My Vampire System Chapter 1388 – The Lost Planet

Before leaving the vampire settlement, Quinn made sure to inform the tenth family of what was going to happen. How those that had worked under Paul, the vampire soldiers, would soon be returning to Earth, and he told the leaders that they should all inform their people as well.

For Quinn wanted to move the entire vampire settlement to the beast solar system. There was one major problem with this though, and that was the sunlight. All those vampires in the inner castle areas had rings that helped with the sunlight but not those in the pooling areas.

It wasn’t that they lacked rings or resources, it was just that the vampires had never seen the need to make it so everyone could have rings. At the moment, another group was sent out to fight against the Death Bats, whose crystal was required to create those special rings.

As the King he told the leaders to not act themselves, warning them that they should remain on standby, but ready to act at any moment. Quinn hadn’t explained exactly how or when he would call them, only that they had to prepare to be called at any moment in any situation.

There was something else that Quinn had on him, that was in his Shadow space. He had also taken the special mechanism that would be used to move the whole settlement in the first place.

‘I have a lot of things in my dimensional space. The tablet, the Blood armor and Arthur’s weapon, along with this stuff are all in there. Then there is also the Dragon that I have in the Shadow space. People would definitely be surprised if they knew that at this point, I’m practically a walking treasure trove.’ Quinn thought with a silly grin on his face.

The dimensional space allowed him to store as much as he wanted in it, but it didn’t allow him to store living things, while the Shadow space that was connected to his shadow lock could store living things. The only problem was using the Shadow space and Shadow lock would use a part of his MC cells.

In the past, this would have mattered quite a bit, but now thanks to the Original Punisher having bestowed all the MC cells he had accumulated over the centuries, Quinn had a higher amount than he had ever believed to be feasible. Without it, he wouldn’t have dreamed about putting certain things like a Demon tier beast inside.

This had given him an idea, now he could store more things in his Shadow space.

With all this said, for the first time, an active King of the vampires was leaving the Vampire settlement and what’s more, he was doing it alone. Quinn was heading back to the Cursed faction ship. Or at least that’s where he thought he was heading.

Using his Shadow travel he came out from Sam’s shadow, yet he soon found himself on top of a Shelter wall staring outward on the planet’s surface. It was one that Quinn hadn’t been to before.

The surface seemed to be clay like, though grey in colour. There were a few large stones out on the surface which had green plants growing on it here and there, and trees that seemed to stretch out from underneath these stones. Most of it was empty, apart from the areas which had been terraformed into the Shelter, with pathways and roads leading in and out.

That’s when Quinn noticed the amount of people at the Shelter. Turning around, he could see it was packed. The buildings looked to have been changed to stack on top of each other like apartment blocks, while the streets were filled with people pushing past each other to get to where they were headed.

‘A top Shelter like this usually has around fifty thousand or so people but it looks like there are over double, if not triple that number, down there.’

“Quinn.” Sam called out, not having noticed his arrival beforehand. “I know you said you were coming, but I didn’t realise that you would be here so soon. That was fast.”

A smile appeared on Sam’s face as he was happy to see the Cursed faction leader actually be okay, yet the smile quickly disappeared as he remembered that they would have to discuss certain things and talk about business.

“Actually, it’s a good thing that you came out while I’m here. The two of us can talk about everything here without having to worry the others.” Sam said.

“Are the others in the Shelter?” Quinn asked.

“Not everyone. A few are in the Shelter, many are on the other walls and some are on the Cursed ship that is stationed behind the Shelter. The rest have split up to take care of the other Cursed planet that is still under our control.”

As Quinn was listening to Sam, he was looking outward to see if he could gather basic information of what this shelter was like out here. He could see that there was one of the Dalki motherships very far off in the distance thanks to his great eyesight.

There were also multiple stations that were set up between here and the Shelter, forces to stop the Dalki from making an outright attack out of the blue. Looking at it Quinn was thinking about a few things.

“So I take it that the influx of people inside the Shelter… are the survivors from the Daisy faction?” Quinn finally asked.

Hearing this, Sam clenched his fist hard, and even now after so much time had passed since that event had occurred tears started to flow down his face.

“We were there, Quinn. All of us were there. I knew they were going to attack, I had hoped that all of us would be enough to hold them back, but…” The Vampire Lord placed his hand on the other’s shoulder before he completely broke down.

“I don’t blame you. … If anything, I blame myself. It was my choice to go to the Vampire World instead of helping you out. I was hoping I could deal with Arthur before coming over, yet I never expected for things to suddenly take a turn for the worse with the appearance of the Original King.

“However, we can’t know if things would have actually changed even if I had been with you. Despite being there I failed to save them.” Some of the words he repeated to Sam were told to him by Vincent, yet his ancestor wasn’t in his head anymore to drop his wisdom, so it was up to Quinn.

“They died, even though I was there. Paul… Kazz… Arthur. I know exactly how you feel but we have to push forward and save what we can.” Quinn spoke.

Wiping away his own tears with the sleeve of his shirt, Sam tried to put on a brave face. Quinn had yet to tell him the full details of what occured in the vampire world. At the same time, if anyone was to see him like this, especially those in the Cursed faction they would see him as weak.

As one of the leaders who frequently appeared in front of the other faction members, it was important for him to put on a brave face whenever possible.

“Quinn, I have a plan and with you here now, the chances that it will succeed have greatly increased. I don’t know what the Dalki are planning, but this time, after they had captured the Shelter, they kept hostages.

“I asked all of the other groups, but there have never been any cases that they did something like this in the past. There are members of the Daisy faction that are still alive at the Shelter. I think they might be thinking of using them as some type of bargaining tool or maybe something else.

“I want to save them, but I was too scared, too worried that I would make the same mistakes again.”

Hearing Sam talk like that was making Quinn worried. He had never heard the other sound so unconfident before. Sam had made far better decisions than he himself could have ever done on his own, which was exactly why he had left him in charge on this side.

However, he had said these words to him before. Some people just needed time.

“Sam, you should rest and look after this Shelter. Let me deal with the Daisy faction prisoners. I will save them.” Quinn stated confidently.

“But…Quinn you don’t understand how many they have, how strong they all were! The worst part is, if they use them as hostages, they won’t hesitate to kill them in seconds!” Sam had been stressing over this more than anything. The problem had never been attacking the Dalki to retrieve the abducted people, but making sure there would actually BE anyone left to rescue at the end.

“Trust me, I have my ways, did you call over Bonny and Void like I requested?”

Looking in the Shelter, the two stood out like a sore thumb, with drones hovering above them, and even now they were talking to the public reporting news to everyone.

“That’s great. I’m going to need them. Don’t worry you will understand, when you see it all.” Quinn said. “I guess it’s time I head to the Daisy faction.”

‘Helen, I hope you kept your promise.’


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