My Vampire System Chapter 1400: Final message

With the live stream concluded, there was a lot of talk about from the netizens. The public couldn’t stop talking about the new V that had appeared. Some were already comparing them with the old big four and the head generals.

Eventually, conversations started to spring up. If there were ever a war to begin between the two races, would the humans be able to win. Conversations about how long the V’s even existed were starting to come into play.

However, some were more rational; if V’s had existed for a long time and were this strong, then at any point and time, especially before humans had discovered they had abilities, they could have ruled over the humans, yet they had not.

Perhaps, it was because like Quinn, all V’s were originally human at some point, and this was a mutation. Some people even saw it as a type of ability. Especially since their appearance, it has certainly made them seem more human on the outside.

Regardless of all these facts, it had caused a stir within the Earthborn group, especially among those who were part of the Board. They had decided to call a meeting, including Supreme Commander Sach, to discuss the new information they had gathered.

This wasn’t the only thing that others were talking about. After discovering Helen’s death, stories of her accomplishments and the tales of her kindness towards her people started to spread online. People were learning just how great of a person she was and how big of a loss to the human race this was.

On the Cursed Faction ship, two people in particular felt worse as more news started to spread. One of them was Layla, who had yet to leave her room ever since discovering what had occurred after she was taken away.

‘She… she stayed behind when she didn’t need to… she was so brave. She knew she was going to die if she stayed behind, and she still told us all to leave. Why… do people who are around me keep dying.’ Layla started to sob once again with her hands covering her face.

It wasn’t the first time she felt like this. When Erin was taken away, when Cia had died, when her mother had died, and now Helen. Each time, Layla had been somewhat close, but she was too weak to do anything, and this time too, she was too weak to help.

‘If only I had succeeded in learning the Soul weapon, or learned to use Qi better, then maybe I could have done something…’ These thoughts plagued her head. Every time she thought she had improved, more people were fading from her side.

‘If Quinn were there instead of us…he probably would have been able to save her.’

At the same time, another person who blamed Helen’s death on himself just as much as the others was Sam. In the end, he had decided only to send three people to help out the Daisy faction.

‘Why didn’t I send more. Maybe more people would have been able to stop the enemy. Maybe then Helen wouldn’t have had to stay behind. Or I should have asked all of them to move as soon as the Dalki appeared.

‘I should have been the one to order them to head back to the other planets.’

The thing was, Sam knew that would have been a bad call at the time as well. Dealing with an influx of people while all the Shelters were under attack – if he had chosen this option from the get-go, it was highly likely that they could have lost two shelters that day.

‘Someone destroyed the teleporters after nearly everyone made it through, was that Helen as well. Did she destroy the teleporters to save the lives of the others?’ He wondered.


Taking a deep breath and sitting down in the chair, Quinn had directed that no one disturb him for the time being. It was time for him to watch the video. He had been putting it off because it felt strange to him.

He had just seen Helen’s dead body not too long ago, and now he would be hearing her voice and her words as if she was speaking from the other side. Still, he felt like she had left him this video for a reason, so he should watch it.

Playing the video, a large hologram displayed in front of him, and Helen appeared, sitting in the very seat on which Quinn was at this moment.

She had a bright smile on her face and looked in good condition, a great contrast to what he had seen her just moments ago.

“I hate that I’m recording one of these… but I guess as a leader, I need to lead by example, right? I can’t tell all the others to make one and then not make one myself.” Helen said. Her voice showed her nervousness, a side that Quinn hadn’t seen from her.

“Anyways, when making this video, I needed to decide who would be best to see it. I have spoken to my sisters many times before, and they know how I feel, so I started to think… if I didn’t get the chance to talk to the person, if there was someone I wanted to talk to one more time before I leave, who would that be?

“In the end, I came to my answer, and that is you, Quinn Talen. When I first saw you, I remember thinking of you as a young and naive man, but you had this determination, this look in your eyes to change things, and I was attracted to that because it was the same for me.

“I have an inkling for meeting these types of people, and for the first time, I thought I had met someone who had more ambition than me. You might not have realised this, Quinn, so I wanted to tell you.

“You might have more ambition than anyone I have ever met before. The reason why others and maybe you yourself don’t realise this is because, for once, unlike other people, your ambition isn’t selfish. This selfless desire attracted me towards you, and I thought, what would it be like if I spent the rest of my life with this person.

“I could imagine you as a great person who, if you truly loved me, would have done anything for me. You would have got up every morning to see me smile because that’s just the type of person you are, and that’s when I realised… your eyes didn’t look at me in that way.

“At least, not yet. I’m sorry, Quinn, I’m sorry that I hesitated when I found out what you were. I started to think my initial attraction to you was something else, that maybe you had tricked me. Because for me as well, I had never felt these feelings of true love or love at first sight, I thought it was a myth. However, it was only later that I realised these feelings were real.

“I wish that I could have seen the world that you will create. I would have loved to travel on different planets with you, exploring new worlds and different views together. It would have been great, but I guess if you’re watching this video, I will never experience that.”

Helen paused there for a second, and Quinn could see a tear roll down her eye.

“I’m not like you, Quinn. I’m not a selfless person. I wanted you for myself, but in my aims to improve myself and be a person you would approve of, I decided not to be selfish. If this video arrives in your hands, I want you to enjoy those views; I want you to spend the rest of your life making someone else smile and experience these new feelings with others.

“And if you ever did fall for me, or realise you’re feeling too late…then forget about me, Quinn Talen. This is my selfish request. Forget about me, and carry on with your selfless ambition.”

The video ended there, and just like earlier, when he saw Helen, he didn’t know how to feel.

“You…really are a selfish person. I remember when you just kissed me out of the blue…but you aren’t a bad person Helen. Maybe I did realise too late…”

After thinking things over for a while, Quinn decided to do something and called Bonny.

“Bonny, get ready to film something. I’m sure they will be watching. I want to make sure this is something that the Dalki will see, my message to them!” Quinn said.


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