My Vampire System Chapter 1392: Super Dalki

The vampire leaders were doing as Quinn had ordered, and following their nose they were able to pick up particular scents. Dalki and humans each had their own scents, different from vampires, but they still had to be relatively close to find them.

However, there was one thing that had led two leaders, Sunny and Jin, to a particular location, and that was the smell of blood. To vampires, the smell of blood was far more prominent and they could notice it from much further away. Unfortunately, since they could smell human blood, especially as prudent as this one was, it wasn’t exactly a good sign.

The smell had led the two leaders to a particularly large building. It was a giant greenhouse that was covered in glass. Inside looked like it spread for miles and it was the only green plants that didn’t look to be too destroyed.

“The smell of those plants is quite annoying.” Sunny commented, as she covered her nose.

“Still, the blood smell led us here, so let’s head inside.” Jin shrugged his shoulders, doing his best to tolerate the plants.

Inside, the two of them noticed that the drone had followed them, floating a short distance away. It was clear that the two of them were being watched right now. If it wasn’t for Quinn telling them not to interfere, then they would have destroyed it by now.

The vampires didn’t like being viewed. They had spent centuries away from humanity’s eyes and yet suddenly each and every one of their moments was being watched by people they didn’t even know. The two did their best to ignore it, as they headed further inside.

As they walked through, there were the same pathways. The green house seemed to be designed similarly to a tourist attraction, there was the sound of a waterfall and plants laid out in all types of different ways.

“It’s such a beautiful place, but it stinks.” Sunny complained, still covering her nose.

“Well, it looks like the Dalki think we can’t tell they are here either.” Jin said, looking through the greenery and seeing a Dalki off in the distance. The next second, using his speed, he ran through, avoiding stepping on the precious plants, after the Dalki who was fleeing instead of fighting.

With its back turned, Jin jumped at the creature, placing his hand on the Dalki’s head. The tips of his fingers were slightly cut, allowing him to release a small amount of blood. Once he had let out enough, he ignited his blood, causing a small explosion.

After the smoke had cleared, the Dalki’s head was no more. It was lying on the ground, dead.

“It looked like the Dalki was heading somewhere. Do you think it was going to inform the others?” Sunny asked her partner. “Do they not know that they are being attacked? Surely from when we first arrived, everyone should have noticed it.”

The viewers who were watching were able to hear the conversation between the two vampire leaders and had come to their own conclusion. The Dalki were suitably armed, and even if they had heard the sound of fighting coming from the centre of the Shelter, they might have believed that the others had already dealt with the intruders.

It might have been the case as well, since the leaders were able to finish off all the Dalki in the area quickly, before they even had the chance to inform the others.

Eventually, heading in the direction of the smell of blood and where the Dalki was heading towards, they encountered more of them. They had come across a wide spread area that was just in front of an artificially made waterfall.

In the midst of the Dalki group, the humans were kneeling on the ground, they weren’t tied up. It appeared that they were staying through fear alone. Not wishing to move, and some could understand why, since there weren’t many of them left.

There were only nine female survivors along with one male, yet a pile of bodies was floating not too far away, in the water behind them.

“This is the strong scent of blood we could smell. The waterfall is spreading the smell out.” Jin mumbled.

Wasting no time, the two leaders quickly went out. Initially, the prisoners seeing them appear began to harbor hope, thinking that someone had come to rescue them, but seeing that there were only two people they didn’t think they could do much, especially since there were ten Dalki or so that were guarding them.

That was until they watched Sunny dodge a swipe from a two spike Dalki, and lift up her leg kicking it in the face. It looked like a simple kick, nothing special, yet, the Dalki’s head flung back, and the creature fell to the ground with its face slit open.

During her attack, she had used blood hardening on her leg, creating a type of blade that was able to pierce the hard skin. Of course, this was the hardening of a vampire leader. The strength, the speed and power of the attack was different and was why she was able to do such a thing.

After that, the two dealt with the Dalki, one after another and they were saved, but the Daisy factions were aware while watching the fight that the ones that had saved them were V.

“We have been sent by His Majesty to save you. I believe you all know him as Quinn Talen.” Sunny informed them.

As soon as they heard that name, they looked at each other and smiles appeared on their faces.

“He saved us! He didn’t forget about us!” Hearing this news, they no longer were worried about what these two would do to them.

Both Sunny and Jin saw the reaction of the people and were quite impressed.

‘It looks like the King really is a respected figure to the humans as well. I wonder what he went through to earn that much respect from them at his young age.’

Since Sunny had a nicer face, the survivors were less afraid of her and willing to follow her, at the same time, as she began to lead them out of the green house, Jin looked at the river. Bodies floating, limbs having been ripped off and even dead bodies on the ground.

The drone that had been following them, looked to be filming all of this as well.

“What is that V doing there just standing there looking at them.”

“He must be thinking something along the lines of ‘look at all this wasted food’, lol.”

“Yeah, I mean he is a V after all, we might get to see them drink some blood live!”

“What is wrong with you people? How could you say that? Did you not just see that they risked their lives to save those people. If they weren’t there then it’s possible that all of them could have been beaten. I can’t believe, why do you have to be this distrusting of them all?”

“Too long, didn’t read! These freaks eat humans and they didn’t help us until now! How can you be such a sheeple to NOT be cautious of them?”


At the same time, they weren’t the only leaders that had come across humans. In one of the apartment buildings, Vincent had also just defeated a group of Dalki that were guarding some captives.

He was looking at them all frightened, and had noticed a slight observation. They all had a pinprick on their arm. Which was suggesting they had been injected with a needle of some kind. After asking them some questions it seemed to be the case that they were taking blood from the humans, not just once, but sometimes several times.

‘So the Dalki didn’t just take them to hold them hostage. They are definitely doing something with the captives, but what?’ Vincent wondered. ‘They didn’t before, so I can only guess it has something to do with the Demon tier beast they have captured. Even without the second half they seem to be able to create more Dalki.

‘From the information we have, the Dalki can also be based on mixing specific human and the beast’s DNA. Is that it? Are they capturing the strong members from Daisy, in order to create a better and stronger Dalki? It seems to be the most likely case.

“Alright everyone, it’s time for me to get you out of here.” Vincent spoke to the survivors.

‘Whatever they are planning, I don’t like it. If my hunch is correct, we might soon be facing off against a new wave of super Dalki.’


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