My Vampire System Chapter 1390: Quinn's return

Since the war between the Dalki and the human race had started, the two had gone through different phases in the war. One of the worst attacks they had suffered was the initial blitz, where a Dalki mothership appeared on each planet.

Then soon after, strong forces had been sent to the Graylash first, and later to the Cursed faction. However, right now, they are in another calmer period. Neither side was fully pushing forward. Not that the humans felt like they could, they were clearly on the defensive.

After hearing the news of what had happened to the Cursed faction, it was a big morale blow to both the Graylash faction and Earthborn group. None of it caught live, but it was the first planet they had lost since the humans had decided to condense their forces onto nine beast planets.

On top of that, the Cursed faction had lately been seen as the strongest of the three groups. With all the accomplishments they had been making, especially with Quinn being able to destroy multiple of the Dalki mother ships.

Which was why when they heard the news of what happened, even without Quinn there, they couldn’t quite believe it. It was the first great loss for the Cursed faction.

Since it was a quiet period during the war, all eyes were tuned in on the special Livestream that Bonny had prepared. Sach, who was still on the snow planet, was in his base watching the Livestream along with Samantha and other few high personnel.

On the Graylash planet, they were also tuned in, along with several civilians and more. Bonny’s Livestream had become one of the few places that were still active and broadcasting, and they knew that they captured the best moments and were the closest to the truth.

What helped more so was that Bonny was able to tell everyone that Quinn, the Cursed faction leader, had something he wanted to show the world. The only thing was, they expected to see a message. The last thing they expected to see was Quinn having decided that he would go on the attack.

“Quinn, you’re fighting on your own, I know you’re strong, but this was something your whole group couldn’t deal with!” Sach was worried.

On the other hand, Samantha was interested in who these allies were that he was referring to. Then there was Owen, who was watching it with a big smile on his face.

“So that is the man who you think will change everything,” Grim commented, Owen’s grandfather.

“There is one thing the others don’t seem to understand about him,” Owen replied. “If he says he is going to do something, then he will do it. There was one point and time I thought he was crazy. When he said he would be going to save his friend on Blade island..and yet here we are, and you are today. If there is one person’s word I trust more than anyone, it would be his.”

Everyone saw Quinn land in the centre of the shelter, and the drones were in perfect position. The ship was also able to move fast and get in position. With the Dalki mainly concentrating on Quinn, they were able to get optimal angles, and the broadcast was able to catch nearly everything.

The Dalki were ready to pounce, but suddenly, several lights could be seen on the ground around Quinn. The next second, a bright light appeared, showing multiple figures around him. When they arrived, they looked just as puzzled as the people who were watching the broadcast.

“Where did they come from, where were they hiding, was it an ability?”

“It looked like they all just teleported there or something.”

“What are they wearing, it looks like none of them has beast armour or beast weapons.”

“Except that one that’s dressed in that thick armour from head to toe.”

The users were quickly commenting about the situation, and as a camera zoomed in closely, there was a feature that was noticed on them all.

“They all have red eyes.”

“Is this the allies Quinn was talking about?”

Some viewers had a hunch about what was going on, but there was no confirmation just yet.

“Everyone,” Quinn said. “I said to be prepared at any moment, don’t hold back and fight all the Dalki, save the humans! This is an order!” Quinn’s voice was serious, more severe than any of the leaders had heard before, and they could see the Dalki already coming towards them.

With no weapons, immediately, the first thing they did was use their abilities and blood powers. Many of them fired off blood swipes hitting the Dalki away. The leader’s blood powers were stronger than most, and the Dalki were gravely injured as they were hit. Seeing this, the viewers knew that their confirmation was right.

“V, these people are V. Did Quinn call more V. I know some of the Cursed factions were V, but not all of them were, and I have never seen these before.”

“Who cares? Look how easily they are dealing with the Dalki. There are two spikes and three spikes in this group.”

The leaders themselves had improved somewhat, in the past, even they would have had some trouble with the three spiked Dalki, but their small training had shown considerable improvements in their powers, and some were showing just how impressive they were.

Jin showed off his explosive blood, firing it out, and dealing with three or four Dalki at once. He also wasn’t slow when it came to hand to hand combat.

At the same time, there was Lee, who was using his string abilities to wrap one of the Dalki and swung them around like children, hitting them into each other. Also, with a pull of his strings, he was able to tear some of their limbs off.

The leaders were quickly killing all of the Dalki in the area, and they were simply no match for them. So much so that not even a single one could get close to Quinn.

“I… I’m not needed at all.” Nate said from the spaceship. “I think even if we were down there, they wouldn’t let a single Dalki get close to us.”

“Who are these people?” Bonny asked. “Do you know anything?”

Nate wasn’t sure how much he could tell, nor did he know much at all. What Nate was concerned about was what Quinn had done to get these powerful vampires on their side.

‘What type of deal did he make?’

“We need to find the survivors,” Quinn said, lifting his hands up. It was then that the green blood started to lift from the ground, and Quinn’s eyes began to glow red. The leaders were still fighting but noticed what Quinn was doing. He was using absolute blood control.

The blood looked to just be floating, staying in place, but in reality, since Quinn had time and knew he couldn’t be disturbed, he was able to condense the blood into small little pellets.

“Get back!” Quinn shouted.

The leaders jumped back to where Quinn was, and they noticed that all of the pellets of blood were in the air floating outside of the area around him.

Moving his hand, in a single motion, all of the pellets struck outwards like bullets, hitting the remains of Dalki that were visible in the area, mainly aiming for their heads. The next second, nearly all of them fell to the ground.

The viewers at that moment had all stopped typing. In almost an instant, Quinn had killed around a hundred or so Dalki, all on his own. They had heard feats of what Quinn had done before, but those stories were different.

This time, they had seen it in person, and it was so effortless.

“This shelter is a large one. Spread out, use your noses and let me know if you find any humans.” Quinn ordered.

At the same time, all of the leaders answered, and the camera was able to pick up what was said clearly.

“Yes, your majesty.”

With that, the leaders split, disappearing from the cameras.


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