My Vampire System Chapter 1403: The New settlement

Once again, Quinn was making another impression on everyone. He didn’t realize that he had also influenced the fighting that was going on the other planets.

During the time between the announcement was made and now, something special had occurred. After the Dalki had learned that Humans had reclaimed the Daisy faction planet from them, they decided to be somewhat patient.

This signified that most of the attacks that they had planned to orchestrate on the other planets were postponed. Those still on the planets were no longer pushing forward.

Although, Sach and Owen thought this wasn’t good news either. The Dalki might have just been waiting for something themselves. They were always cautious but, at the same time, still not strong enough to go on the attack either.

Their fears were slightly true. The Dalki were focusing on increasing their forces at the moment. Before, they were on a time scale. Knowing their lives would come to an end at some point. But now, having one of the dragons, their situation had somewhat changed. So when Graham heard that Quinn had wanted to make an announcement, he decided to put things on hold.

For the last week, it felt like the treaty that was agreed upon between the Dalki and the humans had returned, and now, the person who had caused it all was about to address everyone again.

This was how much power Quinn had gained in that time. Just a simple announcement from him had managed to calm down the war.

On top of the base, everyone could see not just Quinn on the camera, but the leaders were standing behind him also. They stood straight and still, but what was gaining all the viewers’ attention was Quinn’s eyes.

They were burning after he had said the words Dalki. They could feel the anger in them even through the screen.

“The Dalki have taken many of our lives, our loved ones, and we are still in the middle of this damned war.” Quinn clenched his fists “Even now, they have taken people close to me, members of the Cursed faction.

“It was because of them during the first war that I lost my parents, and then friends and others continued to die around me, and now the Dalki continue to do so.

“I’m sure many of you feel the same, and the truth is at the moment, we are losing this war. We have been pushed back to the point where we can’t even leave our shelters safely. Is this the type of life we imagined? Even if we were to survive living like this, how long? How long would we last? Is this really a life worth living? For me, it’s not. If we sit and do nothing, then eventually, the Dalki will win. All we would be doing is delaying what we know is coming.

“When speaking to you all last time, I talked about what we were. I admitted to you all that there were many members of the Cursed faction who were different to you. You gave them the name of V. It took a while but eventually, some of you accepted us. You accepted us through our actions, which was why I decided to show you. That these people beside me, their actions speak louder than words.

“Right now, the people who stand behind me are the leaders of the V. I won’t lie; we know that there are some V that are working with the Dalki, but the ones behind me are different.

“The Humans, and the vampires, next to me, we both have a common goal. The vampires had chosen not to interfere in human affairs for a long period of time, but now there is something that threatens both of our species, and that is why they have decided to come out of the shadows, and this time, they, along with me, will help fight the Dalki.”

When Quinn was speaking, the scene felt and sounded familiar to them. This was because, to the world, they had witnessed something similar happen before. It was when the first set of Originals had appeared. Those with abilities.

When the Dalki was invading the Earth, it was at its toughest times. Those with power had stepped forward, offering to help and teach others, fighting back the Dalki invasion. Once again, it looked like history was repeating itself with the so-called vampires.

“I know some of you will be frightened by these people by my side. I was at one point, but I, Quinn Talen, guarantee you that they will not harm you, and using their powers, using my power, we will get rid of the Dalki for good.

“Now that my message to the people is concluded, I will spare a few words for you, Dalki. I hope you are watching and listening to everything I say.”

This time, even Sam was nervous about what would happen or what Quinn’s words would entail for the rest of the world. Unlike in the past, Quinn hadn’t asked Sam for advice on what to say. This time Quinn was acting on his own.

It was clear, Quinn was angry, and although the speech seemed somewhat soft in its approach. He wasn’t asking the humans to work together with the vampires. He was particularly telling them what he would do.

Quinn turned to Muka and nodded her way. In her hands, she had a larger, circular device that looked similar to the small ones that Bonny and Void had seen in Nicu’s hands; only this one was about three times the size.

Turning the dials around a few times, Muka then pressed on top of the crystal in the centre. At that moment, several lights positioned in different places could be seen in the shelter. Bonny and Void turned around and immediately told their drones to go up in the air to catch what was happening.

Just as they thought, the strange, almost bluish light they could see was coming from the smaller devices. The energy coming from them was so strong and bright they almost pierced the clouds. Then, the light from each of them started to spread out as if trying to consume the whole place.

Eventually, the bright light did just that, and soon, the light from each device overlapped each other, and the entire shelter was covered, including where the others were standing on the base. The feeling that everyone felt at that moment was similar to when they would go through the teleporters; as for where exactly they would end up, that could have been anyone’s guess.

When the light finally faded, Bonny and Void found themselves in a strange room. Looking underneath their feet, they could see that they were now standing on a weird red carpet, and towards the very back, there was a throne.

“Film everything! Are you getting all this? I think we have just been transported to where all the leaders are from.” Bonny whispered over to Void.

What was most impressive out of everything, though, was those that were in the room at the moment. All of the vampire knights had appeared, including Fex. They stood at the edge of the throne room in which others had teleported.

All were standing at an equal distance apart, lined up on either side. This clearly wasn’t what Quinn had expected, and he looked towards Fex, who just smiled at him before lifting his hand and clicking his fingers.

‘You want to make an impression right, well then you need one fitting for a King.’ Fex thought.

At that moment, all of the knights in the room bowed down before going on one knee.

“We welcome back the family leaders and his majesty!” They declared in unison.

For a second, Quinn felt a little embarrassed at what had just happened due to its sudden unexpectedness, wondering just what Fex had made them do, but he had to quickly forget about that as he walked forward, regaining his composure.

Everything was still live, and his job was not yet finished.

“Come on… we’re not done yet. There’s still a lot I want to say to them.” Quinn said, making sure Bonny and Void followed.


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