whole existence of their species might end in this generation. However, this caused a reaction from the two largest groups because they asked for their opinion on the matter.

On the planet which the Graylash group had practically made their home, a meeting was held. The reason they had chosen to settle on the said planet was due to the weather. Usually, the Graylash would travel on their large island-size ship. Still, they had decided to anchor it on the current planet and for the time being, stay there permanently.

It was filled with clouds and would more often than not rain and strike lightning every day. The type of weather others would have hated, making it one of the worst planets to live on. For them though, it was the best for the Graylash family. The best position for them to use their powers and defend from a Dalki attack.

The meeting took place in the Graylash chambers; it was an open area, where the sky above them was visible through a clear glass. All they could see through the glass on a day like this was a cloudy sky.

On the surface, where whatever light they had, shone on a round table, and here the top Graylash members were having a meeting; Grim, Hermes, Owen, and the respective group leaders within the Graylash family were present.

They had been talking for a while about other matters, but Owen knew this wasn’t the reason he had been called and wanted them to get to the point.

“The people are asking every day about what our leader thinks of the Cursed faction.” Hermes reported while standing straight, “They all know that you and Quinn have a close relationship. However, they want to know if you support Quinn, his Cursed faction, or do you support the V’s that he has brought with himself.”

While the other Graylash group leaders looked to be concerned about what was happening at the moment, Owen did not have any trace of worry and had a calm look on his face. As for Grim, he was happy to go along with his grandson’s decision.

“Is that really what the people are asking?” Owen replied. “Aren’t, in essence, all of those things linked. I said before, and my answer will be the same. All these people have doubted Quinn in the past, but when has the Cursed faction leader done us wrong?

“I’m sure the concerns that the people have, are the same ones that he has, but he has decided to act like he deemed fit because he believed it was the best course of action. We can’t draw a conclusion based on the knowledge we currently have because we don’t hold all of the pieces of the puzzle. Speaking rashly would be a silly thing to do, which is what everyone in the world is doing at the moment.

“The only person that knows all the ins and outs and has the picture of the full puzzle is Quinn. So what the people should be asking is whether or not I trust the V, and for goodness sake, let’s just call them vampires. We treat the name like it’s a curse if we say it. The question should be, do you trust Quinn? To which my answer is yes.

“Remember, there is a good chance that I wouldn’t be here today if it weren’t for him, my grandfather as well for that matter. I’m sure at the time, many thought what he was doing was wrong, but he chose to listen to himself, and because of that, the two of us were able to defeat Dalki and save everyone in this room.

“So now, I ask all of you a question, and you can ask the same to anyone else who is concerned about this matter: Do you trust me? Do you believe in my decision?”

“Of course, we believe in you, sir!” One of the leaders answered straight away. Just how Owen felt indebted to Quinn, nearly all of the Graylash faction now felt indebted to Owen as well. It was just hard for them to digest how much influence Quinn’s actions had on everything.

“I’m telling you, what we should be worried about is how others will act. I can keep an eye on the Graylash faction, but I can’t keep my eye on all the others.”


Similar to how the Graylash faction was having a meeting after a very long time, those on the Board had also called for a meeting.

The Board was the one that was in control of the military. Practically what was left of the government rule, they were the ones who had decided to appoint the big four into their position of power, with their wealth and support obtained from the past.

They were the ten most powerful families, not in power but in influence and history. Nearly all these families lived on earth and chose to stay away from all the fighting that was currently taking place.

They decided to meet in one of the most expensive cities, Lotok City. It was a city filled with technology and sky-high buildings, surrounded by a reinforced wall as big as the skyscrapers themselves. On the walls were mechs that had yet even to reach the military’s hands, and they were defending this city.

In one of the buildings was where neight old-looking people had decided to meet. The eight of them sat down in oversized brown chairs with a guard by their side who adorned top-class beast gear. It wasn’t at the demon tier level, but the people and the gear were strong enough to deal with anyone they would meet in this city.

Two of the seats were empty, and the old group of people looked towards them.

“I’m assuming the Green family has refused to come again.” One of them said.

“Of course, have you not heard they are part of the Cursed faction, which is the very same faction that is causing us all these problems. He is just a child in the first place!” Another was filled with anger.

“Yes, but his family did help support all the systems we use today and helped us rise to the position we are currently in. He is one of us, and we should respect that fact, but if he doesn’t turn up, we will continue without him.” Another replied.

The doors to the room opened again, and the others were expecting to see a member of the Green family or possibly the last person. That’s when a man who seemed to be in his fifties and had a large orange-black beard on his face stepped in the hall.

Everyone instantly recognized him and had a smile on their faces, but suddenly they noticed something weird. This person was sweating at the moment and looked quite nervous.

“People, it seems we have a problem.” He said.

The guard who was by his side stepped forward into view. He had no top on, and his body was riddled with scars.

“We have been wanting to talk to all of you for a while; it’s a shame that we had to meet this way finally,” He smiled.

It was Chris.


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