My Vampire System Chapter 1391: A Royal

“Yes, Your Majesty.”

These three words had been clearly broadcast worldwide, yet everyone who watched the livestream didn’t quite understand the meaning behind them. These words were usually used when addressing someone of royalty, yet it had been ages since any humans had referred to another one as such. Because of that, it took everyone a few moments to really know what they meant.

“Do I have a problem with my ears or did those V just call the Cursed faction leader ‘Your Majesty’? Do V have some type of hierarchy? All of them V listened to Quinn as soon as he spoke.”

“Not unless we both have problems with our ears… Could it be that he is some type of prince to them? Is that why they were listening to him?”

“Was the Cursed leader lying to us? Can we even be sure that he hasn’t been a V this whole time? For all we know all of the problems with the V could have to do with him!”

“But he’s fighting for us right now! They are fighting against the Dalki! I know the Cursed faction, not all of them are V! Quinn Talen is a good leader!”

Although views were split on whether Quinn used to be a human or had been a royal figure all along, there was one common consensus. He was someone important to those strong V, and they were listening to his words. It was clear that he was in charge of them.

This had not only come as a surprise to those on all the planets watching the livestream but including those closest to Quinn, those that were currently in the Cursed faction. Although their reaction was much different.

On the Cursed planet, nearly every available vicinity was showing Bonny’s live stream, and those that had been in the cursed faction for a while now couldn’t help but be proud of their leader.

“Look at Quinn! That power to destroy those damned Dalki! This is why the Cursed faction is the best group to be in!”

They had long gotten over the fact that Sam, Quinn and some of the other higher-ups were V. They had been with them long enough to know they were loyal to all those in the Cursed faction. They had been with them through countless fights to know that their actions were genuine, and if anyone disagreed they weren’t afraid to tell them off.

“How..can we trust someone who has this much help from those V… they could betray us at any time!” Someone commented while watching the show in a bar-like venue.

“Shut your mouth!” Another person shouted. “That is the Cursed faction leader, and the only reason why we’re all safe right now is because of them. As long as you are here, I won’t let you say another bad word about them. If you doubt him, then just get off this planet right now and join the Earthborn or Graylash group!”

Where Sach was, the leaders were also discussing what they had seen Quinn do, rather than being happy that he was able to kill the Dalki straight away, they were afraid at how much power Quinn had been able to obtain not just himself but with those by his side.

‘Quinn, I knew you were a vampire, but nobody told me you carried this high of a position…there is only so much I can do as Supreme Commander…but I will agree with whatever it is you chose.’ Sach thought.

Finally, there was also Sam’s thoughts on this. He did not know what Quinn had done either, only that the situation on the other side had been resolved.

‘Quinn, you really did it. You somehow made those stubborn leaders pick you as King, and you have gotten them to help us.’ Sam thought. ‘I understand your plan of showing this power to the world, but I believe it is a double edged sword.

‘You will create those that will attack you out of fear from this, there will be others that react in the same way that Innu had done. Humans are strange things…but at the same time, what else can humans do? You have extended your hand out to help them, giving them this option, a solution to the situation they are in…and they will have no choice but to accept it.’


Inside the Shelter the leaders had split up, and so had the drones. Void and Bonny had control of more drones than they did before, and had sent out some to look and follow the vampire leaders, while the main space ship along with one of the drones would follow Quinn.

The Shelter was large, and there were Dalki spread out everywhere in the place. Plenty of the buildings around had been destroyed as well, from the last fight, making it easier to see far in the distance.

One of the leaders the drones had followed, had entered a large empty building. It was one who wore all black, and had a strange mask covering the bottom half of his face. The building was filled with around four different Dalki.

A mixture of one spikes, two spikes going up to three spikes. The first one to strike was a three spiked Dalki, which sprinted forward throwing out a fist, but the leader stood there unafraid, throwing a fist back himself.

The audience watching knew one thing about the Dalki, the more spikes they had the greater their power. Even the strongest of ability users wouldn’t go head to head with a Dalki in the battle of strength yet this V was fearless.

When the two fists collided, to their surprise, there was a clear winner as the bones in the Dalki’s arms had been crushed. The V didn’t stop there and created a blade of blood aura to slice the enemy’s head off right after, before proceeding to deal with the rest in the room.

“These are a bit of a pain.” The V mumbled, turning around and seeing the drone, placing a thumbs up towards the camera. This leader was none other than Vincent, who had decided to wear a mask so others wouldn’t notice how similar he looked compared to Quinn in this regard.

At the same time, the drones had caught many of the other leaders fighting, using their blood powers and abilities, finishing off the Dalki easily. There were a few that struggled a little bit but it was because they had been told not to use their full power and avoid using their new inner blood weapons. Quinn didn’t want to reveal everything just yet, especially since there was always the chance the Dalki might also be watching this. They still needed their own trump cards.

Out of the newer leaders that were struggling, one of them was Nicu.

Nicu, the first leader, was on a pile of rubble and the Dalki had followed him somewhat. He was confident in his barrier ability, but one of the three spiked Dalki pushed through, even with its hand being shredded it managed to skim across Nicu’s chest clawing at it, and blood was drawn.

“You filthy creature, how dare you spill my blood!” Nicu shouted, then using his sword, he quickly slashed the Dalki multiple times to finish it off.

That’s when the viewers also saw that the cut on Nicu’s chest had already healed. Watching all the clips of the leaders fighting, the viewers noticed something on top of the healing.

“Hey, has anyone else noticed that all these strong V don’t seem to have any beast gear on? Apart from that twirp using a sword, the rest don’t seem to even be using beast weapons?”

“Holy crap, you’re right, even the V that we came across were using beast weapons and were already strong, are these top tier V or something? How can they be this strong without beast gear and armour.”

“Do you think they’re like the Dalki? Those guys can’t use the power of beast weapons, so maybe it’s the same for V?”

“But then what about Quinn? The Cursed faction leader is also a V, right? He uses beast equipment all the time, so I think they can definitely use it. Maybe they have just chosen not to?”

“If what you’re saying is true, then that means this is just their own strength. Just imagine how much stronger they could be with beast gear! I bet they could even make short work of four spiked Dalki!”

In the viewer’s eyes the vampire leaders already had an immeasurable amount of strength. However, as soon as someone mentioned that possibility, it spread like wildfire. Some immediately started writing articles about the V being ‘humanity’s new hope!’, whereas others felt more scared than ever.


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