My Vampire System Chapter 1389 – Unique Power

Although Sam still wasn’t so sure about Quinn going out on his own, he couldn’t really disagree with him, for he was already making movements. He had ordered a small ship to be sent to him, along with Bonny, Void and Nate.

These were the only people that he would be taking along with him, to the Daisy faction planet. Even now, Sam was standing out the front of the Shelter, giving a send off to the group, he was deeply concerned.

‘Quinn I know you’re strong, but you didn’t see the things that we saw when they attacked…we were useless against him. I just hope that you don’t run into him there.’ Sam thought.

With that, Quinn and the others entered the small ship, and were off heading towards the Daisy planet. While inside, Bonny and void were testing their equipment, trying to see if everything was working as it should.

“It looks like you guys have had a few upgrades since the last time I saw you.” Quinn commented as he looked at the heavily reinforced drones.

Bonny chuckled.

“Of course, and we have to thank Logan Green for it. When he came to this planet, the first thing he did was improve our equipment for us. Glathrium is usually quite a heavy material but he managed to somehow make it light enough so our drones can still fly while enjoying the strong protection.

“So whatever you have planned, we will definitely be able to catch it all.”

It was music to the Vampire Lord’s ears. This event was going to be big and Quinn wanted everyone to see what was going to happen, but first he needed to know exactly what the current situation was.

At the moment, not far from there, in the ship’s centre, Nate was practicing his martial arts, he currently had the Demon tier Shield in his hand, yet there was now a strap on it that had been created for it.

This was moveable, allowing him to move it up and down his forearm if he wished, still giving him access to it on his arms without taking it off. Of course, he also had the Shadow ability so he could use Shadow equip for it as he wished.

“Quinn, are you really sure we can take on their side with just the two of us?” Nate asked, as he threw out a punch, and imagined an enemy in front of him, but then something else appeared in his head as he was practicing.

Quinn could see that his eyes started to stare slightly upward and Nate was slightly frozen, he even gulped.

‘What enemy is he imagining right now? What happened to them all?’ Quinn wondered. He had heard from Sam, but hearing and experiencing were two different things.

“Don’t worry Nate, if everything goes according to plan, there won’t even be any need for you to fight.” Quinn answered, hoping to cheer the other up. “Let me take care of the Dalki. The reason why I asked you to come with us, is primarily so you can protect Bonny and Void. They will be filming from the spaceship above, and using their drones.

“There is a good chance that they could be attacked, but with your Shadow powers and that Shield you should be able to stop everything that comes your way.”

For a second, Nate felt annoyed that he had been brought along just for bodyguard duty, but that quickly went away as he thought back to what had happened during the last fight.

‘I can understand Sam, but even Nate is like this.’ Quinn noticed, making him bite his bottom lip.

“Nate, what happened? I know the Dalki attacked the Daisy faction, but Sam says that you were all there. You had the Demon tier Shield, so even if they were strong…Who did you meet?”

It took a few seconds for Nate to reply, but he thought that Quinn should know, especially if there was a good chance that they could be seeing this Dalki again.

“It was a Dalki who was wearing clothes…a five spiked Dalki.” Nate explained. “Sam’s plan was working perfectly and with the help of everyone we were actually able to defend. It seemed like any other day, and we were sure it would end in yet another stalemate… but everything started to change when he attacked.”

Hearing this, Quinn remembered that when Richard was speaking, he spoke about the major threats the other side had, and one of them was a Dalki named Graham. He was the only Dalki Quinn had seen wear clothing, and seemed to be quite unique in his preference.

‘It’s him again, the Dalki I met that time when I was controlling one of the Dalki…his power was great and even with all the strength of the other Dalki I was unable to do anything, but that was then…could he really be strong enough for Arthur to be scared of? and the others.’

It looked like Nate had more to tell, so Quinn continued to listen, hoping he would get his answer.

“We knew how strong five spikes were, but we thought that with Sil, with everyone having improved and the equipment you gave us, that we might have been able to beat him by banding together.

“Initially, we weren’t too afraid of him. Slicer had that dangerous tail, yet he didn’t seem to have anything that made him out to be that special aside from those normal looking clothes. We were able to put up a good fight, even able to injure him to a good degree.

“However, then he started to do something strange. After realising that he was unable to take all of us on his own he picked up a Dalki corpse and devoured it. As the fight continued, he even grabbed live ones and just bit into them. Each time he did, he seemed to grow stronger to the point that we became unable to do much against him.”

Thinking about what Nate had said so far, Quinn was wondering whether Dalki could grow stronger from eating their own kind or if that was something unique to Graham. The latter seemed to be the likelier case, as they had never seen other Dalki do that before. Back when he had controlled the Dalki, although he didn’t test it, he hadn’t felt any desire to cannibalise his fellow Dalki.

‘It must be a special trait. From the information we gathered so far, Silcer’s tail, and the one that attacked the Graylash family was able to produce energy from his hands. The Dalki around the five spikes level seem to all have gained a special trait.’

“That wasn’t the end Quinn…that Dalki, he could change…he transformed, and that was when we knew we were doomed. I know you already know the rest of what happened after, but it was lucky that we all came out of it alive to be honest.”

The conversation ended there. It seemed that Nate didn’t want to go on and tell Quinn the full details for fear that he would be distracted, or it was because he thought Sam would have told him the rest.

The thing was, Quinn wanted to hear what happened directly from the people, and there was still a chance…

Eventually, the medium size ship had entered the planet’s atmosphere, the beautiful flowers that had been planted all around, looked to have been burnt, including those on the Shelter walls. It was nothing like when Quinn had seen it before.

“Alright, Bonny Void, it’s time to start recording.” Quinn said as he stood up and used his Shadow equip to change into the red blood armour on his body.

It was the first time the others had seen this, and it was certainly eye-catching to them. Something they had never seen before, it was drawing them all in. The next second, Void started recording and made sure his drones were also ready.

“Hello everyone watching at the moment, I’m Quinn Talen, leader of the Cursed faction. As you may know the Daisy faction that was part of the Cursed faction has recently been taken over. They tried their best but eventually lost to the attacking force.

“The Dalki have captured some of them that are currently being held hostage. We will be approaching the Shelter any second now. The truth is, I know everyone is struggling in all of the groups…and as their leader I apologise to everyone that I was away during the Cursed faction’s toughest times.

“However, the reason why I was away was because I went to ask for help. It is the kind of help that the human race needs right now to win this war and fight against the Dalki. I have asked to be recorded today, to demonstrate the power of our allies.”

The door to the spaceship was opened, and they were now directly above the Shelter. It looked like many of the Dalki were already alerted, but Quinn didn’t care, as he jumped down.

Void quickly moved to make sure he catched everything, and at the same time, the drones were sent out, quickly following Quinn as well.

Shadows started to appear from Quinn’s back as he fell. The Dalki that jumped towards him never reached him, as the Vampire Lord quickly placed them in his Shadow lock, allowing him to crash down into the centre of the Shelter unobstructed.

“Right now everyone, as you can see, Quinn has entered the Shelter, which is currently filled with hundreds of Dalki all on his own.” As Bonny reported these words, she was wondering who exactly those allies he was talking about were.

“System.” Quinn called out. “Activate the Summon skill.”


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