My Vampire System Chapter 1402: The movement

While Quinn had moved to the Beast planet solar system, the vampire settlement was still busy even without their leaders. A few days had passed since the leaders had been summoned, but the rest were assigned important tasks.

For now, the ones giving orders were the respective knights of each castle, as for who was giving them orders… it was none other than the new Royal knight, who was also busy.

Fex hadn’t been summoned along with the others; instead, he was busy trying to coordinate all the information and tasks that had been left to him.

“Arghh, man, I’m really not suited for this stuff,” Fex grunted as he sat down in a seat inside the Royal castle and gave out a big huff of air. Although many of the vampires in the settlement hadn’t watched the broadcast, Fex had done.

The reason for the other vampires missing out on such a thing wasn’t because they were disinterested. Everyone was a big fan of the new vampire king. They would have loved to see him. But it was due to the previous leaders. They didn’t want the vampires to know anything about the regular human world.

Which meant they had no clue who Bonny or Void was or how to access their Livestream.

‘Man, that was quite a cool moment he displayed, but it sucks about Helen. I thought the two of them suited each other more than the other one.’ Fex thought.

Still, watching the Livestream only made Fex more frustrated, wishing that he would have been called as well, but he knew he had important tasks to do. Turning his head to the side, he looked at the person who stood there.

By his side, there was another vampire. One that he had only recently gotten familiar with.

It was a female vampire. She was young in terms of vampire age but was far older than Fex. She had short hair and a blindfold that was constantly covering her eyes. It appeared she was visually impaired, something that was extremely uncommon among vampires.

Due to their healing aspects, vampires could heal nearly any condition that came upon them. Still, there were times when vampires were just born with certain disabilities compared to others, just like humans. And for her, it was her eyesight.

‘Well, at least the girl isn’t bald like another certain vampire.’ Fex thought and chuckled to himself quietly while looking around to see if he was nearby.

‘Sir, I have just received an update from the Fourth family and the Ninth family; it looks like preparations are finally complete.’ The girl spoke, but she didn’t do it aloud; she had said using her ability to send a message directly to his head.

This was the power of the Eighth family, The Snacker family. Although, Bryce had disbanded the family after they had somewhat supported the second family. Quinn had decided to bring the family back slowly.

He thought their ability was important for the vampires. A way to communicate with each other without relying on technology was a handy thing; they realized its importance even more than before because the Dalki technology was more advanced than theirs.

This was why currently working under Fex, was a girl named Saya Snacker.

“Where are they able to find Nest Crystals?” Fex asked.

It took a while for Saya to reply, which Fex just assumed was her trying to communicate to the others. Surprisingly, Saya’s ability was quite strong despite her not being a vampire trained to take the hier position. Fex sometimes wondered if it was due to her visual impairment. Perhaps her condition made her focus more on using her ability.

“Not yet, they will continue to investigate for the time being, but they are already sending over the Crystals needed,” Saya reported.

This was good news. Fex was waiting for these specific type of bat crystals that they would use to create the special rings that allowed vampires to stay out in the sunlight.

There was still another problem though, the rings that were created from these crystals only blocked the sunlight for a few hours. It was a temporary solution, and for the time being, the vampires would have to stay indoors until Quinn came up with another solution.

In all honesty, Fex thought they should have waited longer before Quinn did what he was planning to do, but something had clearly happened that Fex was unaware of, which had angered Quinn, causing him to speed up the process.

A few more days had passed, and the rings had been made. They were then handed to each of the vampires, and a report was sent to them all, getting ready for what was about to happen next. Fex had also gathered the people during that time, as he had something of his own planned.

At the same time, Vampire Knights were sent to different corners of the settlement, and strange circular devices were placed all over the settlement.

Now, there was only one more thing to do. Fex walked down with the Vampire Knights from each of his families by his side. They had entered the tunnels located beneath the castles. Accompanying behind them were a large number of crystals taken from the Royal storage room.

Finally getting through the tunnels and having one of Muka’s newly appointed vampire knights, they unlocked a combination to a particular room.

‘I never knew this place was down here.’ Fex mused, looking at what was happening in front of him. He knew some tunnels led to the tomb area and each of the castles. There they had multiple cellars.

This was because he had been held prisoner in these tunnels at one point. Still, in the centre, under the pooling area, he was unaware that there was another large space. When they entered, Fex could see a large circle on the ground. It wasn’t a technological device. It just looked like a painting on the floor.

Someone had drawn several patterns and shapes in the circle, and characters he had no way of interpretation.

“What is all this?” Fex asked.

His sister, being the vampire knight of the thirteenth family, was currently with him at the time.

“You know why we are here, Fex.” Silver replied. “This is the transportation device, although if you’re asking what exactly is that, I am not sure. You would have to ask one of the Originals about it. It was just created so we could move the vampire settlement whenever we wished.”

Fex stopped his questions there. He would rather not ask one of those originals for help. It seemed like whenever one of them was awakened, there was trouble, and that included the apparent good ones like Richard Eno.

“Saya, report to Quinn, tell him we and everyone are ready,” Fex ordered.

After turning on the device, it would take a while to charge, and Fex needed to get his plan in motion as well.


After reaching this news, Quinn stood on top of the base. He looked far out and could see the leaders already in their positions with their hands raised. In front of him, Bonny and Void were now standing on top of the base as well. Behind them were Peach and Ivy. They had a casket that contained Helen’s body inside.

When the two of them were ready, they gave Quinn the thumbs up.


It was then that all the leaders that had spread out around the Shelter, just like before, had appeared right by Quinn’s side like some magic. Even the leaders couldn’t get used to this. They were being forced to move against their will, but quickly they stood on either side of Quinn while he remained in the middle.

The red light on the camera could be seen rolling.

Standing there, Quinn looked directly into the camera.

“I have a message for everyone out there. The Earthborn Group, the Graylash group, Members of the Cursed faction, and all of those that are still on Earth. Lastly, I have an important message for you as well, the Dalki.”

When saying the name Dalki, Quinn’s eyes started to glow red with anger, and at that moment, they would receive his message loud and clear, including Graham, who was watching the broadcast, waiting to see what this message exactly held.


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