My Vampire System Chapter 1401: Young anger

As soon as Bony and Void got the call that Quinn wanted to announce something, every cell in their body was shaking with excitement. It was rare for Quinn to call on them, and the last time he did, they had witnessed something special.

Shortly after, like last time, Bonny and Void had announced to everyone that there would be a special broadcast to take place. This had caused a slight problem that had put the whole world on standby.

The announcement had been made that Quinn wanted to speak to the entire world, yet he didn’t give any date or time. Actually, it was because Quinn himself was conflicted on when exactly he would need to call him. There were various things that needed to be ready before he could act, and he had no clue how long those things would take. In the meantime, the two of them just had to stay put in the Shelter until Quinn called them.

Of course, with this pent-up excitement, the reporters couldn’t just sit around doing nothing, and the only people there besides Quinn were the two sisters and the leaders.

They had already done their fair share of talking to them, and the sisters weren’t exactly in the best moods to talk either.

Because of this, at the moment, Void and Bonny were outside of the Shelter, strolling around, trying to see if they could spot one of the leaders to talk to.

They moved fast, so it was hard to keep track of them, and they weren’t even sure if they would be able to track them down.

“Do you really think this is a good idea? Those leaders, as Quinn described, are a little scary.” Void mentioned.

It wasn’t Quinn who had updated Void and Bonny on who those strange people were, but instead, it was Sam. He thought since the world had now learned about the existence of these powerful vampires, it would be nice for Bonny to make a detailed report at some point.

Of course, he couldn’t go into too much detail because he was unaware of how much information the vampires would be happy to share, but the good thing was, Sam had the King of vampires on his side. If he overstepped his boundaries a little, who would be the one to tell him off.

He just told the basics, that the vampires were made up of a council who made the decisions for them. These were the council members—some of the strongest vampires that ruled over the others.

“You know what the situation will be like,” Bonny replied. “I’m sure you read some of those comments online. If we are going to make a report about them, we need to calm those comments too, and the best way to do that is to gather more information about them.

“Who knows, maybe you will see one of them healing an injured bird or something.”

“Or maybe we will see them feasting on a human body.” Void replied.

Eventually, after some time of roaming around, they spotted one of the leaders near the edge of the Shelter. This one looked to be one of the younger leaders and strangely had a cane in his hands. It looked odd because the leader seemed to have no problem walking.

At the same time, the young gentleman seemed to have a strange circular device in his hand. It wasn’t anything they had witnessed before. There were engravings carved into the device and a crystal placed in the top.

The two reporters hadn’t gotten close just yet; they were cautious and just watched the person for a while walking around until eventually, he started to lift the rubble effortlessly and chucked it over to the sides as if he didn’t care about the place as a whole.

In the end, after clearing the rubble, the ground resurfaced, and the leader then placed the strange device on the floor.

“So now I’m just meant to stand here and protect this thing until the others are ready? this is so annoying, just like you insects!” The leader said aloud. As for who the leader was, it was none other than the first leader, Nicu.

“Do you think he spotted us?” Void asked as the two of them were hidden behind a pile of rubble.

“Are all humans this thick?” Nicu asked. “I can hear you; I can smell you. I knew you were there from the beginning. Just ask me what you want and leave.”

The two reporters looked at each other, thinking whether they should go out and ask Nicu a few questions. After all, he hadn’t hurt them till now, so he won’t hurt them after the questions, right? Still, he did seem to be an aggressive leader; perhaps it would have been better to talk to one of the other leaders.

Then the thought occurred that maybe others might turn out even worse. Trying not to shy away, Bonny started walking forward, and Void turned on the camera, chasing right after her. He wasn’t the best when it came to making decisions, but he would soon immediately follow Bonny if she were to go.

“I wanted to ask some questions for the report we are preparing on the leaders,” Bonny said, carefully walking through all the rubble of the damaged structures. Eventually, she had reached the cleared space that Nicu had created.

“I see, so it looks like they have already made you somewhat aware of us,” Nicu replied smugly. “Well, as he stated, I am the leader of the first family, Nicu Cain.”

Since Nicu was being so polite, Bonny felt like she had no choice but to bow down, and Void soon followed.

“I wanted to ask you a few questions. Who is Quinn Talen to you, the vampire leaders? And earlier, you addressed him as ‘your majesty’, do you mind revealing how this came to be?” Bonny asked.

Hearing this question, Void thought that maybe Bonny was prying in too much. If the Cursed faction wanted to give this information, they would have already told them about it. Nevertheless, it was evident that she was being too meddlesome because the question seemed to annoy Nicu.

‘I need to know. I’m sure Quinn is on our side, but are the rest of these council members on our side as well?’ Bonny thought.

“Yes…Quinn Talen is an outsider. Unlike us, he was a human who was turned.” When speaking, there was a clear disliking in Nicu’s voice which was worrying the other two. This was what they were afraid of. “However….”

Nicu started to think back when Quinn had forcefully taken Arthur’s weapon from him. In that instant, Quinn stated something that had touched him a little. He asked for him to be more like his sister rather than his father.

“The council has voted, and I follow the rules. Although I might not agree with where he has come from, he is rightfully our King. So I will follow his commands.”

It was a satisfying answer based on their actions so far, it really did seem like they followed Quinn, and it seemed like even if they didn’t like him, these leaders were for some reason, loyal to him. Rather than push for questions about the vampire’s origins, and more about Quinn like she wanted to, she decided to ask about something else.

“The strange device that you just placed down. What is it?” Bonny asked.

“This? I guess I can inform you.” Nicu replied. “All of the leaders have been given a device similar to this. The devices are to be spread out around the Shelter. Then when everyone is ready, we will inform Quinn. For now, I have to stay here to make sure the device stays intact.”

Now looking at the device closer, it was definitely something Bonny had never encountered before. She wondered if it had anything to do with the announcement that Quinn would have liked to have made; it was at that moment that the receiver on Bonny started to vibrate.

“Are you ready?” Quinn asked. “The preparations are complete. It’s time for us to send our message to the Dalki.”


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