My Vampire System Chapter 1404: No fear, A Challenge

Everyone followed Quinn as he walked out, but he wasn’t heading down the stairs or anywhere else; he was, in fact, walking towards his balcony, a space where the king would usually make a speech.

Upon reaching the balcony, Quinn looked down and could see all of the vampires had left their inner castles. They were now standing in the pooling area, all looking up at Quinn as if they were expecting him to make a grand speech.

Seeing them all there, Quinn found it strange. This was something he had never ordered; he just wanted them to be ready for the move, so he could only guess that it was something that Fex had arranged.

His hunch was right, and Fex had made sure to make everything more flashy than Quinn would have preferred.

The drones could be seen still in the air, which Void was surprised about. He thought that only they had been transported and figured they would be left behind. Still, he focused on the people below and filmed all of the architecture around them. They could see strange towers in places and the walls built with thick black material.

The castles, the walls, it looked like something they had never seen before, yet at the same time somewhat familiar. For instance, the Dalki fortresses that would be built had some striking similarities to these castles.

Before Quinn could even greet the people, all the vampires bowed down once again, and at the same time,

“We welcome your arrival, your majesty!” They shouted in sync.

Seeing this, Fex had the biggest smile on his face.

‘It was a lot of work, and it took days practising this with everyone, but I think I have done a good job as a Royal Knight.’

Silver and the other vampire knights who hadn’t followed were still in the throne room; upon hearing it, she just shook her head.

She felt like what Fex had done was a waste of time, but he insisted this was important for Quinn’s plan.

It was then that Void noticed something with his camera in the distance, the sun that was out, and the fields they were on. The place looked oddly familiar.

“Bonny, I don’t think we were the ones that were transported. I think that they transported this whole place to where the Daisy Shelter was.”

They couldn’t have been more right; even Ivy and Peach had been transported along with Helen’s casket, which had been left in the throne room for now. They had looked at Quinn briefly before he moved to the balcony, and he gave them a nod indicating that it would be okay.

Seeing everything, those online were stunned in amazement; they had yet to figure out that the planet they were currently on was still the Daisy planet!

“Look at all those buildings; why does it look like something out of a period movie or something.”

“There are so many of them. I thought there would be a few hundreds of V’s, but their numbers are in the 1000s. Are they all as strong as the ones that we just saw?”

“I don’t think so. He called them leaders. I’m guessing that guys are something special. Still, even the V’s that we have seen so far are quite a bit stronger than normal humans.”

“Let’s not forget what they exactly eat as well; they feed on human blood. They see us as food. The only reason why they have probably decided to join the war now is so they can protect their precious food.”

Honestly, Quinn didn’t care what people thought of the place or the settlement; he was getting tired of always being cautious about how others felt. He was constantly pushing for good, trying to think hard about doing the right thing, and pleasing everyone.

During his time of rising to the top, meeting Paul, Nathan, Oscar, and even Vincent, he had learned it was impossible to please everyone. No matter how he did something, what way he did it, there would be those who were upset. So he needed to just care about the people he wanted to help, and this was the best course of action.

Before continuing on his message to the Dalki, he opened up his system screen and took a look; the title was being applied.

‘It looks like it still works, this is excellent, and I have plenty of reputation points to use.’

Quinn then turned back to the camera, making sure Bonny had faced it towards him.

“You Dalki successfully took over this planet before, but you will never succeed again.”

At that moment, using the system, certain areas of the settlement started to change. He moved his hands outwards, and the camera view switched to the drones above the settlement. The scene slowly changed, and a Great Wall began to form, bordering around the settlement, similar to what the Shelter had before.

Since the vampires were confident in dealing with whatever came their way, they never bothered to build walls around the Shelter. They did, however, have walls surrounding their inner areas near the castles.

Now, however, Quinn was making sure to build a high wall from the strong black substance around the entire Shelter. It was rising in milliseconds as if someone was using an earth ability, but this was clearly not an earth ability.

Once the wall was completed, Quinn then proceeded to add more things as towers similar to those staying outside the castle started to rise. Just by the tower walls.

This wall now protected the whole settlement, and lastly, gargoyle statues were placed on the outside of these walls. To make sure, any enemy who tried to attack would have a tough time. Bonny seeing everything, was left speechless.

They had never seen a power or an ability like this before; even the strongest earth ability users at most could build a large building or castle where they stood, but Quinn, from where he was, was able to create more, and they were complete structures that were definitely there for more than just show.

“This is the new Vampire settlement. Here shall Helen forever rests in peace.

“I invite you, the Dalki, Graham or whoever you are, to come here and try taking over this planet again. Try your best because I promise you, you will never succeed. If anyone attempts to take over this place, I will stop them.

“As long as I breathe, this place shall be protected. That’s my invitation out to you… pathetic rats.” Quinn held his head high as if looking down upon the whole race of Dalki!

Then placing his hand on the camera and clenching his fist, he destroyed it on the spot.

Void was at a loss for words, especially since his very, very expensive camera was suddenly turned into scraps. But with the Livestream ended at that point, Quinn had sent his message to the one person for whom it really mattered.

And, Graham had received it loud and clear.

“You think I’m scared? We will see, Quinn… we will see!”


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