My Vampire System Chapter 1399: Helen's fate

Reminiscing about the events that transpired that day, Layla was praying that Helen was safe. Quite a few Daisy fighters were saved, and Layla noticed a pattern with those still alive. They were the strongest members of Daisy.

If that really was the case, there was a good chance that Helen was alive as well. Her hands were held tightly together, shivering as she saw Quinn open the doors and the cameras with Bonny and Void rush in behind him.

Finally, she would get an answer of what had happened after they had left her that day.

“What…have they done!” Quinn was stunned at the scene in front of him and almost fell to his knees. Currently, they were in what looked like a lab. It wasn’t a lab like the other bases had. Usually, they focused on improving weapons, designing mechs, perhaps even trying to create new weapons; however, here, the whole place was just filled with broken vases and plants all over the place.

Soon, Helen’s sisters rushed in behind, and in an instant, tears started to roll down their faces; they couldn’t even take another step forward. They fell to their knees beside Quinn, who stood motionless.

“Look away; we can’t film this,” Bonny said, making Void put the camera down. It was important for them to film and update people on the situation, but a certain amount of respect was obliged when filming the fallen.

Eventually, Quinn walked forward into the lab and finally went to the wall, where Helen was practically stuck. Her body looked to be flattened on the wall, as if she had been squashed onto there, her own flesh acting like glue.

It was easy to identify her because most of the front of her body was intact; although she had no clothes on, her body appeared naked with several holes all over the bare skin. The worst part of it all, though, was how skinny and frail she looked.

As if she wasn’t fed, left there to starve, barely left alive. While at the same time, the blood had been drained out of her, leaving her in such a state. Then, the strangest thing of all were some of the plants.

The plants had escaped from their glass experiment jars, seemed to have eventually grown, and were starting to feed off of Helen’s body. Around her legs, there were even several roots attached.

It was an unnatural phenomenon, to say the least.

‘I can’t hear anything.’ Quinn thought. ‘There is no heartbeat… I can’t think of any way to save her…how did all this happen?’

“Let’s cut to something else,” Bonny said in a low voice as they left the rooms and instead decided to film the survivors who were standing outside. Bonny was hoping she could help in some way and get a clearer picture of what had supposedly happened. At the same time, Quinn just stood in the room, looking at Helen; he didn’t touch her, he didn’t do anything, but just stood there with Helen’s sisters sobbing in the background.

“Do you think he’ll be okay?” Void wondered as they headed back into the main base hall.

“I don’t know, whatever happened, it seems like the two of them are close. I’ve never seen him act like this.” Bonny replied. “Usually, anger, sadness, or something else overcomes them, but Quinn, he wasn’t displaying any of those things, and sometimes the people that act this way have the worst reaction possible.”

After interrogating the survivors, they found out that the Dalki were collecting blood from all the survivors once in a while. They didn’t know what they were doing with it or how they were using it. They also claimed that they had seen Dalki enter the room that Helen was in several times, coming out with blood-filled tubes.

However, there was quite a clear difference in treatment between them. Dalki had fed the other survivors, and they were even allowed to stay together, but for Helen… they could only imagine that during that whole time, the Dalki only drained blood from her until her current state.

After some time, the leaders started to return to the base where Quinn was, and they had brought along a few more survivors, but not many numbers. In total, they had gathered around another twenty or so, and that was between all the leaders.

Void and Bonny made sure to film all of them walking together. Getting a clear look at their faces, and that’s when she realized something.

“My gosh, all of these people, they’re so handsome and pretty,” Bonny unknowingly spoke aloud, and it seemed like the viewers agreed to this.

“Are all V like this? I mean, I guess not; there are some people I saw that were V’s that looked quite normal.”

“If all V’s looked like this, then we would have to start suspecting every good-looking person.”

At the same time, there was something else that couldn’t be displayed through the camera. It was something only those who were present at the scene could feel – The overwhelming presence each of them carried; the V’s had a sense of importance when walking as if they owned the land they stepped on.

“Where is his majes..I mean Quinn Talen?” Muka asked, stepping forward. Everyone looked towards the door of the other room, where Quinn would be. Bonny and Void followed behind, hoping to witness whatever might transpire next.

Upon entering the lab, they all stood next to each other and just looked towards Quinn with their heads down. Not a single one of them said a word and just waited. How much time had passed, no one was sure.

Even those watching on camera felt strange, as they knew they couldn’t say much or poke fun at the situation.

Eventually, Quinn turned around and could see all the leaders. However, he seemingly ignored their presence and instead walked to the two sisters who were still sobbing on the ground.

“Ivy… and Peach, right?… I see you cared a lot for Helen.” Quinn said. “Please tell me… what should I do?”

This was unexpected; for all things they expected Quinn to say, he was asking them what he should do. A strong person like him was asking for their help.

Wiping the tears away, Peach, the eldest of the two, stood up.

“Please, she was our sister; let us take her off the wall and give her a befitting farewell before you do anything.”

Then, Ivy stood up as well, grabbing her sister’s hand to help her up, she gripped tightly, and both of the sisters looked at each other and nodded. Then at the same time, the two of them spoke to him.

“And, Quinn, please, kill them, please help us kill whoever did this to our sister!” They shouted and started crying again.

It didn’t take Quinn long to answer.

“So that’s what I need to do. To let Helen rest in peace, I have to kill the person who did this to her. Then that’s exactly what I will do. I promise… I promise I will get rid of the Dalki before I even think about resting.”

With those words said, Bonny thought that it was time to end the live stream, at least for now. It was a good introduction to the Cursed Faction, and it had finished with Quinn making a promise to the whole world.

Still, Bonny and Void were instructed to remain in the Shelter for now, as they felt there was more to this story still, and the two sisters had something they wished to speak to Quinn before they began to bring Helen off the wall.

“There is something you should see, Quinn.” Peach said. “When the Dalki started to attack the other Cursed Faction planets, Helen made every single person make a video. It was a video that was meant to be sent to whoever they wished after their death.”

“It was for their loved ones to receive a last message. You see, the videos that were to be made even included us as leaders, and we’re the only family Helen has, so she had already said everything she wanted to speak to us, but she still had made a video, and it was her wish that if she were to die, the video would be sent to you.

“Please… watch the video whenever you can.”

Quinn nodded and instructed the leaders to stay on standby and aid in anything the sisters wanted help with. At the same time, those survivors had been sent back to the planet Sam was currently on. This was all done on the same day the Cursed Faction had reclaimed the Daisy Planet.

While the sisters and the leaders remained here, for now, not leaving, Quinn decided to head to the office of the Daisy Faction before doing anything else. Surprisingly the place was in good shape. There was no reason for the Dalki to destroy all the buildings in the first place, and an office wasn’t important to them.

Here he could see several beautiful flowers, still full of life in the room, and windows that naturally let the light into the room. Then, there was the seat that she would sit on. Quinn had come here because he was finally ready, ready to watch the video that Helen had left for him.

Just what message had Helen left, Quinn couldn’t help but wonder.


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